Texas Filler in Turkey

Texas Filler in Turkey

Texas Filler in turkey

Texas Filler in Turkey Enjoying having a beautiful face and harmonious features is the hope of all those interested in health and beauty. Therefore, facial plastic surgery is always at the fore in the field of cosmetology, and to meet the needs of customers, beauty centers are always looking to innovate modern technologies that help customers reach the desired results, Turk Aesthetic offers you a full explanation of Texas filler Technique Be sure to follow the article to the end…!

What is the Texas Filler in turkey Technique?

  • Texas Filler in turkey Technique or also known as V line is a modern technology that was invented to increase the width of the lower jaw and highlight the chin, thus obtaining consistent facial features and eliminating the problems of the pointed chin and temporal atrophy.
  • Texas Filler in turkey filler technology has developed dramatically and in record time, attracting millions around the world; Everyone dreams of having a distinctive wide chin that makes the face look charming and distinctive.

Why is Texas Filler in turkey technique named like that?

  • The reason for naming Texas Filler in turkey injections is due to the people of Texas in the United States of America, as they are characterized by a wide chin and harmonious facial features.
  • Turk Aesthetic shows you everything you need to know about Texas fillers in Turkey and the difference between Texas injections and the rest of the methods used for the same purpose, follow the following paragraphs…!

The difference between Texas Filler in turkey and Nefertiti techniques

  • Customers often get confused, some of them think that Texas injection and Nefertiti injection are two different names for the same technique, but that is not true!
  • Texas Technique and Nefertiti Technique are similar in many things, both are modern cosmetic techniques that are concerned with beautifying the upper neck and chin area!
  • They are also very similar in some advantages and disadvantages and others…

Purpose of using Texas Filler in turkey and Nefertiti needles?

  • Texas Tech and Nefertiti Technique are two different techniques that are used for different purposes!
  • Nefertiti needles are used with the aim of tightening the skin of the jaw and neck to get rid of the effects of aging and premature impotence and to permanently eliminate sagging and contractions of the skin and get rid of the lines that appear in the neck area.
  • But Texas injections are used in the face with the aim of exposing the lower jaw and the front of the chin and filling the thin and lean areas in the lower jaw and front of the chin, and highlighting those areas in a distinctive way so that they appear larger than their real size.

The material used for filling

  • The material used in both the Texas technique and the Nefertiti technique differs as:
  • The procedure for filling thin areas in the chin and lower jaw (Texas technique) is performed using filler injections.
  • While Botox is used in the Nefertiti technique.

Who can perform Texas filler?

  • Performing facial plastic surgeries, including Texas fillers, is limited to advanced age groups, i.e. from middle age onwards, because they are operations done with the aim of overcoming the effects of skin aging.
  • But as for the Texas filler technique, it can be performed for all different age groups, including young people and adolescents. It is not performed with the aim of getting rid of aging wrinkles, but rather aims to expose the lower jaw and chin area and get rid of thinness!
  • Statistical reports of plastic surgeries around the world indicate the trend of young people in recent times to perform Texas fillers in order to obtain more attractive facial features!
  • Most of the Hollywood stars underwent such operations, led by the British Keira Knightley.

How Texas Filler Technique performed?

It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that takes place in simple and uncomplicated steps, does not require much preparation and does not take long!

Here is a video showing how Texas Filler in turkey are injected

Texas Filler in Turkey session steps in Turkey

The specialist begins by determining the appropriate places where the Texas needles are injected, which are usually on the sides of the jaw, and also determines the appropriate dose according to each client.

Total Time: 10 minutes

The first step

The specific sites are numbed using local anesthesia, often using specialized creams.

The second step

The client waits between 10 to 20 minutes, until the effect of the anesthesia used takes effect.

The third step

Now the doctor begins injecting Texas needles in the areas that were previously identified, where the filler material prevents the face from being rotated, which helps the jaw to appear relatively wider than the normal position.

The fourth step

If the Nefertiti technique and the Texas technique are used together during one session, the doctor usually starts with Botox injections (Nefertiti) and then fillers are injected (Texas) to achieve the best possible results.

Estimated Cost: 290 Euro

Texas filler advantages

  • The Texas technique achieves effective results and appears immediately after the completion of the session.
  • A non-surgical cosmetic procedure, and therefore there are no known surgical risks.
  • It can be performed synchronously with other techniques performed at the same time, which helps to achieve even better results.
  • If performed in a trusted medical center, there is no possibility of permanent disfigurement after using Texas fillers.
  • Texas injection results last for a relatively long time compared to other facelift techniques.

Texas filler disadvantages

The Texas Filler Technique has some side effects that can occur after the procedure, which are:

  • It is possible that the patient will be exposed to one of the allergic conditions.
  • Dermatitis may occur in the area that was injected.
  • The appearance of some temporary bruising and swelling after the procedure.
  • In some cases, a change in skin color may occur, especially in the areas that were injected, as they tend to be slightly blue.

Rarely, skin cell death may occur as a result of medical errors!

Important note

The above-mentioned cases are rare, to avoid the side effects of Texas fillers, make sure to perform the procedure in a trusted beauty center.

Before and after texas filler in Turkey

Here are some photos of cases before and after the Texas Filling Procedure in Turkey which was done at Turk Aesthetic.

Texas Filler in turkey cost

  • It is always recommended to choose a reliable medical center with long experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.
  • We at Turk Aesthetic have the best experience and sterilization thanks to the presence of a medical staff of the world’s elite doctors!
  • The cost of a Texas filler procedure varies depending on a few factors:
  • The type and quality of the material used for the filling.
  • The size of the dose that the client needs.
  • The experience of the medical center, sterilization methods, and the position of the doctor who will perform the procedure.
  • But in general, we can say that the average Texas filling procedure in Istanbul Turkey is between 290 to 590 Euro.

FAQ | Texas Filler in turkey

Is it possible to do both Nefertiti and Texas filler techniques?

The medical professors emphasized that there is no inconsistency between Texas fillers and Nefertiti injections and that they can be performed together for the same person without any problems as long as the client’s condition requires it.

Can Texas and Nefertiti be performed in one session?

Cosmetic experts around the world recommend the use of both techniques if the patient’s condition requires it, in order to ensure the client to obtain the highest degrees of beauty, consistency and the best overall appearance in which the client has a tight neck, wide jaw and a wrinkle-free, perfectly round face.

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