Urinary incontinence treatment in Turkey

Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Urinary incontinence treatment in Turkey can vary based on the type and severity of urinary incontinence a person is experiencing. While it can lead to a loss of self-confidence, it simultaneously negatively impacts a person’s quality of life. Treatment generally involves one or more methods and is determined based on the doctor’s recommendations. In this article, we will discuss treatment methods and urinary incontinence surgery.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment Methods:

1. Kegel Exercises: Kegel exercises can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. They can be performed under the guidance of a physiotherapist and may assist in treating various types of urinary incontinence.

2. Medications: Some medications, especially those for treating involuntary urinary incontinence, can increase control over bladder muscles or reduce overactivity of the bladder.

3. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy applied by a physiotherapist involves specific exercises to strengthen and control pelvic floor muscles. This can be effective in treating stress incontinence and mixed incontinence.

4. Electrostimulation: Electrostimulation devices can be used to stimulate pelvic floor muscles, aiding in muscle strengthening.

5. Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injections: In some cases, botulinum toxin injections can be used to treat urge incontinence. These injections can relax bladder muscles, enhancing control.

6. Urinary Incontinence TOT Surgery: Surgery may be considered for more severe cases of urinary incontinence or when other treatments are not effective.

7. Urinary Incontinence Products: Products such as pads, clothing items, and incontinence materials are available for individuals experiencing urinary incontinence.

8. Fractional Laser: Recently, Fractional laser technology has been advanced in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul. Fractional laser, used in various treatment methods, is preferred for women experiencing urinary incontinence. This simple and short process allows individuals to return to their daily lives immediately afterward.

Doctors Performing Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Turkey:

This procedure is performed by obstetricians and gynecologists for women and urologists for men. A doctor in a different field cannot perform this procedure. To achieve good results, it is essential to choose a successful doctor and medical center in the field.

Urinary Incontinence TOT Surgery in Turkey

In Turkey, TOT surgery is considered a highly effective method for urinary incontinence treatment, specifically stress incontinence that occurs during activities such as coughing, sneezing, and laughing. It gives successful results for many patients. The goal of the procedure is to support and control the urethra by placing a special tape.

Procedure Stages Urinary incontinence treatment in Turkey:

Total Time: 20 minutes


The doctor conducts a detailed examination and performs all necessary tests.

During the Procedure:

General or spinal anesthesia is used. The doctor then makes a small incision and places the tape to support the pelvic floor muscles, aiming to fix the urethra and eliminate urinary incontinence. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.


The individual should stay overnight in the hospital. It is crucial to follow the doctor’s instructions and use medications regularly.

Estimated Cost: 2200 Euro

Advantages Urinary incontinence treatment in Turkey:

  • Improved quality of life.
  • Reduction in urinary tract infections.
  • Increased self-confidence.


  • If performed by non-specialists, the results may be unsuccessful.
  • Additional side effects may happen in some patients’ cases.
  • Each treatment is individualized, and not everyone may achieve the same successful result, especially in laser and exercise therapies.

Side Effects:

  • Mild pain and a burning sensation after the surgery.
  • Infection may occur if not cared for properly.
  • Vaginal discharge may occur for a few days after fractional laser treatment.

Cost Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Turkey:

Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Turkey requires doctors with experience in the field.

It is always advisable to choose a trusted medical center to ensure expertise and sterilization.

The cost of urinary incontinence treatment in Turkey depends on the technique used.

  • Fractional Laser: 500 Euro.
  • Urinary Incontinence TOT Surgery in Turkey: 2200 Euro.

FAQs – Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Turkey

Is urinary incontinence treatment with fractional laser painful?

No, laser treatment is provided with personalized intensity levels, lasting approximately 20 minutes. The patient can immediately return to daily life.

How many days does it take to recover from urinary incontinence TOT surgery in Turkey?

All side effects disappear within 7-10 days.

What causes urinary incontinence problems?

Pelvic floor muscles support the bladder and urethra, controlling urine. These muscles may weaken as a result of aging or reasons such as pregnancy, childbirth, and excessive weight gain.

Can urinary incontinence treatment be done with laser?

Yes, it can be done with laser, but the doctor must first examine and evaluate the condition. If the patient is suitable for laser treatment, it can be performed.

What is the difference between Urinary Incontinence Treatment and surgery?

With laser treatment, an immediate return to daily life is possible, and there is no need to stay in the hospital. Surgery requires an overnight stay, and recovery is achieved within 7-10 days.

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Urinary Incontinence Treatment