Dental Lumineers

Dental Lumineers

Dental Lumineers in Turkey

Dental lumineers in Turkey Istanbul comes at the top of the list of cosmetic dental treatment which is derived from the word Laminate Veneers that means (the thinned veneers). Lumineers are installed on the teeth to obtain a consistent and perfect shape of the smile after making sure that the case is suitable for the installation of Lumineers lenses.

Anesthesia Local 
Process Duration2 Hours 
ResultsImmediate – 10 years
Convalescence7 days 
Cost in Turk Aesthetic190 EUR per tooth
Dental lumineers in Turkey

How dental lumineers is done in Turkey?

Dental Lumineers is very similar to dental veneers in most of the steps, where the case is first examined and X-rays are taken after making sure that the case is suitable for the work of the Lumineers, and then the preparation of the teeth is started, the measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory to prepare the Lumineers lenses after choosing the appropriate shape and color for the natural teeth and in the last stage These lenses are permanently fitted.

Dental lumineers video in Turkey

In this short video you will see how Lumineers session works in Turkey

Dental lumineers in Turkey

Who can do dental lumineers in Turkey?

Anyone over 18 year old who is in good health and does not suffer from serious or infectious diseases is considered suitable for this procedure. The most important people suitable for dental Lumineers are:

  • Suffering from the irregular shape of the teeth.
  • Suffer from permanent yellowing of the teeth.

Who can not do dental lumineers in Turkey?

Dental Lumineers is suitable for a large segment of those who intend to have a distinctive and harmonious smile, and we may exclude some cases that may be classified as unsuitable for this procedure, such as:

  • They have contagious diseases.
  • They suffer from a perfect mismatch of the teeth.
  • They suffer from deep caries in the teeth.
  • They have previous dental crowns.
  • They suffer from significant receding gums.

The doctor who performs Lumineers

Dental Lumineers falls under the list of dental procedures, so the dentist is the only one authorized for this procedure and preferably with high experience in this field to obtain the desired results by patients. Turk Aesthetic advises its clients to choose the right doctor with high experience in this field and not to resort to a dental laboratory specialist in order to reduce the cost or other reasons, which may lead to future complications.

Anesthesia types used during the process

For each cosmetic or treatment procedure, a customized pattern is appropriate for the method of anesthesia that will be adopted during the procedure. In the case of dental Lumineers or cosmetic dental veneers, local anesthesia is used. Whereas, local anesthesia is sufficient in the case of dental veneers. In very rare cases, temporary anesthesia (sedation) may be used for patients who have a phobia of local anesthesia.

Lumineers procedure steps in Turkey Istanbul

The stages of dental Lumineers work will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs, starting with the first steps and ending with the last stages of the procedure:

Total Time: 7 days

Before the procedure

lumineer in Turkey

First, communication is made with the Turk Aesthetic team, and then the case is discussed with specialized doctors, and then an approximate initial plan is drawn up. This information is shared with the patient. When the patient visits the Turk Aesthetic clinic, some important personal and health information is taken, and radiographs are taken and the case is evaluated from New to make sure everything has been evaluated OK to start designing the Lumineers.

During the procedure

The number of teeth for which the patient intends to perform cosmetic Lumineers veneers is chosen, and then the teeth are prepared, and then the appropriate color and shape of the cosmetic lenses is chosen. Then, sizes and impressions of the teeth are taken to be sent to the laboratory to design Lumineers veneers, and after their processing, they are installed by the dentist during your stay in the clinic.

After the procedure

lumineer in Turkey

Like any procedure, you should pay attention as much as possible to the instructions given to you by the dentist and the Turk Aesthetic team to obtain as positive results as possible. In the event of any additional questions, you should not hesitate to contact the medical advisor to obtain the necessary support and advice.

Estimated Cost: 190 EUR

Before and After Dental Lumineers in Turkey

Here we will show you some before and after photos at Turk Aesthetic Clinic.

Instructions Aftercare Dental lumineers in Turkey

Each treatment or cosmetic procedure has its own instructions to obtain as positive results as possible. We will mention the most important instructions to be followed:

  • Follow the instructions given by the dentist and the Turk Aesthetic team with high accuracy.
  • Stay away from things that may cause sensitivity to the teeth or gums in the first days.
  • Refrain from using the teeth harshly while eating or in other cases.
  • Attention to the safety and health of the mouth by visiting the dentist periodically and regularly.
  • Brushing teeth daily at home.

Pros and Cons – Dental lumineers in Turkey

Here we will mention the most important pros and cons of dental Lumineerss:


One of the most important drawbacks that people who intend to have dental veneers may suffer is that it is very sensitive and you should pay attention during eating because misuse of these lenses may lead to a shortening of the lifespan of these lenses, or using the teeth in the wrong way may lead to their fracture.


One of the most important advantages that a person may obtain after performing cosmetic dental veneers, or as they are called dental lenses, is to get rid of the inconsistent shape of the teeth and get a whiter color within a very short period. One of the most important advantages is that it does not require teeth to a large extent, which is similar to mine in the case of normal veneers.

Dental lumineers in Turkey side effects

The side effects resulting from the work of dental Lumineers lenses are very simple and sensitivity may occur rarely in the gums and disappear during the first days. There may also be some redness in the gum area or a slight itch while eating or drinking in the first few days only.

Dental lumineers in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey today, especially Istanbul, is one of the most famous tourist and medical destinations at the same time, which is intended by many of the Arab and European world for the purpose of either tourism or treatment. Istanbul.

Dental Lumineers cost in Turkey

The cost is determined by several factors, the most important of which are:

  • Teeth number
  • The quality
  • Doctor’s experience.
  • The reputation of the hospital or clinic.
  • Accompanying services provided within the treatment package.

The cost is suitable for a large segment of people compared to prices in other Arab and foreign countries. In Turk Aesthetic the cost per tooth is 190 euro.

FAQ 🦷 – Dental lumineers in Turkey

What is the difference between Lumineers and Veneer?

Lumineers are considered to be less thick than veneers, which requires less tooth sculpting than veneers.

What materials are used to make dental lumineers in Turkey?

Zircon and Emax are used as basic materials for making Lumineers lenses.

How long does the dental lumineers in Turkey take?

it takes 5-7 days to work.

How many visits does a patient need for a dental lumineers in Turkey?

The patient needs about 3 intermittent visits to the dental clinic to get the full dental Lumineers completed.

Does Lumineers cause unpleasant odors?

No it doesn’t cause any unpleasant odors because it has a very thin crust.

What is the cost of dental Lumineers work?

The cost varies according to the material from which the Lumineers is made, such as zirconia or Emax.

What is the cost of dental lumineers in Turkey?

The cost at Turk Aesthetic is 190 euros.

Does the work of Lumineers cause pain?

No it doesn’t cause any significant pain and it’s a very simple procedure.

Turk Aesthetic team is all time is ready to answer your questions you for more details please contact us .

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