skin care in turkey

Skin Care

Skin care in Turkey Istanbul is a simple procedure that enhances and rejuvenates the skin. Everyone has different skin types, some skin types being dry and others oily. During life and as a result of many factors such as the obvious and rapid change in the look of our skin, the skin loses its freshness and irritating factors such as acne and blackheads appear.

Other factors such as smoking, skin damage, exposure to sunlight or adverse weather conditions also affect skin health. The most important factor to consider in skin care is its type. Skin problems can be eliminated and vitality added to the skin with a care session. Here is some quick information about the session:

Anesthesia No Need 
Process Duration1 hour
Session Purpose Purify from blackheads, acne and dead cells and give the skin a bright and vibrant appearance.
ResultsImmediate – Lasting for 30 – 45 Days
Session numberDepending on each case
Cost in Turk Aesthetic90 EUR
Skin care in Turkey Istanbul

How is it done?

It is performed by a plastic surgeon or cosmetologist. The session begins with choosing the right materials for your skin type and shape. Then these components are applied with a gentle steam bath and face masks. Techniques such as Dermapen, Dermabrasion, PRP (Plasma), Hydrafacial and Peeling can be used in conjunction with personal skin care. Finally, a gentle facial massage is applied with the help of some special oils that help the skin to relax.

Session video in Turkey

You can watch the video that shows how to do this session in Istanbul, Turkey.

Skin care in Turkey Istanbul

Who does skin care session?

The process performed by an adequately experienced cosmetic doctor or trained aesthetician in a trusted center, a highly sterile clinical environment, and a highly qualified physician are all things considered when choosing a medical center. High cost can sometimes reflect the high efficiency and reliability of the center, so it is better not to discuss or negotiate the cost.

Skin care techniques in Turkey

In addition to the materials used, many different techniques can be used. Below we will talk about the techniques used:


It is a procedure to stimulate the surface of the skin with a special pen through fine needles. Helps remove formations such as light spots, wrinkles and acne scars. The procedure adds vitality and freshness to the skin and helps to tighten it. The duration of the procedure takes an average of 20-30 minutes. A local anesthetic cream may be applied before the procedure to reduce the sensation of a needle sting.

Dermapen in turkey
Dermapen in turkey


It is a procedure to peel the surface of the skin. It can be applied with a skin care session to remove scars, acne, light wrinkles and pits on the skin. New tissue and cells replace the exfoliated skin, resulting in new, shiny, spot-free skin.

Since the surface of the skin is peeling, a local anesthetic cream can be used before the procedure so that the person does not feel any discomfort. It may take 7-10 days for the skin after a Dermabrasion  session to completely heal. The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes, and the number of sessions may vary according to skin type and condition.

Plasma (PRP)

When plasma is applied to the face during a skin care session, the session gives great results because the plasma regenerates cells and stimulates collagen. It is preferable to repeat this procedure to achieve more permanent results because one session is not enough to obtain an ideal result.


A Technique that combines the many benefits of crystal and chemical peels at the same time. It is a non-surgical alternative to effective treatment that does not exceed half an hour, without the use of antioxidants, with surprising results in rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin, without complications and risks. Thanks to the vacuum heads, it cleans blackheads and acne. It includes several methods such as the delivery of serum under the skin, skin tightening thanks to the red LED light, exfoliation of dead skin, and skin tone.

skin care in turkey
skin care in turkey


Exfoliation is a way to purify the skin from cells that have lost its vitality. In this way, the skin regains its former vitality and freshness. There are different types of peeling, such as chemical and carbon. Chemical peels remove dead cells that have lost their vitality in the skin through some chemicals. As for carbon peeling, it works to purify the skin using activated carbon. One of the peeling methods can be used according to the type of skin and the doctor’s recommendation.

skin care in turkey
skin care in turkey


After selecting the appropriate skin care products for your skin type, one of the above techniques is applied when necessary. After completing all procedures, masks are used to maintain the balance and moisture of the skin and give the skin a glow.

skin care in turkey
skin care in turkey

Steps of skin care in Turkey

The session goes through three stages:

Total Time: 45 minutes

Before the session

Before the skin care session, the purpose of the procedure is discussed based on skin type, skin problems, the number of sessions to be performed and the time interval between each session. It is preferable to conduct a session with plasma, dermapen or peeling according to each case. A local anesthetic cream can be used before the procedure if it is done Adopting one of the techniques accompanying the session.

During session

The session begins with the removal of make-up and cream on the skin, and black spots, acne, scars and pits, if any, are removed using the techniques we mentioned with skin care. Finally, the appropriate masks are used for the skin type. Finally, the face is massaged with special oils.

After the session

A person can return to their normal life immediately with the use of creams recommended by the specialist and following the care instructions for more effective and lasting results. If techniques such as Dermapen or skin plasma are used, a sunscreen should be used.

Estimated Cost: 90 EUR

Before and after skin care session

Below, you can see the before and after photos of our patients who have undergone skincare.

Instructions after skin care in Turkey

  • Adhere to the doctor’s instructions
  • If plasma, dermapen or Dermabrasion is applied, the area should not be washed until the next day.
  • Do not use any chemical products in the early days.
  • Consult your doctor if you wish to take any additional procedure such as fillers or botox.
  • If plasma, dermapen or Dermabrasion is applied then sunscreen should not be used.

Pros and Cons


Once the skincare and cleansing session is over, a person will notice a significant improvement in skin tone, texture, and radiance. It allows you to have a lively and clean face free of black spots, acne and dead cells.


May require re-session over time due to personal and environmental factors. Skin care that is performed by non-experts in non-sterile conditions and does not use good equipment can lead to negative effects on results.

Side effects

In very rare cases, there may be an allergy to the substances used in herbal masks and other organic oils. If there are techniques used with the session, such as skin plasma or peeling, there may be slight redness after the session.

Skin care in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is the destination of many tourists who visit Turkey for treatment and tourism at the same time, because of its many advantages such as the abundance of options, the expertise of doctors and the quality of healthcare.

Skin care in Turkey is one of the most important cosmetic options available, and its cost ranges between 90-120 euros, depending on each center and session details.

Skin care session cost in Istanbul Turkey

The session cost in Turkey varies from place to place according to some things:

  • The reputation of the medical center or hospital.
  • Doctor’s experience.
  • Procedure details.
  • The center offers additional services, as some centers offer packages that include treatment, accommodation, and transportation.

Turk Aesthetic Istanbul – The cost is 90 euros

You can contact the Turkish Aesthetic team on the contact page to request a package fee including accommodation and transportation.

FAQ – Skin care in Turkey

What is the appropriate age for skin care in Turkey?

Anyone over 20 years old.

How long does a skin care session take?

It takes about 45-60 minutes, depending on the technique to be used.

Will there be pain during the skincare session?

There is no pain during skin care.

What are the benefits of skin care?

The main purpose of skin care is to purify the skin from blackheads, acne and dead cells and give the skin a bright and vibrant appearance.

What is the cost of a skin care in Turkey?

The price for a skincare session with Türk Aesthetic is 90 €.

What techniques can be used for skin care?

Techniques such as plasma, dermapen, dermabrasion, hydrafacial or peeling can be used with the skincare session.

Finally, you can contact our team directly via the link to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic.

Skin Care