rhinoplasty in turkey


Rhinoplasty in Turkey Istanbul is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to straighten and correct the shape of the nose that is unacceptable to men and women, meaning that both sexes resort to the procedure alike. It is a process that is carried out under full-body anesthesia and takes about 90-120 minutes on average.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most important cosmetic surgeries for many reasons, such as its impact on the beauty of the face in general, and also because it helps in solving functional problems of the nose, such as difficulty breathing in some cases. We will talk about all the details of the procedure over the following lines and start with the basic information of the process in the table.

Anesthesia Full
Procedure duration2 – 3 Hours
Results Appearance and Continuity Immediately / Lifetime 
Convalescence3 – 4 Days
Turk Aesthetic Cost2500 EUR
Special CasesAdvanced cases of nasal deformity or for result of a previous failure operation,the cost may be higher and the duration of the operation could be longer
Rhinoplasty in Turkey

How is rhinoplasty done in Turkey?

People usually resort to rhinoplasty in many cases, such as:

  • Shortness of breath caused by defects in the structure of the nose.
  • Deformities as a result of accidents or burns.
  • Unsuitable nose shape for the face.
  • In cases of asymmetry in the shape of the nasal openings, if they are wide or small.
  • Cases of a large or small nose, and all these cases take place, whether for women or men alike, without discrimination.
  • Rhinoplasty can be resorted to when it is necessary to correct the previous surgical procedure, which had poor results. In this case, rhinoplasty is considered correct for the first operation and is more expensive.

Video Rhinoplasty in Turkey

The following video explains the method of rhinoplasty in Turkey in a detailed way.

Video Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Who is Eligible for rhinoplasty in Turkey?

  • Those who have completed facial development, that is, people who are over the age of eighteen or twenty.
  • Non-smokers or non-alcoholics, the degree of success of the operation and recovery is greater.
  • Everyone who has a wide nose, or large, or does not like the shape of his nose, and also those who want to follow fashion trends, resort to rhinoplasty according to what is popular.

Who is not eligible?

  • People with diseases such as heart disease, advanced diabetes, and anemia.
  • Those under the age of 18 who have not yet completed their growth.

Who performs rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty can be performed by a specialist in the field of otolaryngology or under the direct supervision of specialists in this field. In addition to a plastic surgeon, the person who wants to perform rhinoplasty should look for a highly credible center in order to achieve the results he aspires to. In addition, the sterile environment of the hospital in which the procedure will be performed is investigated.

Anesthesia Type

In surgical rhinoplasty, the doctor usually resorts to general anesthesia of the body. Before the procedure, the patient must fast from eating and drinking at least 6 hours before the operation in order not to feel uncomfortable after the operation. Also, you must stay in the hospital for one night after the operation in cases of full body anesthesia. In cases of rhinoplasty without the need for surgery by injecting fillers and others, the anesthesia is only local and there is no need for full body anesthesia.

Types of rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is classified into surgical procedures that require anesthesia and hospitalization and have several goals that we will mention in detail. There is also a simple non-surgical type that does not require anesthesia and without any complexity, and it is usually to correct a simple error or an unnoticeable deformity, as in the case of using the filler.

Surgical Rhinoplasty Options 

As we mentioned, there are several types of rhinoplasty that require surgery, which we will mention:

Closed rhinoplasty in Turkey

One of the types of rhinoplasty that is performed surgically, but what concerns this type is the completion of the cosmetic procedure without the need to open the nose so that all the incisions are made from inside the nose without the need to open the entire body of the nose as in traditional surgeries. This technique is characterized by its speed of completion compared to other operations, and the cost of completion is considered average, but it is taken for this type that sewing methods are not used effectively.

Open rhinoplasty in Turkey 

The skin of the nose is completely opened towards the forehead, in addition to opening internal incisions to reach the nasal bone and the cartilage that supports the nose, then some of the cartilage and small bones in the nose are removed or some tissues are added to obtain the result desired by the patient, after completing the arrangement or The so-called bone and cartilage sculpting, the incisions are closed and the tissue is restored, then the skin is returned to give the new shape. We can put a splint on the outside or put cotton pads inside the nose to support the new shape after the healing process.

Nostril Augmentation

Wide nostrils are considered one of the aesthetic problems of the nose, and for this reason many people want to undergo plastic surgery to reduce these openings to give an attractive appearance, especially if women have this problem.

It is a simple and external surgery that does not need to make an incision for the entire body of the nose. The doctor only cuts a small outer part of the hole and sews it up cosmetically, and this operation for this purpose does not take more than 60 minutes with local anesthesia.

Wide Nose Aesthetic

The problem of the wide nose lies in the low front and widening of the nostrils, and the large nasal tip as well. The aforementioned defects are treated in several steps, the first of which is to raise and correct the bridge of the nose (sometimes by inserting threads) from a point in the front of the nose horizontally. and prominently.


The laser is one of the auxiliary tools in performing nasal surgery, and surgeons resort to it during the procedure to reduce the bleeding that occurs during surgery. The laser can also be used in operations to remove nasal polyps. The laser is also used to make small incisions at the bottom of the nose in open surgery and dissolve cartilage instead of surgery.

As a result, the use of lasers has many advantages such as shortening the time to complete the operation and reducing bleeding. It is also considered safer compared to medical materials that may not be sufficiently sterile.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Options

Rhinoplasty without surgery is a simple option and is considered relatively temporary compared to surgery, which is a radical and permanent solution. The cosmetic option does not require complete anesthesia of the body. Below are the non-surgical options for rhinoplasty in Turkey.

With Fillers

Before starting a certain period, the doctor applies a local anesthetic to the nose to make the procedure less troublesome for the patient. The full nose filler session may take a period not exceeding 30 minutes, and after its completion, there is no need for any surgical stitches or bandages, and the patient can return to resume his daily activities as usual.

One of the most important drawbacks of filler to rhinoplasty is that it is a temporary procedure that lasts for an average of 15 months, and the injection of the filler by a doctor without sufficient experience may cause a defect in the formal symmetry and consistency in the nose.

rhinoplasty in turkey
rhinoplasty in turkey
With Threads

Doctors use the same sutures used in surgical procedures and sutures. These threads are distinguished by the fact that they dissolve with time in the tissues of the body and do not leave side effects or allergies. Doctors resorted to using these threads to tighten and trim the view of the nose to make it more harmonious, beautiful and smaller.

This process is distinguished from the surgical operation in that it is less expensive and gives immediate results and does not cause the swelling caused by the surgery, and the patient does not need a long time to recover because it is not surgical Also, rhinoplasty with threads gives results that last for longer periods compared to the results of filler injections for the nose. The doctor begins by inserting these threads, as we mentioned previously, into the tissues of the inner skin of the nose, and then tightening and fixing these threads to give us the final appearance of the nose, which the doctor determined before the operation.

Steps of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty of all kinds goes through three basic stages like other cosmetic operations before, during and after the procedure, we will talk in detail about these stages.

Total Time: 2 hours

Before the Procedure

rhinoplasty in turkey

The person undergoes some general analysis before performing the operation to ensure the safety of his body from diseases that may hinder the completion of the operation, such as irregular diabetes, heart disease and chronic stress. The patient is also prevented from taking any medications that cause blood flow and delay clotting a week before the operation. Among these medications are some analgesics such as aspirin and drugs that contain ibuprofen.
It is important for the patient to stop smoking, nicotine and alcohol. If you will be under general anesthesia in the surgery, you must refrain from eating any food or drinks for at least 8 hours before the operation.
The patient will discuss with the doctor about the purpose of the procedure, how it will be done and what are the expected results according to the patient’s condition.

During the Procedure

rhinoplasty in turkey

After preparing the operating room, choosing the technique and determining the goal of the procedure, the patient is anesthetized and the surgery begins, which takes about 2 hours on average. The patient then wakes up and stays in the hospital for a night in order to remove the body and get rid of the effects of anesthesia during that period.

After the Procedure

rhinoplasty in turkey

In the morning after the operation, the doctor instructs the patient about all the recommendations and prohibitions that must be adhered to in order to ensure a healthy and quick recovery. After the operation, the nose will be different and its shape begins to gradually change with the beginning of the disappearance of swelling.
It is important to adhere to the obligation to take the treatment prescribed by the doctor and avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible. The nose reaches its final shape within about 6 months, so the person should not be concerned about the results or anything, even if he finds his nose is congested and swollen after the surgical mold is removed within a week of the surgery, because this is completely normal.

Estimated Cost: 2500 EUR

Before and After Rhinoplasty in Turkey

It is preferable to take pictures before and after rhinoplasty to notice the difference and the results require some patience in order to be noticed, here are some before and after pictures of rhinoplasty that were performed in Turk Aesthetic Istanbul Turkey.

Instructions After rhinoplasty in Turkey

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for at least three weeks after the surgery.
  • Keep the nasal splint dry in the week following the operation until it is removed.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight in the weeks following the operation until full recovery.
  • Do not sleep on the sides and make sure to sleep on the back so that the nose is not affected during sleep.
  • Adhering to the timely use of the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty in Turkey (Secondary / Revision)

When the first rhinoplasty operation fails due to the surgeon’s insufficient experience or because the patient is not satisfied with the results that are performed for the purpose of correcting the first operation with a reconstructive or secondary rhinoplasty (revision). It is not required for poor aesthetic results (asymmetry, for example), but the reason could be the presence of functional failure of the nose (such as shortness of breath), so the need for a secondary operation is urgent and necessary.

The reconstructive process is more complicated than the first operation because it is based on filling in what was built and starting over again, so there is double work compared to the first operation. It must be taken into account to choose a skilled surgeon and a reliable center in order not to repeat the mistake again, and the cost of secondary (reconstructive) nose surgery is usually higher.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Pros and Cons 

  • Breathe more comfortably.
  • Reducing nasal congestion.
  • To be able to smell better.
  • Reducing unwanted situations such as snoring.
  • deep sleep.
  • Achieving the aesthetic appearance that a person desires.
  • The effects of bruises remain for about two weeks.
  • Discomfort may occur from the cast that is placed for a whole day, which makes us feel uncomfortable and tight, but this pain quickly disappears when removed by the doctor.
  • Feeling some pain and headache as a result of the surgery.
  • There is a fear of the need for a reconstructive operation in case the surgeon lacks sufficient experience or in other cases.
Rhinoplasty in Turkey Side Effects
  • Shortness of breath in the post-rhinoplasty period.
  • Change in the normal shape of the nose with slight redness.
  • Slight swelling of the nose with discoloration.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

Today, Turkey leads most countries in the world in terms of the number of visitors coming from different countries of the world who go to Turkey to perform hair transplant operations or one of the cosmetic operations or whatever of the operations that are classified under the concept of medical tourism in Turkey in terms of quality, that is, the quality of services provided and the available expertise .

In recent years, Turkey has maintained development, which has led to a technological and scientific renaissance that has led the country to compete with great countries in the field of scientific research and the field of medicine and treatment in general and also in the field of cosmetics in particular, as it is today the main destination for many who intend to perform plastic surgery operations, and the cost of rhinoplasty is considered In Turkey, it is suitable for many people for several reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Rhinoplasty prices in general and Istanbul in particular range from 2000 to 4000 dollars as a maximum.
  • The geographical location of Turkey is close to most countries in the world.
  • High scientific expertise of medical staff.
  • Positive results that a person gets, which is encouraging to others.
  • The possibility of performing plastic surgeries through the tourist tours that a person takes during his visit to Turkey.

Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey Istanbul

The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey is related to several things, the most important of which are: the doctor’s skill, the problems that the person suffers from, the place where the operation will be performed, is it a reconstructive operation or the first operation?

The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey Istanbul Turk Aesthetic starts from 2500 euros and can reach 3800 euros according to the situation as we mentioned.

FAQ – Rhinoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

What is the appropriate age for rhinoplasty in Turkey?

18-20 years is the minimum for rhinoplasty in Turkey.

Does rhinoplasty in Turkey cause pain?

Thanks to the anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain, but after the procedure is completed, the patient may feel some pain or suffer from some infections that go away using the analgesics and anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor.

Can nosebleeds occur after the procedure?

Yes, it may happen during the first period, and it is advised to adhere to the doctor’s instructions to avoid any complications.

Can local anesthesia be performed for rhinoplasty surgery?

Local anesthesia cannot be used for surgery. The doctor usually resorts to local anesthesia in the non-surgical options for rhinoplasty with fillers.

When are nasal splints and silicone stents removed after rhinoplasty in Turkey?

The cast and braces can be removed 6-7 days after the surgery.

Is it possible to correct the shape of the nose with fillers?

Yes, it is possible, but it is considered a temporary procedure, the results of which do not last for more than 15 months.

Can lasers only be used for rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Lasers cannot be used for nose formation correctors, the laser is one of the tools used during surgery to reduce bleeding.

What are the benefits of rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty in Turkey may help to remove nasal polyps, treat deviation of the nasal septum, and treat the sinuses, in addition to the cosmetic purpose.

Finally, you can contact directly Turk Aesthetic in Turkey Istanbul to request information and price about the operation.