Zirconium crowns in Turkey

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium crowns in Turkey is an option that can provide more durable and aesthetic results, especially compared to porcelain crowns. These crowns can be used to restore your teeth in a natural look manner and correct a variety of dental problems. Dental zirconium crowns can be applied for different purposes such as strengthening your teeth, correcting their color, closing the gaps between them or changing the shape and size of the teeth.


You can watch the stages of dental zirconium crowns in Turkey in the video below.

Types of dental crowns in Turkey

E-Max Dental Veneer: E-Max is a type of veneer similar to porcelain. It is known for being aesthetic and durable. It is a preferred option with its tooth color options and natural appearance.

Lumineers: Lumineers are veneers made from a thin and special porcelain layer. They are placed on the front surface of the teeth.

Veneers: Veneers are usually made of porcelain or composite materials. It is used in dental crowns. It provides a personalized smile with its color options.

Zirconium crowns process stages in Turkey

Examination and consulting: The first step is consulting with the dentist. The dentist determines your needs by consulting your teeth and evaluates whether you are suitable for zirconium crowns or not.

Tooth Preparation: Your teeth may need to be prepared for zirconium crowns. In this step, some of the teeth may need to be shaped and thinned before putting.

Impression step: Your dentist uses a special impression material to take impressions of the prepared teeth. These measurements are used for custom preparation of zirconium crowns in the laboratory. The measurements taken are sent to the laboratory.

Temporary crowns: Preparation of zirconium may take several days. During this time, temporary crowns may be placed on your teeth.

Bonding the crowns: After the zirconium are prepared in the laboratory, your dentist places them. Crowns are checked to ensure they fit correctly and are aesthetically pleasing and are then permanently bonded.

Final Checks: After the zirconium crowns are bonded, your dentist makes final checks to complete the process. It ensures that your teeth feel natural and fit in terms of biting, speaking and appearance.

Zirconium Dental crown in Turkey Istanbul

There are many options for zirconium crowns i n Turkey and other dental aesthetic applications in Istanbul. Zirconium dental crowns are a preferred method to provide an aesthetic appearance and obtain a durable dental restoration. Istanbul is one of the most preferred metropolitan cities with its clinics, hospitals and doctors who are experts in their fields. Additionally, Turkey and Istanbul have much more affordable prices compared to Europe and other countries.

Top of implant zirconium crowns in Turkey

Implant-supported zirconium crowns are placed on the implant, providing an appearance similar to natural teeth, and are known for their durability. These crowns make the implant-supported crowns more aesthetically natural and attractive. It differs from other zirconium only in shape. At the same time, due to its biocompatibility, the risk of allergy is low. The application of zirconium crowns on the top of the implants is customized according to the patient’s tooth structure, the condition of the implant and aesthetic expectations.

The Cost of Dental Zirconium Crowns in Turkey 2024

Zirconium Dental crown Prices in Turkey 2024 may vary depending on several factors. These prices may vary depending on factors such as the experience of the dentist, the quality of the materials used, the complexity of the treatment process, and the choice of clinic or hospital.

It is much more economically suitable compared to other countries. International dental corwns prices are on average between 1000 – 2000 euros per tooth. Zirconium dental veneer prices in Turkey are on average between 100 – 150 euros. The price of a dental zirconium at Turk Aesthetic is 100 – 130 euros.

Advantages of zirconium crown

  • It resembles a natural tooth with its aesthetic appearance.
  • It is the type of crown with the highest durability.
  • It is less likely to stain and yellow.
  • It is a substance compatible with the body.
  • It does not contain metal.

Disadvantages of zirconium crown

  • Depending on use, teeth may wear out over time.
  • There may be a possibility of cracking or breaking if used incorrectly or applying excessive force.
  • It can be used for many years if all the instructions given by the doctor are followed.

The best clinic performing dental zirconium crowns in Turkey

There are many dental hospitals and dental clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. Criteria are determined to choose the best among them;

  • Doctor’s experience and references
  • Techniques and technology used
  • Sterile conditions
  • Price

All these criteria should be evaluated by the individual and the most appropriate clinic should be preferred.

Differences between dental zirconium crowns in Turkey and veneers

  • Zirconium has a structure that covers the entire tooth. Veneers only cover the front surface of the teeth.
  • Since zirconium crowns are thicker, they are more durable than veneered teeth.
  • While zirconium teeth are preferred for large restorations, veneers are preferred for smaller changes.

Before and after zirconium dental crown in Turkey

Some before and after photos of the zirconium crowns in Turkey done by Turk Aesthetic in Istanbul, Turkey.

FAQ bout Zirconium crowns in Turkey

How many days should I stay for zirconium dental crowns in Turkey?

For zirconium crowns in Turkey, a person must stay for an average of 5 – 10 days in Istanbul, Turkey.

Is the zirconium crowns in Turkey a painful process?

Local anesthesia is used when dental crowns are made. No pain or ache is felt during the procedure.

What are the prices of zirconium crowns in Turkey in 2024?

The average cost of zirconium crowns in Turkey in 2024 is 100 – 130 euros per tooth.

On average, how many years are zirconium crowns used?

Dental crowns have an average warranty period of 10 years. In addition, when the teeth are well cared for, they can be used for many years.

Who can have zirconium crowns in Turkey?

Anyone over the age of 18 who suffers from the shape and color of their teeth can have dental zirconium crowns in Turkey.

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Zirconium Crowns