beard transplant in turkey

Beard Transplant

Beard transplant in Turkey Istanbul is one of the most important plastic surgeries in Turkey, Istanbul, where many men resort to this operation in order to obtain a thick beard or fill spaces into the beard itself as a result of either a genetic reason or another reason such as accidents or a burn suffered by the person.

Anesthesia Local / Sedation
Process Time6 – 7 Hours
ConvalescenceNo Need Considering Instructions after Process
Results Primary results start after 3 months and last for month 6th.
Results Permanence Lifetime 
Stay in Turkey for Beard Transplant 3 Nights – 4 Days are enough
Turk Aesthetic Cost 1200 EUR
Beard Transplant in Turkey

How is Beard Transplant done In Turkey Istanbul

Beard transplantation is somewhat similar to hair transplantation, as the steps are exactly the same, except that the place of transplanting the follicles is the only difference between the two operations. The beard transplant process goes through several important stages after preparing for the process, which is to pick out the follicles first and prepare them for transplantation, and then prepare the beard area for transplantation, and then transfer the hair follicles to their new place.

Beard transplant in Turkey Istanbul

Who can do a beard transplant in Turkey?

Anyone who is over eighteen years old and enjoys good health and does not suffer from any diseases that prevent him from performing a beard transplant can perform a beard transplant, and the person must expect reasonable results after discussing his condition with the medical team.

Among the most important cases suitable for this operation are those who suffer from weak beard density, have spaces in certain areas of the beard, or do not have a beard at all after puberty.

Who can not do a beard transplant?

  • Advanced diabetic patients.
  • Those with advanced heart disease.
  • People with diseases transmitted through blood.
  • Those with acute renal failure or hepatic failure.
  • Those who suffer from poor hair density in the donor area.
  • Patients with a skin disease in the cultivation area.
  • People with coagulation disorders.
  • who suffer from severe anemia.

Who does beard transplantation in Turkey

Beard transplantation is one of the simple plastic operations and the degree of its success depends on several things, including the experience of the doctors and the medical team, the quality of the donor area and whether the person is suitable for this process or not. The beard transplant is performed by a medical team specialized in these operations under the supervision of either a cosmetic doctor or a dermatologist.

The donor area for beard transplant in Turkey Istanbul

The donor area is the place from which hair follicles are taken to be re-implanted in the beard area. It is considered one of the most important reasons for the success of this process, as the quality and number of hair follicles extracted from this area are of great importance in the results of this operation. The donor area is adopted behind the head in this process for its quality and strength. hair follicles in it.

Anesthesia types used during hair transplantation

Local Anesthesia

One of the options for anesthesia during the Beard transplant in Turkey is by injecting the upper layer of the skin of the head after shaving and sterilizing the injection site. The person feels some pain during the injection procedure, but the pain subsides within a short period that does not exceed 10 minutes. After the anesthesia has taken effect completely, the person can relax and just wait until the whole process is completed without feeling the slightest pain.

Sedation Anesthesia

The second option used in anesthesia during the beard transplant in Turkey is done in detail through local anesthesia that we mentioned (the first method), but this step is preceded by injecting the anesthetic into the vein so that the person sleeps for a short period of about 15 minutes to avoid pain during the injection of the skin of the head.

Upon awakening (after 15 minutes), the anesthesia will have taken effect completely and the person will not feel anything, including the first injection of anesthesia into the skin of the head. In this case, the person must fast 6 hours before the procedure to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the stomach after waking up from the temporary anesthesia.

Beard transplant process steps in Turkey

The beard transplant in Turkey goes through many steps that we will talk about in detail

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, each person must initially share some pictures of the beard area (the procedure to be applied) and these pictures should be from several angles, such as a side picture for the right side and another for the left side, in addition to a picture of the donor area (behind the head) and it is preferable that the hair be short In order to more accurately determine the number of follicles to be extracted.

During the procedure

In the process of beard transplant in Turkey, this stage is divided into several stages, which are:

Total Time: 7 hours

Initial preview

After the first visit to the doctor, it has been agreed on the number of follicles to be transplanted
After that, a medical file for the person is created that contains answers to important questions, and the following steps include:
The person’s health condition.
The name.
Operations have been performed before.
Having any chronic disease.
The presence of a specific medication being taken.
Allergy to a particular drug.
Alcohol and smoking.

Blood test

hair transplant in turkey

Blood is taken from the client and analyzed to ensure that there are no diseases or symptoms that may prevent the beard transplant process and to ensure that there are no infectious diseases.


hair transplant in turkey

The client enters the beard transplant room, which is well and completely sterile. In the first step in the room, the hair is shaved either from the entire head or only from the donor area, according to each case.


Sterilization of the beard area and the donor area very well in preparation for the application of local anesthesia, which is placed by very soft injections injected under the skin that do not cause much pain except in a small way. Temporary anesthesia can be done to avoid any pain.

Follicle extraction stage

The donor areas are determined for each case separately, and one of the most common areas for extracting the follicles is the area behind the head,
The follicles are picked up by a special device called a micromotor and they are kept in a special liquid until the start of the implantation stage, and this stage takes about 1-2 hours.

Beard line drawing

beard transplant in turkey

The shape of the beard is drawn, taking into account the features of the face and the places where the follicles need to be transplanted, according to the features and expressions of the face, taking into account the age and consistency of the new beard with the shape of the hair on the sides.

Open pores

After the extraction is completed and the areas where the beard transplant will be done, the doctor opens the pores in the empty areas of the hair with very precise medical tools from 1 mm to 1.3 mm and with a well-studied direction and angle in order to be suitable for the next stage, which is the stage of transplantation. This process takes about 1 hour.


The extracted follicles are implanted into the pores that were made one by one until the entire area identified in the drawing is covered in advance. This step also takes about 2-3 hours.

Donor Area Bandaging

hair transplant in turkey

This is the last step in beard transplant in Turkey, as the doctor bandages the donor back area of ​​the head to avoid any skin infections and complications. This bandage also helps the person lie down and sleep on the back without any problems. After this step the person can leave to start the post-procedure phase where they are removed the next day of the operation.

After the procedure

This stage begins after leaving the hospital after the completion of the beard transplant in Turkey. During this stage, all instructions are adhered to, including adherence to taking the medications prescribed by the doctor, including anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. At this stage and to the extent that the instructions are adhered to, results can be expected that are closer to what the person aspires to.

Before and after Beard Transplant in Turkey

Here are some pictures of some cases before and after beard transplant in Turkey that was done with Turk Aesthetic.

Hair wash after Beard Transplant in Turkey

On the day following the beard transplant, a special washing must be done for 12 days on a daily basis, once a day, as explained by the medical team. Where a cream or foam is applied to moisturize the transplantation area, wait for 15-30 minutes, and avoid using any chemicals or additives without consulting the doctor.

Beard Transplant Techniques in Turkey

There are several methods and techniques used in beard transplant in Turkey specifically and in the various countries that perform these operations. At Turk Aesthetic, we will mention the most important and most famous techniques used:

FUE technique

It is the latest and most successful beard and hair transplantation technology in this field. Because we can get a large number of follicles in one day. As these technologies are effective, practical and easy at the same time, most modern technologies depend on them by 80%. Where the follicles are extracted from the donor area and placed in a special liquid, then small pores are opened in the beard area, and then the extracted follicles are inserted into these pores.

fue hair transplant in turkey
fue hair transplant in turkey

DHI technique

It is considered one of the modern techniques that are adopted in beard and hair transplantation alike. It is distinguished from the FUE technique that the transplantation stage is done without the need to open the pores because the cultivation with this technique is done by Choi pens designated for beard and hair transplantation.

These pens have a sharp tip through which they are Opening the pores and transplanting hair follicles at the same time, and one of the most important advantages of this technique is the possibility of hair transplantation with a higher density than other techniques and the lack of accompanying side effects and the possibility of transplanting without the need to shave the hair in the transplantation area.

hair transplant in turkey
hair transplant in turkey

Instructions after beard transplant in Turkey

  • Sleep in a lying position on the back for a week.
  • No exposure to the sun for a week.
  • The razor should not be used for 6 months.
  • Avoid environments such as saunas and solariums for one month.
  • Heavy sports should be avoided for 2 months and light sports for 1 month.
  • Pay attention to the areas of follicle transplantation, taking care not to injure anything.
  • Avoid scratching the beard for a month.
  • After the twelfth day, the crusts should be thoroughly cleaned without harming the area.
  • After the surgery, the medications prescribed by the doctor should be taken regularly and on time.
  • The beard must be washed for 12 days daily as shown in the hair and beard washing video

Here are some points to keep in mind after beard transplantation:


Beard transplant in Turkey is characterized by many advantages, one of the most important of these advantages is that the person restores the hair in the beard area and obtains a thick and harmonious beard, and he also regains confidence in himself again after obtaining a perfect shape.


There are no major drawbacks to the beard transplant process. Asymmetry in the shape of the beard or temporary side effects may occur in the first period, but they quickly disappear after the first week. Rarely, a person needs to repeat the transplantation process to obtain a higher density close to natural.

Side effects

  • Temporary swelling of the face that lasts for a few days.
  • Temporary headache on the first day.
  • Dandruff.
  • mild redness;
  • Anesthesia is excreted through urine and sweating.
  • It is normal to see these side effects after the procedure and they all disappear within 7-10 days. In the event of an unexpected situation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Beard Transplant in Turkey Istanbul

Beard transplant in Turkey or as it is called chin, is one of the most famous operations in Turkey, Istanbul, in terms of quantity after hair transplantation, and the proximity of Turkey, and specifically the city of Istanbul, to most Arab and European countries made it a destination for most of those wishing to perform this operation, and some may perform beard transplant in Turkey as part of their trip. Tourist city of Istanbul.

Beard transplant cost in Turkey Istanbul

The cost of beard transplant in Turkey Istanbul is suitable for many men residing in Arab or European countries, and the positive results make it an additional destination, as the positive result in addition to the appropriate cost is one of the most important advantages of performing this operation in Turkey, where the cost ranges between 800 – 1500 euros.

Turk Aesthetic Packages in Turkey Istanbul

At Turk Aesthetic, the process of beard transplant in Turkey is one of the operations that we serve our customers through, and it is also possible to provide additional packages:

  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • Medication bag needed after transplantation.
  • Translator.
  • Accommodation in hotels.
  • Transportation between hotel and hospital.

The best beard transplant center in Turkey Istanbul – Turk Aesthetic

Beard transplant operations in Turk Aesthetic are carried out according to the latest international technologies, whether for beard or hair transplant operations, and we always strive to gain the trust of customers to obtain the best possible result in this regard. Operations are performed in an ideal medical environment.

FAQ – Beard Transplant in Turkey in Istanbul

When does the transplanted hair fall out?

There is a temporary hair loss stage after transplantation, ranging from 12 days from the operation to 2 months, after which the follicles are fixed in their place and growth begins permanently again without falling out.

Is there a guarantee for the success of the beard transplant in Turkey?

There is no such thing as a guarantee or warranty in the field of medicine for any medical procedure, but the vast majority of all cases succeed in a satisfactory manner for the patient and the doctors.

When does beard growth begin after transplantation?

Growth starts from the beginning of the third month after the operation, step by step, until the person gets the final result after about six months.

When will the final beard transplant results appear?

The final result will appear after about six months.

Does the beard fall out after transplantation?

In the first and second months, there may be temporary loss, after which the beard grows again permanently.

How long does a beard transplant in Turkey take?

It takes an average of about 7 hours, depending on the number of follicles and the area of ​​the cultivated area, and it is sufficient to stay in Turkey for only 3 days.

What are the risks and damages of beard transplant in Turkey?

There are no harms or risks of beard transplantation, as it is very safe and simple, and anyone can perform it easily after telling the guide and the medical team all the details about your health condition.

Is it permissible to perform the operation for children?

Children who are not over the age of eighteen, it is preferable not to have the operation for them until they are 18 or 20 years old.

How much does a beard transplant cost (price) in Turkey?

The cost or price of a beard transplant in Turkey ranges from 800 to 1500 euros, according to the technology used.

Finally, you can contact the support team directly to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic Center.

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