DHI Technique in Turkey

DHI Technique in Turkey

DHI technique in Turkey

DHI technique in Turkey is an acronym for “Direct Hair Implantation” or what is known as the Choi Pen technique for hair transplantation. The DHI technique is an evolution and extension of the FUE technique, where it is done in the same way as the previous operation, with a small difference that makes the difference, which is the use of DHI pens to place the follicles!

Anesthesia Local
Procedure duration4- 8 Hours
Results Lifetime – Gradually 
Recovery Period5 Days
Turk aesthetic Cost1200 EUR
DHI technique in Turkey

How is the DHI technique performed?

  • First, the doctor begins by determining the density of the client’s hair.
  • Determining the places where hair transplantation is required, as well as the required hair density in that area.
  • Using the pen, we begin to draw boundaries for the place of hair transplantation (the forehead line). This varies from person to person to suit the features of the face, and this is also done based on the client’s recommendations.
  • The next step is to determine the dimensions of the donor area for hair, and the donor area is the area from which the hair follicles that will be transplanted are taken.
  • Now the anesthesia stage begins, the donor area is completely anesthetized using the anesthesia machine without pain.
  • The best hair follicles located in the donor area are identified, which are the follicles that contain three or more hairs.
  • Using a micrograph motor device, the best follicles are extracted from the donor area.
  • Micrograph device is a device with a small diameter between (0.7: 0.9 mm) and is used to separate and extract hair follicles from the scalp without leaving a trace.
DHI Technique in Turkey

Note that | All the previous steps are similar to most hair transplant techniques, but now the difference comes through the following steps:

  • In the DHI technique in Turkey, hair follicles are not placed outside the head for more than 1 minute!
  • Rather, the process of transplanting the follicle in the head is done immediately after picking it up using a DHI pen, and this is done within a few seconds.
  • For this reason, the success rate of hair transplant operations using the DHI technique in Turkey reaches 100%.
  • In just one session, using the DHI technique in Turkey, we can transplant more than 7000 hair follicles.
  • The transplanted hair grows between two to four months after the operation.
  • After that, the client begins to notice rapid positive developments, and when the client reaches a period of 11 months after completing the hair transplantation process, the phase of hair density begins.

What is DHI choi pen?

  • They are called pens because they look exactly like a pen, but at the end there is a hollow needle. These pens are used to grow follicles inside the scalp.
  • The size of the diameter of the DHI pens is very small (about 1 mm), and accordingly, using this technique, 80 follicles can be grown per square centimeter.
  • As another result of the small diameter of the DHI pens, they do not leave any trace at all. These pens enable us to make very small holes and plant the follicles with them. These holes do not have a trace after two hours at most.

DHI technique in Turkey advantages 

  • Provides the customer with the ease of returning to social life quickly.
  • Unlike other techniques, using DHI, the client is not obligated to shave the hair in the area where the hair transplant will be performed.
  • The transplanted hair looks natural and cannot be noticed; This is because the transplanted follicles are placed in a certain direction based on the hair structure.
  • As a result of using the DHI micro pens, there is no bleeding.
  • A non-surgical operation, with no suturing or other operations.. Only transferring hair follicles from the donor area to the hair transplantation area.

Who can perform DHI 

  • Hair transplantation is a simple process that is not hindered by many reasons, and this is clearly shown in the following…!
  • The DHI technique in Turkey is suitable for everyone who suffers from hair loss or baldness with various causes.
  • Hair transplantation using DHI is suitable for all parts of the body, not limited to the scalp.
  • It is used in the cultivation or intensification of beard hair for men or to solve the problems of mustache spaces.
  • For women, they can transplant eyebrow hair.
  • Diabetics can undergo the operation, but on condition that the sugar is regular.
  • All of the above are required to be over 18 years old.

Who can not perform DHI

The reasons for the difficulty of performing a hair transplant do not differ much according to the technique used, the following are the most important reasons that prevent the operation..!

  • If you have poor hair density in the donor area.
  • Those who have skin diseases in the hair transplantation area.
  • Diabetes patients in advanced stages.
  • People with advanced heart disease.
  • Those who have diseases transmitted through blood.
  • People with acute kidney failure or liver disease.
  • Severe anemia patients.

Before DHI hair transplantation 

Here are some tips that the client must abide by before performing the DHI hair transplant procedure..

  • Tell your doctor if you have a chronic disease, or have recently taken medications.
  • Refrain from taking aspirin or blood thinners in general.
  • You must abstain from smoking and alcoholic beverages before the operation.
  • Do not overeat the night before the operation.

After DHI hair transplantation 

  • Avoid standing directly in the sun.
  • Sexual intercourse or any physical exertion that may cause perspiration is not recommended.
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages for a period specified by your doctor.
  • Avoid using hairspray or dyes.
  • Do not shave, either with scissors or with an electric clipper.
  • Keep the area where the hair transplant was done.

DHI before and after photos in Turkey

Here are some pictures of DHI hair transplantation operations that took place at the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, Istanbul.

DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey Istanbul

Hair transplantation using the DHI technique in Turkey requires accuracy and modern techniques; Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a center or hospital that has the best experience, safety, and sterilization.

The price of an operation varies according to the area in which hair transplantation is required, and prices are determined during the first session at the center. The average DHI hair transplant procedure in Turkey, Istanbul, is about 1200 euros.

FAQ | DHI technique in Turkey

What is the difference between FUE technique and DHI technique in Turkey?

The difference between the FUE technique and the DHI technique in Turkey is the technique used to transplant the hair follicles.
Using the FUE technique, follicle channels are opened in the scalp first and then the donor follicles are placed in those channels, which may cause bleeding.
As for using the DHI technique in Turkey, the follicles are placed directly using DHI pens, and therefore it is considered faster and more efficient.

Is hair transplantation using DHI technique in Turkey painful?

The short answer is no; Where anesthesia is used and the operation is performed using Choi pens..
They are pens that give good control over the angles and directions of the hair follicles that are being transplanted, which gives the hair a natural look consistent with facial features!

What is the success rate of hair transplantation in Turkey?

There are many factors that affect the success rate of hair transplantation.
If you perform the operation in one of the reliable and experienced centers that have distinguished medical staff, the success rate of the operation will certainly increase.
Thanks to the distinguished medical staff and the latest technologies available at Turk Aesthetic Istanbul, the success rate of hair transplant operations exceeds 95%!

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