hymenoplasty in turkey


Hymenoplasty in Turkey Istanbul (Hymen reconstruction) is a surgical procedure performed by women who have lost their virginity with the aim of restoring their virginity as it was before marriage or before having sex. The goal of performing the hymen operation is to restore the bleeding that occurs to the woman during intercourse and to restore the vagina. A woman 

who is about to marry for the first time would like to complete this kind of procedure. It is a common procedure, especially in eastern societies, in order for the girl to regain her self-confidence when thinking of marriage.

AnesthesiaLocal – Sedation 
Operation duration45 Minutes
Return to daily activityOne Week
Sexual intercourseOne Month
Cost in Turk Aesthetic1000 – 1500 EUR
Hymenoplasty in Turkey

How is Hymenoplasty in Turkey performed?

The process of permanent hymen repair is one of the sensitive procedures that women feel embarrassed about when inquiring about it. Girls may have lost their membranes as a result of an assault or other things.

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Who are the eligible women for Hymenoplasty in Turkey?

  • Women who have damaged the hymen through intercourse.
  • Those over the age of 18.
  • Women whose hymen has been damaged as a result of any trauma.
  • The membrane can be restored after certain accidents.

Women who wish to have a hymen repair but under 18 years old must obtain parental consent or after consulting a doctor.

By whom is the hymen repaired?

The permanent hymen repair usually requires a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon, and it is better to recommend a plastic surgeon because his experience is higher. From a cosmetic point of view, choosing a plastic surgeon instead of a gynecologist may affect the cost slightly. It is best to perform the operation in the hospital in a highly sterile clinical environment and some doctors perform this type of operation in the clinic due to its simplicity.

Anesthesia Types used in Hymenoplasty in Turkey

One of the most common questions before the process of permanent hymen repair and grafting is how the anesthesia will take place, and the answer is in the following lines:

Local Anesthesia

Local or local anesthesia is applied in the place of the body where the operation will be performed so that the vagina is anesthetized in the case of the hymen restoration procedure, and the patient does not sleep during the procedure, but remains awake, but there is no feeling of pain during the operation.

Sedation Anesthesia

In the case of choosing (temporary partial) anesthesia during the operation, the patient must abstain from food and drink for 6-8 hours before the operation in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the stomach (feeling sick) after the end of the operation. The patient sleeps for a short period of no more than 15 minutes after the anesthesia, so that the place of the operation (the vagina) is anesthetized during this short period in order to avoid the feeling of tingling pain.

Hymenoplasty in Turkey Steps

The hymenoplasty in Turkey process goes through three basic stages, which we will list in details in the following lines:

Total Time: 45 minutes

Before the operation

After the patient’s visit for the first examination, the doctor will ask some questions about the woman’s health, whether she suffers from any diseases or what kind of medicines she uses on a regular basis, when the woman loses her virginity.
On the other hand, any woman can ask all the questions on her mind in the first inspection. After that, the woman will be informed of the prohibitions that impede the procedure if she has a chronic disease, for example. Then the procedure can begin.

During Operation

hymenoplasty in turkey

The operating room will be prepared and the anesthesia will be prepared. After the anesthesia takes effect, the doctor starts the procedure, which only takes about 45 minutes. The woman does not feel any pain during the procedure and can be relaxed for an hour, including the procedure. The operation ends and the woman remains lying down until she feels the possibility of getting up and walking, and this period takes about 30-60 minutes.

After Operation

After the possibility of getting up and walking, the woman can leave the hospital without any problems, with full adherence to the doctor’s instructions, especially the walking path, which requires reducing the step to a lesser degree than usual so that the wound does not get damaged, especially in the first 3 days after the procedure. The woman adheres to taking pain relievers and anti-inflammatories for a week for ten days.
After the period has passed, the woman will visit the doctor again for a post-procedure inspection to check on the condition of the wound and the operation in general. During that period, the woman can communicate with the doctor in case she feels any worrisome side effects.

Estimated Cost: 1450 EUR

Instructions after Hymenoplasty in Turkey

  • After the operation is completed, the patient must avoid any sexual activity until the end of the recovery period determined by the doctor, after at least 1 month after the operation, the membrane has been completely healed.
  • Strenuous sports activities should be avoided for 2 to 3 months.
  • In the event of any pain or aches, you can use the analgesic medications that the doctor prescribes for you after the operation.
hymenoplasty in turkey
hymenoplasty in turkey

Before and After Hymenoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

You can see what it looks like before and after the permanent hymenoplasty in Turkey Istanbul in the image below.

hymenoplasty in turkey
hymenoplasty in turkey

Hymenoplasty Pros & Cons


  • After leaving the hospital, you can return to daily life because of the simplicity of the procedure.
  • Simple and risk free process.
  • The hymen is sutured painlessly.
  • Since self-dissolving stitches are used, there is no need to remove the stitches afterwards.
  • Unless intercourse is tried again, the results are lifelong.


  • Infection may occur if hygiene is not observed.
  • The healing of hymenoplasty in Turkey process takes a month to a month and a half sometimes.
  • Although this is rare, there may be no bleeding after intercourse.

Side Effects

The operation is simple and the possibility of symptoms is small. When any complications occur, it is necessary to consult a doctor. As for the side effects expected to occur after the operation, they are:

  • Simple numbness in the vaginal area.
  • Lack of feeling in the vagina.
  • Some bleeding may occur.
  • Tissue inflammation rarely occurs.

Sex After Hymenoplasty in Turkey

After the permanent hymen reconstruction, the doctor will inspect the procedure after one week, and sexual intercourse can be performed one month after the procedure. It can be taken into account that the process of hymen restoration cannot be seen to be performed either by the partner who will be cohabited or by the specialist doctor, in other words the woman appears to be a virgin and has not lost her virginity before.

Hymenoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey Istanbul is one of the most preferred places for hymen reconstruction or grafting. Istanbul is one of the most preferred cities thanks to its advanced technology, latest devices, methods, and successful doctors. It is preferred by many people from inside and outside Turkey as it closely follows technology and includes the latest innovations compared to other countries.

And Turkey is a leading country in the field of medical tourism in general, as many people make daily trips to Turkey, especially to Istanbul, for tourist or recreational purposes as well as for plastic surgery.

Hymenoplasty cost in Turkey

The cost of the hymen restoration process in Istanbul Turkey cannot be fixed because of several things, the most important of which are:

  • The place of the operation if it is in the hospital or private clinics.
  • The name and experience of the doctor in his field affects the cost.
  • Hospital evaluation in Turkey.
  • The reputation of the medical center and the quality of services it provides to you.

In Turk Aesthetic Istanbul Turkey the cost of the permanent hymen restoration is 1000 – 1500 euros.

FAQ – Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Will the partner notice that the girl has lost her virginity before (and underwent the reconstructive procedure)?

If the operation is performed by a highly experienced doctor, neither the partner nor the doctor will notice that the girl has lost her virginity before and underwent a restoration procedure. It is a new opportunity to feel the confidence of Virgo.

How is hymenoplasty in Turkey performed?

The repair process for the membrane is very easy. The specialist tightens the ends of the perforated membrane with special tools and then sews them with a small surgical suture, and then leaves a small opening in the middle of the vagina.

Who is the authorized doctor to perform hymen repair?

Hymen repair surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon and a gynecologist and obstetrician.

How long does the hymen reconstruction process take?

After the local anesthesia operation, the operation time takes from 40 minutes to about an hour.

Does the patient need a hospital for the operation?

A person can perform a permanent hymen reconstruction in a sterile environment such as a hospital or a doctor’s office.

How long does the patient need to rest after the procedure?

The patient does not need a recovery period after the permanent hymen operation. She can return to her daily life normally, but it is preferable not to have intercourse until at least 4 weeks after the operation, and here the recovery process is complete.

Is it possible to perform hymenoplasty in Turkey more than once?

Yes, the hymen can be sutured more than once, but the frequency of the operation may affect the degree of success of the procedure.

How long can exercise after the hymen?

Light sports can begin after a week, and heavy sports after a month.

Is there a relationship between the time of loss of the hymen and the operation?

Regardless of the time, a person can have this surgery whenever they want even if it has been a long time since they had intercourse for the first time.

How long is the temporary hymen transplant before marriage?

This can be done 30 days before the wedding. The healing process should be expected when the stitches are removed.

Is there any risk or pain from hymenoplasty in Turkey?

As long as there is interest in cleaning after surgery, there will be no infection, and there will be no risk as a result.

Is hymen repair legal in Turkey?

Yes this is legal. Any woman over the age of 18 can have this procedure as desired.

And finally you can contact the Turk Aesthetic team directly via the link to request information and prices.