Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

Double chin surgery in Turkey is one of the plastic surgeries that can be performed in two ways, surgical and non-surgical. Aesthetic medicine techniques in Turkey It has become easy to perform such operations and without drawbacks as in the past.

Double chin causes 

  • A double chin appears in humans for several reasons, including:
  • If the person is obese (the body contains excess fat), some of which may collect in the chin area.
  • They also appear due to the presence of sagging in the neck area.
  • A double chin can also appear in thin people.

Double chin removal in Istanbul Turkey

The double chin operation in Turkey is considered a surgical operation that aims to remove the excess fat in the chin area above the neck so that it appears beautiful again, below we show you the most important information about the double chin operation:

Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

Double chin removal video in Turkey

The double chin operation, or what is known as the glug, is done in a very safe way, especially with the development of cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery in Turkey, but when performing this operation, you must choose a very reliable medical center because it contains a selection of highly experienced doctors, in order to get the desired results from The operation, and this video shows you how to perform a double chin operation in Turkey, Istanbul:

Who can perform Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

  • Healthy, disease-free women and men aged 30-50 years.
  • People who suffer from obesity often have fat collecting at the bottom of the lower jaw, in the chin area.
  • When performing this operation, the person who performed it looks younger than before.
Who can not do a double chin operation?
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women, for fear of them and avoiding any problem.
  • If you suffer from any skin disease, you should consult your doctor and tell him before performing this operation.
  • Other than that, anyone can perform this operation.

The doctor who performs Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

  • Before performing a double chin operation, you should choose a trusted medical center.
  • When you choose a reliable medical center that contains modern surgical and cosmetic techniques and has a selection of plastic surgeons.
  • You should choose a doctor with extensive experience in the field of cosmetology.
  • After choosing a doctor, you should talk to him about the operation, so that you can be reassured.

Anesthesia types used in double chin treatment 

  • The doctor in charge of the operation determines the type of anesthesia used in the operation
  • In this process, general or local anesthesia can be used.
  • In most cases, general anesthesia is used.
Double chin removal surgery steps in Turkey
  • The first step in the operation is local or general anesthesia, according to the doctor’s choice of the case.
  • In the next step, the doctor makes two incisions in the area below the ear, and sometimes he may have to make a third incision below the chin.
  • The doctor then removes the excess fat and tightens the facial muscles very carefully so that no sagging occurs after the completion of the operation.
  • In the end, the doctor closes the wounds and the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day in the case of local anesthetic, but when using general anesthesia, the patient remains in the hospital until the anesthesia is completely removed.

Pros and cons of Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

Double chin surgery advantages

  • A double chin makes you look older than you look, so when you remove it, you look more youthful.
  • No matter how much exercise is done, the double chin will not go away, so the operation is beneficial.
Double chin surgery disadvantages
  • It is possible to get infected because of wounds that can become contaminated from several reasons, including not sterilizing the tools well, so you should choose a guaranteed medical center.
  • In some cases, some scars appear, which disappear after a short or long period, so you must choose a center that is guaranteed to avoid errors that lead to the occurrence of scars that do not go away.
  • You may feel tightness in the neck area after the operation, which is normal and goes away after a few days.

Double Chin Surgery in Turkey side effects

When performing any operation, some side effects may occur, which disappear after several days when following up with the doctor, and no side effects may occur. In the case of a double chin operation, some side effects may appear, including:

  • The presence of some scars under the chin or redness in the area of ​​​​the procedure, which disappears after a few days.
  • It is always advised not to perform any major physical exertion after the procedure, and to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Double Chin Surgery in Turkey cost

  1. Double chin surgery requires a lot of experience, so you should go to a doctor with great experience
  2. When you go to a trusted medical center, the elite of doctors and the modern equipment used, this leads to a slightly higher cost.
  3. The price of a Double Chin Surgery in Turkey.

Instructions before Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

  • You must follow the instructions given to you by your doctor very carefully.
  • If you smoke, you must quit one week before the procedure.
  • You should talk to your doctor about the appropriate anesthetic method for you before the procedure.

Instructions after double chin surgery

  • You should not make a lot of effort after the procedure.
  • You have to raise your head in your daily life or while sleeping for a week.
  • You must cover the neck with a bandage so that the wound does not become infected, and the healing process takes place quickly.

FAQ – Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

Is double chin removal painful?

When using general anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation, but after the operation you must wait in the hospital until the effect of the anesthetic wears off.

What is the cost of a Double Chin Surgery in Turkey?

The price of the procedure varies according to several factors, including the type of anesthesia used, the number of sessions, and other factors, but the price 1900 Euro.

When will the results of the double chin operation appear?

Due to the use of modern techniques, the scars have become small, which leads to recovery and the appearance of results faster. The result of the operation appears between 1-3 months.

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Double Chin Surgery in Turkey