Brow lift in turkey

Brow Lift in Turkey

Brow lift in Turkey Istanbul is an aesthetic procedure that is performed to improve the shape of the eyebrows and widen the gap between the brow and the eye, to give the shape more beauty and attractiveness.

In addition, the higher and simpler shape of the outer part of the brow compared to the inner part gives the face a more beautiful appearance. Low eyebrows cause a tired and unhappy look on the face. This procedure is often accompanied by a facelift, and there are multiple techniques and methods for brow lift, including surgery and injections. Here is some quick information about the procedure:

Anesthesia General / Local
Process Duration2 Hours
Stay at hospital1 night in case of general anesthesia
ResultsImmediate / Lasting 5 – 10 years Approx.
Convalescence3-4 Days
Cost in Turk AestheticSurgery 2500-3500€ – threads 1500€ – Laser 500€ – Botox 200€
Brow Lift in Turkey

How is Brow Lift surgery performed in Turkey?

The Surgery performed under general anesthesia usually, the results of the surgery are radical and accurate compared to other techniques, and there is no need to repeat the procedure, as in cases of brow lifting by non-surgical methods, such as repeating a Botox session, for example. The cost of the surgical procedure is higher and its results are more permanent.

The skin is tightened by making incisions along the hairline, then the eyebrows are raised with permanent threads. As long as the stitches are on the hair roots, they will not be visible. In the case of general anesthesia, the person stays in the hospital for one night.

Brow Lift surgery video in Turkey

Brow Lift surgery techniques in Turkey

There are two types of brow lift in Turkey classified into surgical and non-surgical, and the results vary according to the technique used. The recovery period, continuity of results, and cost also vary in the following methods:


Botox is used in many areas, including brow lift. After local anesthesia, the doctor determines the injection sites in the area around the eye, then injects Botox and repeats the procedure if necessary. Botox relaxes the nerves and leads to a natural brow lift.

The method is characterized by its low cost and quick results. As for the durability of the results, it lasts for 6 months or a year at the latest. Post-procedure tabs are to stay out of the sun, not rub the injected areas, use ice packs when swelling occurs, and not wear makeup.

Brow lift in turkey
Brow lift in turkey


Laser brow lift is one of the methods that is performed via radiofrequency. The doctor tightens the skin until the desired result is achieved. Local anesthesia can be used during the procedure.

In advanced cases, laser technology is not suitable for sagging eyebrows, and surgery is preferred instead. The cost of a laser is more expensive than injections and the least expensive when compared to surgery.

Brow lift in turkey
Brow lift in turkey

Brow lift with threads

Brow lift with thread is one of the non-surgical techniques. The procedure is performed by threads and the procedure takes about half an hour. As for the results, they appear immediately after the end of the operation, and the results last for about three years. The cost is close to that of the laser.

Since medical threads dissolve in the skin automatically, they do not pose any risks or complications.

Brow lift in turkey
Brow lift in turkey

Brow lift surgery

A traditional method and a radical solution to get rid of sagging eyebrows that cannot be eliminated by non-surgical methods. For lower brow lift, surgical methods are classified according to the patient’s condition.

Who can perform brow lift surgery in Turkey

  • Everyone over the age of 18.
  • People who do not like the shape of low eyebrows.
  • Old age people who want a more youthful appearance.

Who can’t perform surgery

  • People under 20 years old.
  • Those with a chronic or contagious disease.
  • Cardiac patients in advanced stages.
  • Patients with irregular diabetes.

The doctor who performs brow lift surgery

Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed by a plastic surgeon who has sufficient experience to perform this type of procedure. No doctor from another specialty can perform this type of operation. It is taken into account when choosing a hospital or medical center to investigate a reliable center, a clinical environment with a high degree of sterilization, and a highly qualified doctor.

The high cost of the procedure may sometimes reflect the center’s high efficiency and credibility, so it is preferable not to discuss or bargain on the issue of the high price.

Anesthesia type used in the surgery

Brow lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The patient should stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the surgery so that he does not feel discomfort in his stomach after waking up from the surgery and he should stay in the hospital for one night after the surgery.

Local anesthesia is used to lift the eyebrows by non-surgical methods of Botox, laser and threads. There is no need to stay in the hospital after a non-operative brow lift.

The Surgery steps

The stages of the brow lift surgery in Istanbul Turkey are as follows:

Total Time: 2 hours

Before the procedure 

Before starting surgery, it is preferable for the person to tell the doctor about the chronic diseases he suffers from or the medications he uses, and to inform the doctor about previous surgeries without ignoring any information. Some instructions must be followed, the most important of which are:
Talk to the doctor about the results of the surgery.
In the case of general anesthesia, you should avoid food and drink at least six hours before the operation.
Inform the doctor about the medications used periodically.
Avoid alcohol and cigarettes at least a week before surgery.
Stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin after consulting your doctor.
Choose comfortable clothes on the day of the operation.

During the procedure 

After applying the anesthesia, the doctor makes 2 cm incisions along the hairline on the forehead and then absorbs the excess fat in order to tighten the skin. After that, the eyebrows are re-fixed with permanent stitches, which results in tighter and raised eyebrows compared to before the operation.
The surgeon removes the stitches and then sews them up. The shape of the stitches may be clear, but after the hair grows, these stitches disappear.

After the procedure 

A one-night hospital stay may be required after surgery during which the patient’s condition is monitored, and the recovery period is a week. The doctor may give a bandage or corset to reduce swelling after surgery.
As for the results, they appear immediately after the first few weeks after the operation, as soon as the effects of the surgery disappear.

Before and after brow lift in Turkey

Here are some photos before and after the brow lift surgery in Turkey that was performed at Turk Aesthetic Turkey Istanbul.

Brow lift aftercare instructions 

  • Rest completely and be sure to take the medications, any pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory medications your doctor prescribes to minimize any complications.
  • Reduce or avoid smoking.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, which helps in faster recovery and wound healing in a shorter time.
  • Pay attention to your sleep pattern after surgery and sleep on your back.
  • Care for wounds carefully.
  • Rest the patient for at least 15 days to avoid complications.
  • Use the bandage for 10 days to get an ideal result.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 10 days.
  • Pay attention to the use of hats for a while.
  • Care should be taken when wearing clothing such as jackets and shirts.

Pro & Cons

After successfully completing the surgery, the patient regains his self-confidence as a result of getting rid of lower eyebrows, in addition to obtaining a more youthful and beautiful appearance. As for the defects, they are related to the inexperience of the plastic surgeon and his lack of sufficient experience to evaluate the most appropriate.

In addition, the negative effects are increasing after brow lift surgery in Turkey, with the patient not complying with the postoperative instructions. The most important thing to mention is not getting the expected results. Rarely is there a certain degree of asymmetry between the two parties.

Side effects 

  • Facial swelling and redness.
  • Mild itching at the incision site.
  • The first week of discomfort.
  • temporary numbness
  • slight pain.
  • Limited facial movements at first.

Brow lift in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is the destination of many tourists who visit Turkey for treatment and tourism at the same time because of its many advantages such as the breadth of options, the expertise of doctors and the quality of healthcare. Brow lift surgery in Turkey is one of the available cosmetic options, the cost of which varies, according to the type of surgical or non-surgical procedure, between 2500 – 3500 euros, according to each center and the details of the operation.

Brow lift cost in Turkey Istanbul

Brow lift surgery cost  in Turkey varies from place to place based on several things:

  • Medical center or hospital reputation.
  • Doctor’s experience.
  • Procedure details.
  • The center offers additional services, as some centers offer packages that include treatment, accommodation, and transportation.

In Turk Aesthetic Istanbul, the cost of the surgical brow lift procedure is 2500 – 3500 euros. As for the cost of non-surgical options, it is 200 euros for a Botox injection, 500 euros for a fractional laser, 1500 euros for a threaded technique to raise eyebrows.

You can contact us for the cost of the treatment package (accommodation and transportation).


How long does brow lift surgery take?

Approximately 1-2 hours depending on the details of the operation.

When will the result of brow lift surgery appear?

The results of the procedure are immediate and can be clearly seen after the effects of the surgery wear off.

What is the success rate in brow lift surgery?

The degree of results is commensurate with the skill of the attending physician and the patient’s adherence to the recommended medical instructions after surgery. In general, the success rate of the operation is higher than other operations.

What type of anesthesia is used in brow lift surgery?

Local anesthesia for non-surgical options and general anesthesia for surgical options.

What is the cost of brow lift operation in Turkey?

The cost of brow lift surgery in Turkey is 2500 – 3500 euros.

What is the recovery period required for brow lift operation?

About 3-4 days.

Are the results of brow lift surgery permanent?

Depending on the type of procedure, the results of surgery are considered to be longer (about 5 years) compared to non-surgical options ranging from 6 – 24 months.

Finally, you can contact our support team directly to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic Istanbul Turkey.

Brow Lift in Turkey