dental bridge in turkey

Dental Bridge in Turkey

Dental bridge in Turkey Istanbul, where the beauty and consistency of the teeth are very important for a person to have an attractive smile that gives self-confidence, especially when speaking or dealing with people.

The loss of teeth or the occurrence of some defect negatively affects all of this, as well as problems in the chewing process that affect the movement of the rest of the teeth in the mouth.

Dental bridges in Turkey are here to solve and completely eliminate these problems to help you get healthy and beautiful looking teeth.

What is a dental bridge in Turkey?

The process of replacing missing teeth in the mouth by using the so-called dental bridge, which consists of one or many artificial teeth in place of the lost teeth.

These teeth are fixed on both sides by using crowns on the teeth before and after the missing teeth. The teeth that rest on them are called abutments.

Bridges are made of different materials such as: gold and porcelain, but porcelain is more prevalent because of its compatibility with natural teeth, so the appearance becomes better.

Quick Information about dental bridge in Turkey

Anesthesia Local
Results continuously 10 – 15 years
Process Duration 2 Hours
Stay in Turkey 5 days 
Convalescence No Need
Cost 500 – 1000 EUR 
Dental Bridge in Turkey

Steps of dental bridge in Turkey

The installation is often done in two sessions or two visits to the specialist doctor.

Total Time: 5 days

First visit

The dentist prepares the abutment teeth adjacent to the gap of the missing teeth.
The doctor determines the shape and size of the teeth to suit the size of the crowns, by removing the layer that covers the teeth called enamel, then the doctor identifies the shape to be implemented for the artificial teeth that have the entire dental bridge, including the false teeth and crowns.
Send the information to the lab, which will carry out the manufacturing process.
However, when the manufacturing process takes place, the doctor installs a temporary dental bridge to protect the jaw and gums from infections and pollution.

Second visit

The doctor uses a local anesthetic to make the patient feel more comfortable.
Removing the temporary bridge and placing the permanent bridge made of porcelain or any other metal.
The dentist adjusts the bridge to match the shape and size of the teeth in the jaw.
There may be further visits to maintain and ensure the bridge is suitable for the mouth.

Estimated Cost: 130 EUR

Video for dental bridge in Turkey

Turk Aesthetic Center has extensive experience in the field of dentistry, and is considered one of the best centers around the world.

Here is a video of one of the dental bridge operations in Turkey that we performed at Turk Aesthetic in Istanbul.

Dental bridge in Turkey

When do you need to install a dental bridge in Turkey?

Dental bridges in Turkey are suitable for a wide variety of situations and certainly all include missing teeth.

 If you need to have a tooth extracted because of decay, or the tooth is beyond repair due to an injury or accident, or if there is gum disease in the mouth, you will need to close the left opening.

Before and after dental bridge in Turkey

Certainly, before installation, you face problems in the external appearance of the teeth and also in terms of health or safety, suffer from some pain in the gums or in the teeth, and smells as well.

After installation, you notice that the shape is much better, even the color of the teeth is very similar to natural or completely similar.

In terms of health and safety, the pain disappears, whether in the gums or in the teeth.

Here are pictures of some of the cases that were performed at the Turk Aesthetic in Istanbul before and after the installation of a dental bridge in Turkey.

Dental bridge types in Turkey

Naturally, the types differ according to each case, and it is possible according to the patient’s desire.


The most common and used when there are natural teeth next to the gap resulting from the installation of a dental bridge.

It consists of one or more false teeth that are supported by crowns.


Similar to the traditional, crowns are placed on one tooth next to the gap created by the installation of a dental bridge that was lost.


It is similar and different with the traditional bridge, it is similar in the way it works because it needs natural teeth on both sides of the resulting gap, but it differs because it does not use crowns to fix the bridge on the supporting teeth and depends on a frame of a metal material such as porcelain.

Supported by Implant

The most stable type and lasts for a long time in the mouth, the installation of the bridge requires implants instead of crowns, and usually one implant is made for each dental bridge installation, and this bridge can be held by the false tooth between two implants.

Dental bridge benefits in Turkey

  • Replacing missing teeth with non-removable replacements.
  • Improving oral functions such as chewing.
  • Sunken cheeks do not appear due to tooth loss.
  • Beautiful appearance, similar to natural teeth.

Dental bridge shapes in Turkey

Fixed and mobile depending on the patient’s condition, the condition of the mouth, and the availability of the teeth that support the bridges.

Fixed bridge

  • The most stable types in the mouth are directly attached to the jaw by means of implants.
  • Preserving the structure of the teeth.
  • Long term solution for owners of missing teeth.
  • Bridges give a natural shape with the rest of the teeth and look very natural.
  • Feeling self-confident while talking or eating.
dental bridge in turkey
dental bridge in turkey

Movable bridge

  • Similar to a Maryland bridge in that it is based on the installation of a false dental bridge between two natural teeth.
  • It is used to replace the front teeth only.
  • Easy to take off either when sleeping or for cleaning.
  • It is possible for these bridges to move from their place and become unsuitable or not take the position of the teeth in the mouth, making this cause the accumulation of food under them and also cause cavities and bad breath in the mouth.
dental bridge in turkey
dental bridge in turkey

Dental bridge materials in Turkey

Most of the time, dental bridges are made of porcelain because they have characteristics similar to natural teeth, whether in color, texture and shape, but they are prone to cracking.

A dental bridge may be made of some metals, such as gold, to withstand the force of dental pressure. It is striking and most people do not prefer it because it is very different from the shape or color of natural teeth.

Zirconia dental bridge in Turkey

It is considered the best choice in the manufacture of dental bridges due to its pressure tolerance and the fact that it is difficult to break or damage.

It consists of zirconium oxide, and it is one of the types of ceramics intended for dental implants.

It is distinguished by its hardness and it is perfectly consistent with the shape and color of natural teeth, and this ensures that the body will not have any negative reaction to the bridge, making it the best choice for those who suffer from metal sensitivity.

Dental bridge advantages in Turkey

  • Good shape of the teeth and a beautiful smile without spaces.
  • Maintaining the shape of the face and jaw
  • Better performance of the chewing process.
  • Keep the other teeth in the right places.
  • Eliminate pronunciation problems and letter exits, especially the front teeth bridge because it greatly affects most letters.

Disadvantages of a dental bridge in Turkey

  • Its efficiency is not equivalent to dental implants, implants have more rigidity.
  • You may need to replace the dental bridge after a while, the implanted teeth last the rest of life.
  • The metal bridge can be protruding and cause embarrassment to its owner.

Side Effects 

  • A dental bridge that is not well fixed causes tooth decay, due to the accumulation of food under the crowns, so it is very important to keep the bridge clean constantly.
  •  A bridge may damage the teeth adjacent to it, because it becomes rough over time, and this affects and damages the enamel of the adjacent teeth.
  • Bridges sometimes cause gum disease, but regular brushing prevents any of these things from happening.
  • Bridges may break and are the most common dental bridge problem, so it is possible to avoid eating solid foods on the part where the bridge is installed.
  • Pain under a bridge is normal, but it is not normal for this pain to last for long periods, so it is necessary to go to your doctor when you continue to feel pain.

Dental bridge cost in Turkey

The cost of dental bridge in Turkey, Istanbul, vary according to the quality used, such as zircon or porcelain, and usually range from 500 – 1000 EUR on average.

FAQ –  Dental bridge in Turkey

How long is the lifespan of a dental bridge?

The age of the bridge ranges between 10: 15 years or possibly more, but if you maintain it well by paying attention to oral hygiene and maintaining periodic visits to follow up with the doctor.

Is the installation of a dental bridge painful?

Dental implants are not painful because the doctor uses anesthesia to prevent you from feeling pain.
In the first days, the patient may suffer from pain, but it gradually subsides, but if it continues, consult your doctor.

Does a dental bridge cause odor?

Bridges do not cause an odor, but over time the adhesives may begin to wear away or the gums may recede.
It is possible to avoid this by following up regularly with the doctor or by committing to cleaning the mouth on a regular basis.

What is the way to take care of a dental bridge in Turkey?

Abstain from smoking.
Avoid all ice cubes in drinks.
Use a dental protector in some cases.

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Dental Bridge in Turkey