Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns in Turkey Istanbul are artificial teeth that surround the original teeth in order to add an aesthetic touch as well as better dental functionality.

It is always advisable to search for a reliable medical center; Therefore, to ensure the quality of fixtures and sizes, as well as sterilization, and to ensure the health of customers.

Anesthesia Local
Session duration30 minutes per tooth
Session numbers2 – 3 sessions
ResultsImmediate, Lasting for 15 years
Turk Aesthetic Cost 130 EUR
Quick Info | Dental crowns in Turkey

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Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns in Turkey Istanbul

Some people confuse two different operations, namely, (the installation of a dental crown) and (the veneers of the dental plates). It completely surround the tooth on all sides, which does not happen in dental veneers. As a result of enclosing the crown on the teeth on all sides, this gives us the possibility to make multiple adjustments.

Dental restorations types in Istanbul

  • Dental veneers.
  • Restoration using a composite mixture.
  • Dental crown installation.

The ways to restore teeth in Turkey

  • Among all types of dental restorations, crowns are clearly superior…especially in strength and durability.
  • The installation of dental crowns in Turkey Istanbul is famous for its quality and professionalism, the life of the crown on the tooth reaches more than 15 years without the need to change it!

Dental crowns in Istanbul | Turk Aesthetic

  • Dental crowns in Turkey are produced in the laboratories of every beauty center, hospital or doctor’s office.
  • The materials used in manufacturing crowns at Turk Aesthetic Medical Center are unparalleled in quality and longevity; It is made of high quality materials that are durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • One of the methods of giving dental crowns in Turkey Istanbul, Turkey an aesthetic touch.. Crowns are usually made using materials that reflect light and maintain the same natural shape of the teeth.
  • So that it is not possible to notice the difference between healthy natural teeth and teeth with crowns!

Dental crowns types in Turkey

There are more than one type of crown, the type of each of them differs according to the different material used in its manufacture.

Metal crowns fused to porcelain (Porcelain)

  • In this type, two basic elements are used in the manufacture of crowns, silver and porcelain (porcelain).
  • The use of the silver element in order to give the crown durability and hardness to increase the functional aspect of the teeth, while maintaining the crown for the longest possible period of time.
  • In addition to using porcelain or porcelain to paint the crown of the tooth from the outside, it adds to the tooth the same natural shape of the teeth.
  • Porcelain and porcelain are usually used for back or side teeth and molars. 

Dental crowns in Turkey | Zirconium

  • This type is distinguished from others by the distinctive white color of the zircon material, which maintains its luster and luster throughout the period of its use, giving the best smile and aesthetic shape possible; Therefore, this type is used in the front teeth.
  • It consists of a mineral substance (retains hardness) immersed in molten porcelain (preserves the natural shape of the teeth).

Dental crowns using reasons

  1. The crown is placed over the tooth in order to strengthen it while adding an ideal aesthetic solution!
  2. Dental crowns in Turkey are one of the best cosmetic dentistry techniques; This is suitable in all cases.

A crown may be considered the best solution in the following cases:

  • deep caries;
  • Tooth discoloration.
  • If there are gaps or warps.
  • To hide the traces of dental restorations and repairs of all kinds.

There are a large number of types of dental restorations, but crowns are superior to all of them. This is because of its long life and its ideal shape. It is considered the best type of restoration, especially from an economic perspective.

Steps of dental crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns in Turkey Istanbul are usually installed within two short sessions..

Total Time: 5 days

The first session

During the first session, the doctor begins examining the teeth and determining the necessary restorations for each of them.
When the patient needs to install the crowns, the doctor starts imaging the teeth from all sides with a 360-degree camera.
Putting a paste inside the mouth with pressure on it; The doctor is able to get the exact shape of the jaw and teeth.
Then the doctor sends that paste to the laboratory of the medical center, where the dental crowns are manufactured.
In the event of gaps or others, the doctor places a temporary filling to preserve the teeth until the completion of the crown installation.

The second session

In the second session after the crowns are ready, the dentist starts preparing the teeth so that he can place the crown on them in an orderly manner. 

Estimated Cost: 130 EUR

Side Effects

  • The installation is a simple and safe matter that is widely spread in Turkey.
  • The patient does not feel any pain when installing the crowns, as the doctor uses local anesthesia.
  • The process of installing a tooth crown is simple and not cumbersome at all..
  • The installation requires only two sessions, the duration of one session is about 30 minutes only.
  • The process of producing the crowns in Turkey takes a period of time between one to four days as a maximum. 

Before and after dental crowns in Turkey

Below are some pictures before and after the dental crowns procedure in Turkey, which was completed at Turk Aesthetic in Turkey Istanbul.

Dental crowns cost in Turkey Istanbul

  • Dental crown procedure requires well-equipped laboratories and modern facilities.
  • Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a center or hospital that has the best experience, safety, and sterilization.
  • The price of the crowns in Turkey Istanbul ranges between 130 to 190 dollars (depending on the condition of the root).
  • To get the prices from Turk Aesthetic Medical, you can contact our technical staff via the link. Or visit our YouTube channel. 

Aftercare instructions

It is necessary to pay attention to brushing the teeth on a daily basis (at least twice a day), because.

Although the crown cannot be affected by decay, in cases of lack of attention to dental hygiene, the places where the crowns meet with other teeth may decay! 

FAQ – Dental crowns in Turkey

What is the difference between dental veneers and crowns?

Unlike dental restorations using dental veneers, crowns completely surround the tooth on all sides.
Which gives more advantages as you can easily make adjustments to the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the teeth.

Is the installation of crowns painful?

There is absolutely no pain when installing dental crowns in Turk Aesthetic, as the procedure is performed using local anesthesia.

How many sessions do I need for dental crowns in Turkey?

The number of crown installation sessions varies from case to case according to the number of teeth to be installed.
The average number of sessions is only two sessions per year, the first session for examination and taking tooth measurements and the other for the installation of crowns.
In some cases, a temporary crown may be installed before using the permanent crown, according to the specialist doctor’s vision.

For more information about Turk Aesthetic, you can contact the medical advisor via the following link.

Dental Crowns in Turkey