Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal in turkey

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Turkey Istanbul is a simple procedure to remove unwanted hair from some areas of the body and can be applied all over the body, whether the face or chest for men and women, passing through the sensitive areas of both sexes, ending with the hands and feet.

Where specialists in Istanbul Turkey recommend a monthly session 8 times to obtain a permanent result, some may need to repeat it afterwards if necessary, taking into account the details of each case separately.

Procedure durationDepends on body area (Approx. 15 minutes per area)
Results AppearanceGradual with the completion of sessions numbers
Sessions number6 – 12 sessions depend on body Hair density
Continuity of results1 year then hair will appears slightly and sporadically need 1 session to get rid of it
ConvalescenceNo need
Turk Aesthetic CostFull body female between 130-150 euros Full body male between 180-200 euro
Laser hair removal in Turkey

How Laser Hair Removal Session Perform in Turkey

Hair may appear in unwanted areas in women, or hair growth on the body of men may be thick and exaggerated. Which calls for a solution to this problem away from traditional methods that are harmful such as sharp tools or are painful such as the use of wax. With the development of the use of laser, laser hair removal has become one of the most important solutions offered due to several reasons, including:

  • Ease of use away from annoying traditional methods.
  • The speed of the procedure so that a laser hair removal session does not exceed fifteen minutes.
  • There is no need for many sessions compared to traditional hair removal methods. Having one session per month gives great results to get rid of unwanted hair.
  • With the continuity of laser hair removal sessions for a whole year, it helps to prevent hair from appearing in unwanted places for a long time.

Video – Laser Hair Removal in Turkey

You can watch the hair removal process in detail in the video below.

Laser hair removal in Turkey

Laser Hair Removal Body Area

Laser sessions are performed for many areas of the body for both men and women. We mention here the most important areas for which laser hair removal sessions are performed.

  • face area.
  • armpit.
  • the shoulder.
  • Back and back area.
  • Genital areas.
  • chest.
  • stomach.
  • Bikini area.
  • Feet and hands.

Who is eligible for Laser Hair Removal in Turkey Istanbul

The laser hair removal procedure is simple and does not require conditions for its implementation. Both sexes, men and women over the age of 18, can apply it on the body, and this procedure is suitable for anyone who suffers from excessive hair growth and wants to get rid of unwanted hair permanently and without pain instead of temporary painful methods And traditional, and does not have any skin disease.

Not eligible for Laser Hair Removal

Like any other procedure, there are some people who prefer not to resort to laser sessions in the following cases:

  • Men and women with any skin disease.
  • cancer patients.
  • pregnant women.
  • People with cuts, infections, cuts or irritated areas.
  • People exposed to intense sunlight or tanned after being in the sun.
  • cancer patients.
  • People with hormonal disorders.
  • For hypopigmentation patients whose melanin skin pigmentation has diminished or completely disappeared.

Who performs Laser Hair Removal Session at Turk Aesthetic

It should be performed by dermatologists or a cosmetologist who is skilled in laser equipment and under the supervision of a physician in a beauty center or cosmetic doctor’s clinic. It has recently been noticed that it has been started by people who had no training for this job and without certification in many beauty salons.

As a result of the process carried out by people who do not know how to use medical devices, it may cause health problems, and in particular the problem of burns is one of the most common problems for that, as for health, the person must conduct a thorough research before starting to choose the right place for hair removal. It must be under sterile conditions in a clinical or hospital environment and must be performed by experts at the same time.

Instructions Before laser hair removal in Turkey

  • The area must be shaved with a razor for one day only, and if a razor blade is used, the shaving must be done two days before the date of the session.
  • Not to use traditional hair removal methods such as waxing or others during the procedure.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible, and if this occurs, it is preferable to use sunscreen.
  • Avoid sunbathing, tanning, solariums, or saunas.
  • Do not use creams, chemicals or cosmetics immediately before the hair removal procedure.
  • Inform the center or doctor of any skin diseases or health information related to the patient.

Laser hair removal in Turkey Steps

The laser hair removal session goes through three stages:

Total Time: 20 minutes

Before the session

The beautician, under the doctor’s recommendation or his direct supervision, examines the areas of the body that the person wants to get rid of unwanted hair. Is the length of the hair suitable for laser removal? It is ensured that the skin surface is free of any sensitivity or wounds. After that, the appropriate device is selected for the person who wants to conduct the session.
Skin color is taken into account in choosing the appropriate device to avoid any unwanted complications (skin burns).

During the session

After applying the lubricating and moisturizing gel to the skin (according to the type of device used), the laser light is shed on the hair follicles to be disposed of so that the laser light is absorbed by the follicles, which continuously leads to the destruction of the hair follicles permanently to ensure that it does not grow again.
The session lasts between 10-45 minutes, according to the area of ​​the body from which the hair is to be removed. For a full body session, the session lasts between 60 – 80 minutes.

After the session

You can notice the results immediately after the hair removal session, with some minor symptoms:
Minor redness and itching that disappear automatically after a short period (you can use a moisturizing cream).
The results do not last for a long time, but the hair reappears after a period of two months, so the session must be repeated if you want to get more permanent results with time.
Before and after laser hair removal
To find out the effect of hair removal on hair, you can review the photos before and after hair removal below.

Estimated Cost: 190 EUR

Before and after laser hair removal in Turkey

To see the effect of laser hair removal in Turkey, you can review the before and after photos below.

Instructions After the session

  • Do not expose the treated areas to direct sunlight for the first few days.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • In order to achieve permanent results, sessions must be attended regularly, otherwise the process will be lengthy and negatively affect the desired results.
  • To avoid skin irritation, skin cleaning procedures such as exfoliation or rubbing should not be performed.

Laser hair removal in Turkey advantages

  • Provides permanent hair removal when you go to sessions regularly.
  • Instead of the difficult and painful traditional methods, it simply provides painless hair removal.
  • It allows the removal of ingrown spots on the skin.
  • It provides you with smooth and beautiful skin.
  • When using a cold laser, this procedure can be performed in summer and winter.

Laser hair removal in Turkey disadvantages 

  • The process may cause spots to appear on the skin.
  • In the application performed on darker skin, there may be lightening of the skin tone.
  • If people who have not completed puberty do this, the laser is ineffective.
  • In beauty centers, if it is performed by people who are not experts in the job, there may be burns on the skin, so it is necessary to research the center and the people who do the procedure.

Laser hair removal in Turkey side Effects

There are some side effects that can occur, such as:

  • minor bruising;
  • mild redness of the skin;
  • Slight change in skin color.
  • swelling.
  • Itch.

These symptoms disappear shortly after the operation. In the event of an unexpected situation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Laser hair removal in Turkey for men

Recently, not only women want to perform hair removal but men also prefer men who practice bodybuilding and take care of their appearance. Males are dark in color and have thick hair. So the number of sessions varies from person to person.

Also, the number of sessions varies according to the number of areas to be treated, the session takes from 5 to 10 minutes in small areas, and 30 – 35 minutes in large areas. Sessions vary between 6-8 sessions depending on the density of the hair.

Hair removal in Turkey provides men with comfortable, painless and permanent results. In regards to the cost per session of hair removal for men, it ranges between 180-200 euros.

Laser Hair Removal for men in turkey
Laser Hair Removal for men in turkey

Laser Hair Removal Devices Type

Alexandrite Laser

The Alexander Wright device is the new generation of the satin laser Litronic 755, which is highly advanced and technical, as it has important advantages that distinguish it from the traditional laser device, among its advantages:

  • Fast compared to other devices. It features a head with a diameter of 20 mm, which makes it cover a larger area of ​​​​the skin and thus shortens the time of the session.
  • Very high efficacy.
  • Its heat is very light on the skin and does not hurt compared to other devices.
  • There is no contact between the skin and the device with a slight distance between them.
Alexandrite laser in turkey
Alexandrite laser in turkey

Soprano Ice 

This advanced device uses a laser beam with a wavelength of 808 nanometers that is sent to the hair follicles, destroying the hair roots at deeper levels than other types of lasers.

There are a lot of advantages compared to other laser systems:

  • It can be applied throughout the four seasons, which is a unique feature.
  • Shortening session time as a larger area is targeted.
  • Less painful and harmful to the skin.
  • Minimize dry skin irritation.

This device is used to remove hair for people with white skin and blond hair. It also accompanies the use of the soothing gel for the skin before the session.

There is contact between the skin and the device so that there is no space between them, and this is one of the reasons for using the gel before the procedure, unlike the Alexandrite device.

Soprano ice in turkey
Soprano ice in turkey

Laser Hair Removal in Turkey Istanbul

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Laser Hair Removal Cost in Turkey Istanbul

There are many criteria that control the cost of laser hair removal in Istanbul, which we summarize as follows:

The area of ​​the body on which the hair removal procedure will be applied, for example, the face area is less expensive than the area of legs.

The cost determination affects the cosmetic center itself. There are centers that use professional and reliable experts, compared to other centers that use therapists who lack competence and experience.

It is worth noting that the cost of a full-body hair removal session is lower compared to the cost of hair removal for several areas combined.

At Turk Aesthetic, the cost of full-body hair removal for men is 180 euros, and the cost of full-body hair removal for women is 130 euros. The following is the cost for each area separately:

Body AreaMenWomen
Armpits 30 EUR30 EUR
Genital Areas80 EUR40 EUR
Face30 EUR30 EUR
Legs 40 EUR40 EUR
Back (with lower area)40 EUR40 EUR
Abdomen40 EUR40 EUR
Chest40 EUR40 EUR
Full Body180 EUR130 EUR
laser hair removal in Turkey

FAQ – Laser hair removal in Turkey

Does laser hair removal in Turkey cause cancer?

A common question and the answer is that lasers do not cause skin cancer so laser treatment does not use the same wavelengths of ultraviolet light as those found in sunlight (ie UVA and UVB) which are known to damage DNA in cells and cause skin cancer. That is, the rays of laser treatment devices (modified) do not cause any damage, therefore the laser does not cause cancer.

Does laser hair removal in Turkey affect pregnancy?

The laser does not cause any problems such as the inability to have children and infertility because the laser rays treat the surface layer of the skin and are 100% safe.

Does laser hair removal in Turkey bleach the area?

Laser hair removal devices are different from the laser devices used to bleach dark areas of the skin. With another answer, only unwanted hair can be removed during a laser hair removal session, and bleaching the area has nothing to do with the procedure.

Is laser hair removal harmful?

Laser beams are treated and modified and do not cause any harm to the skin. The laser session may cause some redness in the skin after the session ends, and it quickly disappears.

Is laser hair removal in Turkey permanent?

After completing the required number of sessions in full, the results last for a year and then return to the hair to appear again, but in a simple and very small percentage, it can be removed in one session.

Is laser hair removal in Turkey painful?

The laser hair removal session does not cause any pain, and a topical cream can be applied to people with sensitive skin before the procedure.

When will the results of laser hair removal in Turkey appear?

Gradually as the number of sessions required is completed.

What are the disadvantages of laser hair removal in Turkey?

It is taken on the method of laser hair removal that one session is not enough for the results to appear, in addition to the time interval to be taken between sessions, which is 3 weeks at the very least, i.e. the time period is large to achieve and obtain results.

How many sessions are needed to get rid of hair permanently?

The number of sessions varies according to the density of hair on the body. Some people need only 6 sessions, and others 12 sessions.

Is there a recovery period after the laser hair removal session?

There is no recovery period after the procedure as it is possible to return directly to normal life.

What should be done after laser hair removal in Turkey?

It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It is preferable to use sunscreen and cool the skin with cold compresses.

Finally, you can contact our team directly to request information and prices from the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey Istanbul Aesthetics.