Penile Implant in Turkey

Penile Implant in Turkey

Penile implant in Turkey, some men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to hereditary factors, age, or certain diseases. There are many surgical and non-surgical treatment methods. Among the non-surgical methods (p-shot, or shockwave therapy), it is applied to people who suffer from erectile dysfunction within the partial or simple stages. For people who suffer from complete or chronic erectile dysfunction problems and want a permanent solution, penile stents (happy sticks) can be installed. We will talk about all the details in the rest of our article.

Penile implant in Turkey

What is a Penile Implant?

It is the most important surgical procedure that provides a permanent solution to people suffering from erectile dysfunction. An erection support is inserted into the penis during surgery. Inside the penis is a spongy structure that fills with blood during an erection.  Instead of this structure, inflatable or man-made rods, which have a silicone structure and adapt to the body, are placed inside the penis. In this way, the person’s erectile dysfunction problem disappears and turns into an erection. The penile implant does not cause any change in pleasure during sexual intercourse and is not visible when viewed from the outside.

Types of penile implant in Turkey

There are 3 main types of penile implant in Turkey:

Semirigid rod

The one-piece stent consists of two rigid cylinders that are placed inside the penis, where the penis is continuously rigid. In this case, the erection is done manually, and upon completion of sexual intercourse, the male organ is bent again. Despite the simplicity of this type of brace, it is highly undesirable because the penis remains erect all the time, and this may cause embarrassment to the person during daily activities.

Two-piece inflatable

This type of penis consists of two main parts: the first section is a main pump that is placed inside the scrotum. As for the second section, it consists of two flexible cylinders that can be inflated by the fluids in the pump, which are placed inside the body of the male organ to obtain the required erection. This type of support is better than the mono-support (rigid), but the penis does not reach a good erection when practicing, and in the event of an erection it does not soften enough.

Three-piece inflatable

This type of penis support consists of three main parts and is considered one of the most preferred types of erection support in Turkey and the rest of the countries. Two rubber cylinders are placed along the inside of the penis, in addition to a pump that is placed in the scrotum. There is also a fluid reservoir that is placed in a hidden location near the pelvic bone. When a person desires to get an erection, he presses on the pump, which in turn transfers fluids from the fluid reservoir to the two rubber cylinders located within the body of the male organ, and thus the person gets an erection that is very close to a normal erection.

How does the penile implant procedure work?

First of all, patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction problems must obtain an examination by a doctor specializing in reproductive organs. After the examination, the doctor decides, and after listening to the patient’s complaint, whether the case requires surgical treatment, such as the installation of penile implant in Turkey, or treatment by non-surgical methods, such as treatment with Shock wave sessions or be-shot therapy.

The operation takes approximately two hours under general anesthesia. The length of the stent is determined by the doctor during surgery by measuring it from the inside. A small incision is made between the penis and the scrotum, where the pump is placed inside the scrotum, and the two flexible cylinders are placed inside the body of the penis. In the case of a three-piece stent (hydraulic stent) there is a fluid reservoir that is placed in a hidden location within the pelvic bone. The abutment is usually activated 30 days after installation.

Candidates for Penile implant in Turkey

Men who cannot get an erection due to various reasons are suitable for this surgery. Patients who do not respond to treatment methods such as shockwave therapy or b-shot. The implant is not recommended for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction temporarily or as a result of psychological factors.

In addition to the above, doctors recommend not using rigid or one-piece stents for diabetic patients. 

As these stents may cause wounds after sexual practices for long periods, which in turn may take a long time to heal, especially for diabetics.

Brands of penile implant in Turkey

There are two types that are generally adopted in different countries of the world and in Turkey as well.


These supports are manufactured in the United States, and there are two main types of these supports, the first is extendable longitudinally, and the second type is expandable longitudinally and transversely. These supports are approved by the World Health Assembly and cannot be noticed after installation, and it ensures that the person has normal sexual intercourse.


Considered one of the few European-origin brackets, it features a lifetime guarantee. They extend only casually, are not visible from the outside and ensure normal intercourse.

Intercourse after procedure 

After installing the stent, the erection and feeling are completely natural, like the nature of erection in the stages of youth. The patient does not lose anything such as a sense of pleasure or the strength of an erection, on the contrary. A person can have sexual intercourse 6 weeks after the stent is installed, and this period may vary from one case to another.

According to some studies, partners of people who have braces have more pleasure. In addition to treating erection problems, the supports help positively for cases that suffer from premature ejaculation, as the person can continue to practice even if he has reached the stage of orgasm.

The cost of penile implant in Turkey

Depending on each case, the suitable implant and brand is chosen and the cost is varied based on that. Doctors usually prefer to choose three-piece (hydraulic) stents because the erection in these cases is very close to the normal erection. To obtain satisfactory results, it is preferable to choose a reputable medical clinic and a qualified doctor, in addition to choosing high-quality stents such as the American AMS stents. here some details you could need regarding the cost:


  • Monoblock 4900 euros
  • Three-piece (hydraulic) : for Girth only 8800 euros.
  • for Length and Girth  8300 euros.


  • Monoblock 4400 euros.
  • Three-piece (hydraulic) 7800 euros.
Penile Implant in Turkey
Penile Implant in Turkey

Penile implant in Turkey – FAQ

After penile implant in Turkey, will there be a difference in pleasure and orgasm during intercourse?

After penile implant in Turkey, will there be a difference in pleasure and orgasm during intercourse?
The nerves are mainly responsible for orgasm or the feeling of pleasure during sexual intercourse, so there is no change in feeling before and after erection brace installation.

When is it possible to have sex after a penile implant in Turkey?

It usually differs from one case to another depending on the details of the procedure, but we can say that one should abstain from sexual intercourse for an average of 6 weeks.

What is the difference between AMS and Coloplast stents?

AMS stents are approved by the World Health Organization (FDA) and they also have qualities that can expand longitudinally and transversely. Coloplast implants have a lifetime warranty and can only extend transversely.

What kind should diabetics prefer?

The three-piece hydraulic stent is recommended for diabetics.

What are the prices of AMS and Coloplast penile implant in Turkey?

Penile implant price in Turkey ranges between 4400 – 8800 Euros depending on implant type.

Is the inserted penis implant visible?

No, it’s not visible because the installation of the stent is hidden as much as possible.

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Penile Implant in Turkey