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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Gastrectomy or gastric sleeve in Turkey Istanbul is a procedure in which a part of the stomach is cut in order to reduce its size. As a result, it is not allowed to eat the same amount of food that the patient used to eat before the operation because the size of the stomach has become small and does not accommodate the large amount of food that he used to before, where he feels full by eating Only a small amount of food, so the patient gradually loses a large part of his weight after the procedure.

It is worth noting that the gastric sleeve procedure is a radical and permanent solution to obesity, and what was cut from the stomach cannot be returned. Here is some quick information about gastric sleeve:

Anesthesia General
Process Duration3 hours
Process PurposeLose weight 
ResultsGradual fast – Last for lifetime
Convalescence2 weeks
Cost in Turk Aesthetic3500 – 4500 EUR
Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

How is the gastric sleeve operation done in Turkey?

Sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss is a procedure that reduces the function of the stomach and takes about two or three hours under full body anesthesia. It can be done through traditional surgery or through endoscopy, which is the best option. After losing part of the stomach, the capacity of the stomach has been reduced to half or a quarter, meaning that the patient cannot eat the same amount of food after the stomach sleeve procedure. Also, cut part of the stomach leads to a decrease in the amount of the hunger-sense hormone secreted by the stomach, meaning that the person does not feel full by eating only a small amount of food, but also does not feel frequent hunger as a result of the decrease in the secretion of this hormone.

Gastric sleeve video in Turkey

A video showing the method of gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

Who can do a gastric sleeve in Turkey?

  • People who want to lose weight from 20 to 60 kilos.
  • Those who are unable to lose weight with traditional methods.
  • For all those who suffer from spinal pain and bone pain due to excess weight
  • People who suffer from some problems associated with obesity, such as shortness of breath and type 2 diabetes, the option of a stomach sleeve is very suitable for them.
  • Those who suffer from stomach ulcers, their condition can be suitable for stomach sleeve and getting rid of the ulcer-causing part of the stomach.

Who can not do a gastric sleeve?

  • For those under 18 years old (can be done, but not preferred)
  • Patients with advanced or contagious chronic disease.
  • People who suffer from simple obesity do not need a radical solution like gastric sleeve.
  • Gastric sleeve cannot be considered a solution for those who suffer from excess fat in the body, the sleeve does not remove fat, but only helps to lose weight.

The doctor who performs the gastric sleeve operation

Gastric Sleeve is a surgical procedure performed by experienced obesity doctors and general surgery department. No doctor from any other specialty can perform this type of surgery. The center must be reliable with a highly sterile clinical environment, and a highly qualified physician are all things to consider when choosing a hospital or medical center.

Anesthesia types used during the surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy can be performed under general anesthesia of the body. The patient must stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the operation to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the stomach after waking up from the operation. The patient stays in the hospital for one or two nights in the case of general anesthesia.

Gastric sleeve procedure steps in Turkey

The gastric sleeve procedure goes through three stages, as in other surgeries:

Total Time: 3 hours

Before the operation

gastric balloon in turkey

After deciding on the procedure, the patient must adhere to some new habits before the procedure. The most important of these habits are:
Gradually reduce food so that the body replaces its share of what will be lost.
Movement and exercise.
The doctor must be informed of the medicines he is using or any health symptoms, if any.
You should tell the doctor if you are allergic to any particular drug or substance.
If you suffer from stomach problems or diseases related to the esophagus, you should definitely notify your doctor.
In order to avoid any unwanted complications, you should stop taking blood thinners a week before the procedure.
Quit smoking and alcohol a week before the procedure.
The doctor performs a sigmoidoscopy to check the health of the stomach before the procedure.

During operation

It is worth noting that the gastric sleeve operation can be by surgery or endoscopy, and in both cases, the body is given general anesthesia
The surgical procedure is the common one, but it is not preferred because it leaves surgical scars that need another plastic surgery. As for the laparoscopic procedure, it is done through tiny incisions to insert the endoscope through it and complete the procedure without the need for surgery and other complications. Only the doctor finally decides how the procedure will be carried out according to each individual patient’s case. The cut is usually made longitudinally from the pyloric region and ends at the bottom.

After the operation

gastric balloon in turkey

After the operation, the patient stays in the hospital for two days, during which he begins a life stage with a new routine and habits that start with some pain that may last for a week and can be eliminated by painkillers. Movement and effort must be avoided because this prolongs the recovery period, especially if the procedure is surgical and not through endoscope; The patient may feel some pain after eating, but he must be patient for a while to get used to the new diet. The amount of food should be reduced, especially during the first month. For the first week, you should stick to light food, soup and vegetables only.

Gastric sleeve aftercare instructions 

  • Start eating and drinking 4-6 hours after the operation.
  • Avoid solid foods in the first month.
  • You must follow the diet program provided by the doctor after gastric bypass.
  • Avoid eating fatty and carbohydrate foods and acidic drinks.
  • Stay away from cigarettes, hookah and alcohol.
  • Full compliance with all instructions given by the doctor.

Advantages VS disadvantages


  • The gastric sleeve procedure is a radical solution to get rid of excess weight, which all traditional solutions and attempts to get rid of have failed.
  • With the gastric sleeve, the patient will get rid of the problems associated with excess weight, the most important of which are bone and spine pain, shortness of breath and fatigue from any simple movement.
  • The patient will get a quick gradual shape to a slim and healthy body.
  • Get rid of laziness and lack of movement.
  • Self-confidence and wearing the clothes he dreamed of before losing weight.


After the procedure, it may be accompanied by a feeling of depression to adopt a new lifestyle and routine, but he quickly gets used to it. It is not possible to reverse the gastric bypass procedure with the passage of time in the event of regret.

Side effects after gastric bypass surgery

Discomfort in the stomach, nausea and vomiting after eating, especially in the first period.

Postoperative depression is a common occurrence with this type of operation.

Gastric Sleeve (gastrectomy) in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is the destination of many tourists who visit Turkey for treatment and tourism at the same time because of its many advantages such as the many options, the expertise of doctors and the quality of healthcare. Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most important options available for weight loss in Turkey, and its price ranges between 3,500 – 4,500 euros, according to each center and the details of the operation.

Gastric sleeve surgery cost in Turkey Istanbul

The cost of gastric sleeve in Turkey varies from place to place according to several things:

  • Medical center or hospital.
  • Doctor’s experience.
  • The type of gastric sleeve is surgical or laparoscopic
  • Additional services, as some centers offer packages that include treatment, accommodation, and transportation.

In Turk Aesthetic Istanbul, the cost of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure ranges from 3,500 – 4,500 euros.

You can contact the Turk Aesthetic team on the contact page to request the cost of the treatment package with accommodation and transportation.

FAQ – Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Istanbul

What is the purpose of a gastric sleeve?

The goal of the gastric sleeve procedure is to lose excess weight and get a fitter body.

Who can perform the gastric sleeve procedure?

Everyone who has excess weight and has not succeeded in any way to get rid of it, in addition to everyone who suffers from problems associated with excess weight.

How long does gastric sleeve surgery take?

The gastric sleeve procedure takes about two to three hours.

Is gastric sleeve a difficult or dangerous procedure?

The gastric sleeve procedure is considered a radical and irreversible solution with quick gradual results. On the other hand, it is considered a complicated procedure compared to the balloon.

How much weight can I lose if I have a gastric sleeve?

About 30 – 70 kilos.

When does the gastric sleeve procedure begin?

Results start gradually and quickly within a month the difference can be seen.

Is the gastric sleeve procedure painful?

The patient does not feel pain during the gastric sleeve operation thanks to the complete anesthesia of the body, but after the procedure, he may feel pain that can be overcome with analgesics.

Is it possible to drink soft drinks after a gastric sleeve procedure?

Doctors do not recommend that soft drinks be a source of fluid in the body, but rather rely on water and natural juices only.

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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey