Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile in Turkey Istanbul derives its name from Hollywood stars and celebrities who are distinguished by their bright white and flawless smiles, as they have become the focus of attention for most people who want to have a distinctive smile and regular teeth shape. Hollywood smile in Turkey is done by several methods used by the dentist to reorganize the shape and color of the teeth through dental crowns such as zircon, Emax, or ceramic.

It usually takes from 7 to 10 days on average, assuming that the person does not need additional matters such as dental implants, gum treatment, or the like, as this increases the duration and details of the treatment.

Processing Time2/4 Sessions
Results10 days after
Return to daily activityImmediately
Things to pay attentionOral and dental health should be taken care of
Persistence of the procedurelifelong
CostAverage 130 – 190 euros per tooth
Hollywood Smile in Turkey

How is a Hollywood smile done?

Hollywood smile in Turkey is done after communicating with the doctors and the medical team and providing them with all the information, where an action plan is then developed to complete the treatment plan that was started by the doctor after comparing the data and the dental condition of the person wishing to get a new smile and choosing the type and form of the appropriate coverage for each condition.

It also chooses the appropriate tooth color so that the color of the new teeth is consistent with the natural color of the teeth and chooses a new, whiter color by the person wishing to obtain a new and distinctive smile and the number of dental crowns to be made to obtain your new smile.

Hollywood smile in Turkey

Who can make Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Every person over the age of 18 who complains of a disproportionate tooth shape, whether in size, shape, or even color, in some cases, can have a Hollywood smile in Turkey. Among the most important people who resort to Hollywood Smile work are smokers or those who have caries or caries in the front teeth. Meaning everyone can practically make a celebrity smile.

People who are not suitable

Doctors strongly recommend not to resort to Hollywood Smile in Turkey, especially for those who have good dental health or a harmonious shape of the teeth. In the event that a person has a naturally distinctive smile and in good dental health, there is no need to design a smile as it can be resorted to in the future if necessary. Or after a period of time when a person has a real need for it.

Hollywood smile in Turkey steps

Here we will explain in detail the stages of making a Hollywood smile, starting from the pre-procedure stage to its end, passing through the necessary recommendations to obtain great results. And maintain the new smile for as long as possible in terms of health and shape at the same time.

Total Time: 7 days

Before hollywood smile in Turkey

Hollywood Smile in turkey

Before the Hollywood Smile procedure, a radiograph of the jaws is taken that shows the patient’s dental problems, as the doctor cannot start the procedure without examining the condition of the teeth and their roots, in addition to examining the condition of the gums. To ensure their safety and that there will be no health problems in the near future, whether teeth, roots or gums. Where it must be ensured that the person does not have a dental health problem before the completion of the new smile procedure so that he does not have to re-work or visit the doctor in the first years after the smile procedure.
The doctor informs the patient of the treatment plan based on the results of the panoramic (radiographic) image of the jaws. The gums are also treated during the same period to avoid side effects, if necessary.
The doctor agrees with the patient on the type of dental crowns that will be installed after treating the dental problems and the desired degree of whiteness to give details to the laboratory when designing the dental crowns, so that the treatment phase can begin.


Hollywood Smile in turkey

The treatment phase is started with local anesthesia for the jaws and injections are made in various corners of the mouth in addition to the frontal area. After the anesthesia takes effect (about 15 minutes), the doctor begins to treat dental problems, if any.
In the event that the teeth are ready to make a Hollywood smile (requires almost flat teeth), the doctor begins to gradually sculpt the teeth according to the type of material that will be used. In the case of using veneers, the sculpting is done in an average way from the front only, but in the case of using lumineer, the teeth are carved superficially and simply from the frontal area only because the lumineer material is characterized by its very low thickness.
The appropriate color of the coverings is selected according to the degree of whiteness desired by the patient. Usually people choose very white colors or colors close to the color of the primary teeth.
Finally, the materials are installed on the upper and lower front teeth. These steps are mediated by intervals of about a day – approximately two days, according to the agreed time period. As for the number of sessions, it is 3-4 sessions, interspersed with a visit to match the sizes that were taken and ensure the shape and condition of the teeth fit well.


Hollywood Smile in Turkey

After completing the number of sessions and completing the installation of dental crowns, whether they were made of zircon, luminaire or veneers, it can be considered that the Hollywood smile has been completed. Where the patient will initially feel discomfort, but it is simple and tolerable. After a short period of time, you can get used to the new teeth.
Immediately after the end of the session, the doctor informs the patient of the recommendations to be followed to maintain the integrity of the teeth.

Estimated Cost: 190 EUR

Tips after making a hollywood smile in Turkey

There are many tips to adhere to to keep your new teeth healthy for as long as possible. The more meticulous care and full adherence to the instructions, the teeth will last for a longer period. In a satisfactory manner for the person and not to complain about any accompanying side effects that may occur in the event of neglecting the details required to be followed.

Here are the guidelines that the doctor asks the patient to adhere to:

  • Avoid bad habits in general that may harm the health, integrity or shape of the teeth.
  • Control of cigarette smoking: If the patient is addicted to smoking, he must reduce cigarettes as much as possible because they cause the formation of a yellow layer that gradually increases in intensity with the increase in smoking. It is preferable to completely abstain from this habit in addition to reducing hookah smoking.
  • Minimize as much as possible the drinks that contain dyes such as tea, colored juices or soft drinks, and brush the teeth after eating them so as not to leave a dark layer on the teeth.
  • Brushing the teeth periodically and permanently (twice) morning and evening, and it is preferable to rely on high-quality toothpaste.
  • Avoid biting hard foods that are difficult to chew.
  • Consult the doctor and visit him on an ongoing basis to avoid any complications that the patient may complain about.

Before and after hollywood smile in Turkey

The hollywood smile in Turkey procedure gives an attractive and coordinated look of the teeth, especially when it is done through a specialized beauty center and with highly experienced dentists. Here are some pictures of the cases that have been completed at Turk Aesthetic in Turkey – Istanbul.

Hollywood smile bunny smile

One of the techniques of hollywood smile in Turkey is the rabbit’s smile, which is the most common and fashionable in recent days. The idea of ​​the procedure is to bring out the front teeth, the two premolars more prominent.. How is this done?

The doctor files or sculpts the upper row of teeth from right to left or vice versa to be short in shape and keep the premolars in the middle as they are without any adjustment in length. It is worth noting that making this smile is suitable for those with wide or round faces and not for those with long faces.

We also note that making this smile must be done by a fixed and irreversible decision, that is, making the teeth shorter in length that cannot be undone, and in order for the teeth to return to the shape before the procedure requires restorative sessions that cost exorbitant sums… Therefore, you must think long before accepting this type of cosmetic surgery Sunni.

You can get the cost of Hollywood Smile – Rabbit Smile at Turk Aesthetic by contacting the support team via the link.

Snap On Smile

The idea of ​​Hollywood Smile has always been based on adding porcelain veneers to the teeth. It comes to mind, is it possible to disassemble and install these veneers?

The answer is that a Hollywood smile can be installed simply at the doctor and without tooth sculpting or pain, or without the need for adhesives that affect the health of the teeth and due to the ease of the procedure, it was called the animated Hollywood smile.

Hollywood smile in Turkey for Men

Cosmetic procedures are generally not considered exclusive to women, especially with regard to cosmetic dentistry, because this procedure extends the issue of eating and chewing, as it is not an optional topic if the teeth are damaged or broken. Therefore, many men resort to dental restoration and beautification. Hollywood smile is one of the options offered, but men may resort to it on an equal basis with women because men are more likely to smoke and behaviors that may spoil the aesthetics of teeth, such as lack of care for their cleanliness compared to the opposite sex.

Certainly, the treatment is detailed and similar for both sexes in all stages of treatment, whether before or during and finally, with recommendations and instructions that must be adhered to to preserve the teeth for as long as possible.

Hollywood Smile in turkey
Hollywood Smile in turkey

3D hollywood smile in Turkey

This name appeared from the province of Toronto from one of the cosmetic dental centers in Canada, based on an imaginary idea of ​​what a Hollywood smile would look like before its completion by inserting a picture of the patient’s teeth through an electronic application and the extent to which the new tooth shape is compatible with the face and then working on modifying it until obtaining the desired result.

The Hollywood 3D smile is distinguished by the ability to disassemble and install it as well as the idea of ​​contact lenses so that it can be removed and placed again, and the teeth do not need to be polished and sculpted, as is done in the work of the well-known Hollywood smile.

Used Materials to make a Hollywood smile in Turkey

The type of material to be used can be determined based on several criteria, the most important of which is the patient’s desire and the compatibility of the material with the condition of his jaws and teeth. Add the subject of cost and the opinion of the doctor. Below we will mention the most important materials used to make a celebrity smile.

Ceramic Metal Filling

One of the old types that have been used for more than 15 years to make a hollywood smile in Turkey, which is made of a metal heart and an outer cover made of ceramic. Its cost was high, but with the advent of new materials, the cost decreased significantly.

It should be taken into account when choosing this type of crown that the teeth are more carved compared to other crowns so that the ceramic can be covered with the tooth.

Zircon or Zirconium

Zircon is one of the options offered in cosmetic procedures and the most famous and widely used due to its many advantages such as the compatibility of zircon material with the jaws without any side effects or sensitivity mentioned, as it is a friendly material for the human body, in addition to the feature of hardness and strength thanks to the titanium material, and is characterized by the long period of use.

Zirconium is not only used to make a Hollywood smile but it is also used to make dental bridges and crowns, in addition to dentures and fillings as well.

Dental crowns or a Hollywood smile using zirconium has become almost 80% of dental crowns in general, which is a high percentage compared to other dental crowns.


An American-made material that is characterized by high transparency that exceeds the transparency of zircon material as well. It is characterized by a lithium composition that gives the coating high strength and long period of use away from cracking that may occur with other materials. In addition to these features, Emax gives the teeth a perfectly natural appearance.

The Emax material has some defects that are not suitable for the back row teeth, and it may not be suitable for the darker teeth.

The doctor must also be discussed before making such a decision because not everyone must be able to do Emacs, as there are specific conditions, standards, and considerations that must be taken into account.

Dental crowns Types to make Hollywood smile in Turkey

Dentists use a number of options available when making a hollywood smile in Turkey. The most important of these options are veneers and lumineers, which we will talk about in the following lines.


One of the most important options available recently for dental aesthetics and restoration in order to hide the defects of changing the color of the teeth as a result of the passage of time or changing the length of the tooth to appear in an attractive and more aesthetic way. Veneers are made from several raw materials such as zirconium, ceramic or Emax.

Veneers are more suitable for women because they need double personal care, as men may not be so precise in caring for the teeth, so we find that most men prefer zircon over small and accurate veneers, such as veneers and lumineers.


Lumineer in the English language is laminate veneers, which means thinned crusts, as luminaire is superior to veneers in its lack of thickness, size and transparency as well. Dental lumineers need a little more care than veneers. Also, not everyone can do the lumineers, so you must first examine the case through the normal images and radiographs over the phone, and then your case will be discussed face to face with the doctor, because there are specific conditions for the work of the lumineers in terms of matching the teeth and their shape, unlike zirconium, which does not require many complications that may Other dressings you need.

Side Effects

Like any other procedure, this procedure may be accompanied by side effects, the most important of which are mentioned here:

  • Rare sensitivity may occur in the first period after the completion of the smile.
  • The effects of a slight tingling in the teeth that were worked on in the first few days.
  • Temporary redness of the gums.
  • Mismatched teeth.

To avoid any future problems in the health status of the teeth or in terms of shape, it is preferable to choose hospitals and clinics with high experience, or to choose doctors who have previous high success experiences.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey, like many other leading countries in the field of medical tourism in general and dental treatment in particular, where many people go on a daily basis to Turkey, especially Istanbul, to perform a cosmetic surgery along with their tourist or recreational trip for the purpose of spending an enjoyable time from their trip and doing dental treatment and obtaining A new, distinctive smile at the same time.

Turk Aesthetic provides additional services and facilities to its customers coming from outside Turkey, such as transportation services by means of luxury transportation for businessmen and tourist tours. We also provide facilities for hotel reservations to secure a comfortable stay and close to our clinics in Turkey.

Hollywood smile cost in Turkey Istanbul

The cost of a Hollywood smile in Istanbul Turkey varies according to several factors, the most important of which is the quality of the place and its location, the materials used to make the smile, as we know that the cost of ceramics is not the same as the cost of zircon or E.max, as the difference between these factors affects the total cost in general.

Turk Aesthetic offers its customers distinguished services in this regard at a competitive cost.

FAQ – Hollywood smile in Turkey

What are the instructions to be followed after making a Hollywood smile in Turkey Istanbul?

Avoid biting hard foods, reduce the consumption of drinks that contain pigments such as tea, refrain from smoking as much as possible, and periodically visit the dentist in case of complaint of any symptom.

Are the results of hollywood smile in Turkey permanent?

As far as adhering to medical instructions and taking care of dental hygiene, the life of a Hollywood smile can be prolonged. It can be said that the results are almost permanent in the worst cases.

How many sessions does he have to follow to finish making a hollywood smile in Turkey?

About 3 sessions in addition to a session to preview the sizes.

What is the appropriate age to do hollywood smile in Turkey?

There is no set age for making a hollywood smile in Turkey, only once over the age of 18 can anyone opt for this procedure.

What is better for zirconia or porcelain teeth?

Zircon is usually much better than ceramic (porcelain).

What are the advantages of Lumineer to make a hollywood smile in Turkey?

Color transparency, hardness, low-grade sculpting compared to other veneers.

What are the dental crowns that take the longest life?

Zirconium is the best dental crown compared to other crowns.

What is the treatment plan that I must follow before starting hollywood smile in Turkey?

Treatment of dental problems at first, after examining them through the radiograph, and after the necessary treatment, a Hollywood smile can be made.

Is there pain associated with making a hollywood smile in Turkey?

The patient does not feel any pain during the treatment thanks to local anesthesia, but a possible tingling may be felt during the procedure.

What is the difference between veneers and hollywood smile in Turkey?

Veneers are called a certain type of dental crowns, and Hollywood smile is called a cosmetic procedure for the front teeth, meaning that Hollywood smile can be done with veneers as well.

What is the difference between zircon and veneer?

Zircon is the raw material from which dental crowns are made, while veneers are a specific form of cosmetic dental lenses.

What is the difference between crown and veneer?

Crown is a term used for dental crowns, while veneers are a term for cosmetic dental lenses that cover the front part of the teeth only.

Hollywood Smile