hair transplant in turkey

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Turkey is a cosmetic procedure aimed at replacing hair that has fallen out causing baldness. This procedure can be applied to the head and eyebrows, and it can also be applied to the beard and mustache in men. Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to get rid of poor self-confidence and the feeling of aging caused by hair loss. Those wishing to undergo hair transplantation must undergo a doctor’s examination to decide if the condition is suitable for transplantation or not and how many follicles can be transplanted depending on the donor area.

Anesthesia Local / Sedation
Process Time6 – 7 Hours
ConvalescenceNo Need Considering Instructions after Process
Results Primary results start after 3 months and last for month 9th.
Results Permanence Lifetime 
Stay in Turkey 3 Nights – 4 Days are enough
Cost1200 EUR
Hair transplant in Turkey

How is Hair Transplant done In Turkey Istanbul

Hair is appendages made up of non-living protein cells. Each person’s body covers about 5 million hairs, of which about 100,000 are on the scalp alone.

Hair is of great importance in terms of its impact on the appearance and shape of a person, so it receives great attention, especially by those who suffer from problems such as hair loss or baldness, where chronic hair loss or baldness in its advanced stages affects the person’s psyche and causes him constant embarrassment in his surrounding environment.

Hair transplant in Turkey takes place through several steps, the most important of which is the extraction of hair roots from the donor area, then opening minute channels in the desired areas by filling them, usually completely free of hair and sometimes partially empty, and finally the stage of transplanting the roots of the extracted follicles into the opened channels. We will talk at length about these stages in the coming paragraphs.

Video of hair transplant In Turkey Istanbul

A video explaining the hair transplant in Turkey process in detail

Hair transplant in Turkey

Who is eligible for Hair Transplant In Turkey Istanbul

Hair transplant in Turkey can be performed for everyone who suffers from hair loss and baldness, and the procedure is not limited to the head, but hair transplantation can be performed to replace the spaces in the face for men to gain a thick beard and also in the event that the mustache is incomplete. All women who suffer from eyebrow loss can also have eyebrow transplantation. All the above-mentioned groups are required to be over the age of 18. Also, the body must be healthy and free from chronic diseases, and for those who suffer from diabetes in a controlled and regular manner, the operation can be performed.

Who is not eligible for Hair Transplant in Turkey?

  • Advanced diabetic patients.
  • Those with advanced heart disease.
  • People with diseases transmitted through blood.
  • Those with acute renal failure or hepatic failure.
  • Those who suffer from poor hair density in the donor area.
  • Patients with a skin disease in the cultivation area.
  • People with coagulation disorders.
  • who suffer from severe anemia.

Who does Hair Transplant In Turkey Istanbul

Hair transplant in Turkey can be performed by a dermatologist or under his direct supervision by specialists in this field. Therefore, the person wishing to transplant hair must investigate the trusted centers with high credibility to obtain the expected results that he aspires to. In addition, a sterile environment is investigated in the hospital where the procedure will be performed.

Hair Loss Causes 

Hair loss and baldness have many causes, the most important of which are:

  • genetic factor.
  • Mental factors and disorders.
  • The effect of the chemicals used, such as gels and creams, in addition to the effect of hair straighteners and dryers.
  • The most important and most common effect is dandruff.
  • Chronic diseases or hormonal disorders, where you must see a doctor in this case urgently.
  • Anemia and malnutrition.
  • Some chemicals used in hair styling or straightening may cause permanent damage to the hair and scalp and lead to hair loss.
  • Hormonal changes, body fatigue and stress during pregnancy and after childbirth may cause temporary hair loss and loss in women.

Donor Area

It is the back of the head that contains healthy hair follicles that will later be transferred to the transplanted area. This area is characterized by that it is not affected by genetic factors and male hormones that cause hair loss, and the hair in this area does not fall out except in very rare cases, and for this reason, when hair follicles are transferred from this area for cultivation in another area, the hair continues to grow naturally and permanently because it maintains its properties by not Affected by the usual factors.

Hair Transplant Anesthesia Types In Turkey Istanbul

Local Anesthesia

One of the options for anesthesia during the hair transplant in Turkey is by injecting the upper layer of the skin of the head after shaving and sterilizing the injection site. The person feels some pain during the injection procedure, but the pain subsides within a short period that does not exceed 10 minutes.

After the anesthesia has taken effect completely, the person can relax and just wait until the whole process is completed without feeling the slightest pain.

Temporary Anesthesia

The second option used in anesthesia during the hair transplant in Turkey is done in detail through local anesthesia that we mentioned (the first method), but this step is preceded by injecting the anesthetic into the vein so that the person sleeps for a short period of about 15 minutes to avoid pain during the injection of the skin of the head.

Upon awakening (after 15 minutes), the anesthesia will have taken effect completely and the person will not feel anything, including the first injection of anesthesia into the skin of the head. In this case, the person must fast 8 hours before the procedure to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the stomach after waking up from the temporary anesthesia.

Hair Transplant Process Steps In Turkey Istanbul

Hair transplant in Turkey goes through many steps that we will talk about in detail

Before the Procedure

Before the procedure, and in principle, before visiting the hair transplant center, each person must share some pictures of the head area (the procedure to be applied to), and these pictures must be from several angles, such as a picture of the front of the empty head and a side picture of the right side and another picture of the left side in addition to the picture of the area The donor (behind the head), preferably short hair, in order to more accurately determine the number of follicles to be extracted.

During the Procedure

In the process of hair transplant in Turkey, this stage is divided into several stages, which are:

Total Time: 7 hours

Initial Preview

hair transplant in turkey

After the first visit to the doctor, it has been agreed on the number of follicles to be transplanted
After that, a medical file for the person is created that contains answers to important questions, and the following steps include:
The person’s health condition.
The name.
Operations have been performed before.
Having any chronic disease.
The presence of a specific medication being taken.
Allergy to a particular medicine.
Alcohol and smoking.

Blood Test

hair transplant in turkey

Blood is taken from the client and analyzed to ensure that there are no diseases or symptoms that may prevent hair transplant in Turkey and to ensure that there are no infectious diseases.


hair transplant in turkey

The client enters the hair transplantation room, which is well and completely sterile. In the first step in the room, the hair is shaved either from the entire head or only from the donor area, according to each case.


The head is sterilized very well in preparation for the application of local anesthesia, which is placed by very soft injections injected under the skin that do not cause much pain except in a small way. Temporary anesthesia can be done to avoid any pain.

Follicle Extraction Stage

hair transplant in turkey

The donor areas are determined for each case separately, and the most common areas for extracting the follicles are the area behind the head, the chest area, and the bottom of the beard. Usually, the donor area is adopted behind the head in most cases.
The follicles are extracted using a special device called a micromotor and kept in a special liquid until the hair transplantation phase begins. This stage takes about 1 hour.

Front Line Drawing

hair transplant in turkey

The front line of the hair is drawn according to the features and expressions of the face, taking into account the age and its consistency with the shape of the hair on the sides. It is also taken into account to draw it naturally so that it is not noticed that the person has performed the hair transplant in Turkey.

Open Pores

After completing the extraction and determining the front line of hair transplantation, the doctor opens the pores in the empty places of hair with very precise medical tools from 1 mm to 1.3 mm and with a well-studied direction and angle in order to be suitable for the next stage, which is transplantation. This process takes about 1 hour.


hair transplant in turkey

The extracted follicles are implanted into the pores that were made one by one until the entire area identified by the front line drawing is covered. This step also takes about 2-3 hours.

Donor Area Bandaging 

hair transplant in turkey

This is the last step in hair transplant in Turkey so that the doctor bandages the donor back area of ​​the head to avoid any skin infections and complications. This bandage also helps the person lie down and sleep on the back without any problems. After this step the person can leave to start the post-procedure phase where they are removed the next day of the operation.

After the procedure

This stage begins after leaving the hospital after the completion of hair transplantation. During this stage, all instructions are adhered to, including adherence to taking the medications prescribed by the doctor, including anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. At this stage and to the extent that the instructions are adhered to, results can be expected that are closer to what the person aspires to.

Hair Transplant Before and After In Turkey Istanbul

Here are some pictures of some cases of hair transplant in Turkey that took place in our center in Istanbul Turkey Turk Aesthetic.

Hair Wash after Hair Transplant in Turkey

On the next day, after a period of 24 – 48 hours has passed from the operation and before starting to wash, a cream is placed to soften the transplanted area for hair transplantation and wait for a period ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. This cream or lotion prepares the transplanted area for washing, which also facilitates the process of getting rid of dandruff. Wash with lukewarm water only. After the washing is finished, it is dried with soft tissues only. It is not preferable to use towels and hair dryers. If you wait for the head to dry automatically in order not to damage or harm the transplanted hair, it is better for the safety of the follicles.

Note: You must continue washing in the same way that is done the first time in the center for a period of 12 days and at that time a crust may appear in the transplanted area, it can be removed by light rubbing in one direction from the back to front during the shower. It is also preferable to use products free of chemicals and replace them With natural products. Here is a video showing how to wash hair after transplantation.

Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Techniques In Turkey Istanbul

There are several methods and techniques used in hair transplant in Turkey in particular and in the various countries that perform hair transplant operations. At Turk Aesthetic, we will mention the most important and most famous techniques used in hair transplant in Turkey:

FUT technique

It is one of the hair transplant techniques that is based on taking a slice of the scalp from the back area, including the follicles that hold the hair roots. The area behind the head and between the ears was chosen exclusively because it is characterized by an excess number of follicles that contain more than two or three hairs in each follicle. It has genetic properties that prevent it from falling or being affected by hormonal changes that occur in the body for various reasons.

Then the hair follicles are separated from each other, and then channels are opened in the area that needs hair transplantation to bring the follicles into it. But it is no longer applied today due to the percentage of waste that occurs and because it leaves a permanent scar in the form of a transverse line in the donor area.

FUE technique

FUE is the latest and most successful hair transplantation technique in this field. Because we can get a large number of follicles in one day.

It is distinguished from other techniques in the stage of extracting grafts or follicles, where each follicle is carefully and accurately extracted by means of a special device called a micromotor and then placed in a special liquid and on pieces of ice to keep it alive for as long as possible, which reduces the percentage of waste to reach less than 1 percent . People can also strengthen the transplant and the transplanted hair by periodically injecting the hair tonic plasma.

fue hair transplant in turkey
fue hair transplant in turkey

BHT technique

It is one of the innovative ways to solve the problem of poor hair density in the donor area and the inability to pick out a sufficient number of follicles to cover baldness completely. By this technique, the roots of the body hair located in the chest area or under the chin are taken advantage of to be used in places that need intensification and hair transplantation.

Hair transplant specialists advise transplanting these follicles extracted from body hair at the top of the head or the middle area of ​​the scalp and between the previously existing hair follicles in order to give the best result and a more natural hair shape. BHT technology may not be suitable for all cases of baldness or hair loss and thinning, so it is recommended to consult specialists about potential donor areas and pictures of the areas to be transplanted.

DHI technique

It differs from the FUE technique in the method of grafting the follicles only, where the extraction is carried out in the same technique using the micromotor device.

In all previous hair transplant techniques, small channels or incisions are opened in the area in which the follicles will be transplanted before starting the transplantation stage, and then the follicles are lowered into these channels by means of medical forceps dedicated to transplanting the follicles.

On the contrary, the DHI technique enables us to grow hair without the need to open channels, where the follicles are transplanted directly under the scalp through a special pen called CHOI Hair pen.

The Choi Pen is a fine needle-tipped instrument that the follicle is suspended in and implanted directly under the surface of the skin in a single motion.

This technique is characterized by the rapid healing of the transplanted area due to the absence of any cracks or bleeding in the scalp.

The cost of DHI hair transplantation is high compared to other hair transplant techniques, due to the use of different transplant pens for each patient, and they are thrown with medical waste after each operation, and it also requires a double effort and accuracy in work.

Specialists resort to this technique in cases that require high density in certain areas and not to cover large areas as in the advanced stages of baldness, as the maximum number of follicles that we can transplant with DHI technique is 2000 grafts due to the time and effort required by the process.

hair transplant in turkey
hair transplant in turkey

Perkutan technique

A smart technique for transplanting hair, beard or eyebrows in Turkey and differs from FUE in that the channels are opened in them through a thin needle with a pointed tip with a needle diameter of about 0.5 mm, where in this technique small holes are made instead of openings or incisions, as is the case in techniques other farming.

These small holes, in which the follicles are subsequently implanted, provide natural results and a high density of up to more than 50 follicles per 1 cm2. The Perkutan technique requires good experience and extreme precision as the direction of hair growth and density distribution in the transplanted area is determined by opening the micro-holes with the needle.

Sapphire technique

The Safir technique for hair transplant in Turkey shares with the famous FUE technique in all its details, but differs with it in a simple detail, which is the stage of opening the channels so that this is done through the ambassador’s stone

Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey Istanbul

Women share with men the methods and techniques of hair transplant in Turkey to replace lost hair due to hair loss, but women may embarrass themselves in the case of fully shaving hair, unlike men who may not find any problem with full shaving.

Hair transplantation for women is performed in Turkey Istanbul without the need to shave the entire hair using the No-cut FUE technique

The process takes about 7 hours and is divided into several steps and stages:

  • Shave the hair in the donor area in the form of a rectangle between the ears.
  • Clean and sterilize the donor area.
  • Locally anesthetize the donor area using needles dedicated to numbing the scalp.
  • Extraction of follicles and grafts using a special device called FUE technique called micromotor. It is characterized by a thin extraction head with a diameter ranging from 0.6 to 0.9 mm.
  • Collecting all the extracted follicles and then sorting and counting them to know the total number of follicles that will be transferred and transplanted.
  • Reshaping the frontal hair line in case it needs to be modified and identifying weak or empty areas in which the follicles will be transplanted.
  • Locally anesthetize the area to be transplanted and prepare it to start the next stage.
  • Opening small channels or pores in the area to be covered and condensed.
  • Starting to manually transplant the extracted follicles one by one using medical tweezers designated for this procedure.
  • Putting a medical bandage on the donor area from the back of the head.
  • The most important aspect before starting a hair transplant for women is planning. When starting the hair restoration journey, you will be consulted by an experienced member of the medical team specialized in hair transplantation. The results and temporary side effects of the operation and the stages of hair growth after the operation will also be explained so that you are fully aware of the process and make the right and appropriate decision for you.
hair transplant for women in turkey
hair transplant for women in turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey for Alopecia Areata

Alopecia is a skin problem that affects some areas of the head and causes random hair loss. At first, it is preferable to treat the disease by a dermatologist, and after complete recovery from alopecia, a person can perform hair transplantation in areas where the hair has not recovered naturally.

Hair Transplant in Turkey for Diabetics

In hair transplant in Turkey for diabetic patients, the blood sugar level is required to be as low as 200 for both types, whether insulin users or those who use pills only. Before the procedure, consideration should be given to the cumulative blood sugar analysis, which shows the average blood sugar level for the last 3 months.

Aftercare instructions for hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul

Here are some points to be taken into consideration after hair transplant in Turkey:

  • Sleep on the back for a week.
  • No exposure to the sun for a week.
  • The razor should not be used for 6 months.
  • Avoid environments such as saunas and solariums for one month.
  • Heavy sports should be avoided for 2 months and light sports for 1 month.
  • Pay attention to the areas of follicle transplantation, taking care not to injure anything.
  • Avoid scratching the scalp for a month.
  • After the twelfth day, the crusts should be thoroughly cleaned without harming the area.
  • After the surgery, the medications prescribed by the doctor should be taken regularly and on time.
  • Hair should be washed for 12 days daily as shown in the hair washing video
Hair transplant in Turkey

Smoking after transplant

Smoking negatively affects the hair and the scalp, and this is for people who do not suffer from any diseases or health problems. How if they have undergone a surgical procedure, here we must mention that the hair follicles are still wet and have not settled and receive the necessary blood flow that provides them with nutrition, after the Hair transplant in Turkey.

We need a period of recuperation and rest and stay away from polluted air and smoking in order to ensure that the hair grows healthy and the follicles are fixed in their new place and ensure that the hair follicles that have been transplanted are not damaged or destroyed.

Sports After Hair Transplant in Turkey

Exercising immediately after hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most common mistakes that the patient makes. Also, cutting nutrition off the hair follicles by following a harsh slimming program is one of the most important other mistakes because this causes damage and damage to the newly transferred follicles and they need a good nutrition regimen for a period of time.

It is less than three months, so you must avoid diets and extreme sports to get good results because the immune system, after exercising or making muscular effort, rejects the transplanted hair follicles and treats it as a foreign body, and here we have contributed to killing the hair follicles and thwarting the entire process.

Pain During and After Hair Transplant

The pain associated with hair transplantation is simple and possible, and it all boils down to the duration of local anesthesia only, as there is a two-minute period for local anesthesia for the donor area and two minutes for local anesthesia for the transplanted area.

With regard to pain after hair transplantation, it starts after the anesthesia wears off on the first night of hair transplantation. The doctor prescribes pain-relieving pills in addition to some anti-inflammatories to avoid any complications or pain, which is a common and natural thing that does not require concern.

Hair Transplant Advantages and Disadvantages

Hair Transplant Pros 

Hair transplantation is the alternative and permanent solution to the problem of baldness, which begins with hair loss. Hair transplantation gains density for light hair and compensates for lost hair as a result of complete baldness, through a simple procedure that does not exceed 7 hours, and for results that remain for the rest of the life. You gain self-confidence.

Hair Transplant Cons

One of the most important drawbacks and downsides of hair transplantation is that it takes a short period of time for results to appear (ranging between 6-9 months)

Like any other operation, the patient must pay great attention and care to obtain the desired results

Hair transplant in Turkey side Effects 
  • Temporary swelling in the forehead that lasts for a few days.
  • Temporary headache on the first day.
  • Dandruff.
  • mild redness;
  • Anesthesia is excreted through urine and sweating.
  • It is normal to see these side effects after the procedure and they all disappear within 7-10 days. In the event of an unexpected situation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
Unsuccessful Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a simple cosmetic procedure and the success rate is very high compared to the rest of the operations, but sometimes partial or general failures may occur. Here we will mention the most important cases that must be taken into consideration:

  • The occurrence of a defect in the blood perfusion as a result of the lack of experience of the medical team or as a result of a disease that the person may suffer from, and this condition is called necrosis or nekroz.
  • Failure to comply with the medical instructions given by the doctor and the medical team may cause a decrease in the desired intensity.
  • Weakness and smallness of the donor area.
  • Failure to perform hair transplant washing properly.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey-Istanbul is one of the most preferred places for those who want to perform a hair transplant. Being a metropolitan city, Istanbul is one of the most preferred with its advanced technology, latest devices, methods and successful doctors. It is preferred by many people at home and abroad, as Turkey follows technology closely and includes the latest innovations. Compared to other countries it is a very developed and specialized country in this regard.

Turkey is a leading country in the field of medical tourism in general, as many people make daily trips to Turkey, especially to Istanbul, for tourist or recreational purposes, and also the reason for preferring plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey Istanbul

The cost of hair transplantation varies from city to city and even between clinics. The desired results are achieved thanks to a good doctor, a sterile environment and a reliable team that should be preferred here. Although the method of anesthesia used varies according to the technique in which the hair will be transplanted and the donor area, the average price for Turk Aesthetic is FUE 1200 Euro- DHI 1200 Euro.

Turk Aesthetic Packages in Turkey Istanbul

As Turk Aesthetic, we provide the best service to our patients to perform hair transplantation in the most comfortable and preferred way. You can order a full treatment package that includes:

  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • Medication bag needed after transplantation.
  • Translator.
  • Accommodation in hotels.
  • Transportation between hotel and hospital.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey Istanbul

At Turk Aesthetic, we always strive to move forward to keep pace with modern technologies and global developments in the field of work, on the one hand, and on the other hand, we care about the comfort of our customers by securing our services in the best Turkish hospitals.

FAQ – Hair transplant in Turkey

When does the transplanted hair fall out?

There is a temporary hair loss stage after transplantation, ranging from 12 days from the operation to 2 months, after which the follicles are fixed in their place and growth begins permanently again without falling out.

Is there a guarantee for the success of hair transplant in Turkey?

There is no such thing as a guarantee or warranty in the field of medicine for any medical procedure, but the vast majority of all cases succeed in a satisfactory manner for the patient and the doctors.

When does hair growth start after transplantation?

Growth starts from the beginning of the third month after the operation, step by step until the person gets the final result after a full year.

Does hair grow in the donor area?

Not all follicles are usually taken from the donor area, but only a percentage of them are taken, so it is not noticeable to anyone that the follicles were taken from that area, and the hair in that area grows very naturally. The method of taking the follicles from the donor area and the doctor’s experience have a great role in not noticing others to take the follicles.

When will the final hair transplant in Turkey results appear?

The end result will appear after a year.

When do hair transplant in Turkey results start to appear?

The results begin to appear starting from the third month, and in the sixth month, most of it will have grown, but the final result will be after a full year.

Does hair fall out after transplantation?

It sheds temporarily in the first two months and grows back again. In cases of not following the instructions, it is also prone to falling, but if the person pays attention and follows the instructions, it will remain for a period of time that far exceeds the natural hair due to the strong follicles in the donor area and resistance to genetic factors.

How is hair transplant in Turkey done?

The follicles are taken from the donor area and implanted in areas that need intensification or places of baldness.

How long does a hair transplant in Turkey take?

It takes an average of about 7 hours, depending on the number of follicles and the area of ​​the cultivated area, and it is sufficient to stay in Turkey for only 3 days.

What are the risks and damages of hair transplant in Turkey?

There are no harms or risks of hair transplant in Turkey, as it is very safe and simple, and anyone can perform it easily after telling the guide and the medical team all the details about your health condition.

Is it permissible to perform the operation for children?

Children who are not over the age of eighteen, it is preferable not to have the operation for them until they are 18 or 20 years old.

What are the reasons for the failure of the operation?

The process depends by 50 percent on the hospital, the doctors and the medical team, and the other 50 percent depends on the person himself and how to take care of himself and follow the instructions.

How much does a hair transplant cost (price) in Turkey?

The cost or price of a hair transplant in Turkey ranges between 1000 – 1200 euros, according to the technology used, the medical center.

And finally, you can contact the technical support team directly to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic about Hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair Transplant