Pink Lips in Turkey

Pink Lips in Turkey

We all know that getting Pink Lips in Turkey doubles the attractiveness of women. Pink lips can easily be obtained through the use of cosmetics, but the results of cosmetics are temporary and sometimes unsatisfactory, unlike the results of the process of Pink lip in Turkey, which gives the lips softness and distinctive color in a way. permanent.

Pink Lips in Turkey

Why People do Pink Lips in Turkey sessions?

Pink lip is a cosmetic procedure that aims to make the woman more attractive, but sometimes the goal is to overcome other problems such as:

  • Chapped lips treatment.
  • Pale lip color.
  • The problem of dark lips (tanning of the lips).

How pink lips session performed?

  • Pink Lip can be performed by more than one different technique, so the doctor first starts by examining the patient and making sure that he is ready for the operation.
  • Then, the specialist plastic surgeon chooses with the client the appropriate technique to give the lips a pink color.
  • The anesthesia stage begins. During the procedure of pink lip, local anesthesia is often used.
  • The process of changing the shape and color of the cells of the area is carried out using a technique that helps break up the melanin in the lips.
  • In the last step, the doctor starts moisturizing the lips to reduce the possibility of dryness.

Who can perform pink lip sessions?

Pink Lips in Turkey the session is a safe procedure that anyone can perform, but the need to perform it increases in such cases:

  • Heavy smokers and heavy drinkers are at high risk for lip problems.
  • As a result of not being careful about proper nutrition or drinking a lot of water, you may get cracked lips or darkening of their color.
  • If you are exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, you may develop a problem of tanning of the lips, and therefore the procedure is required to re-moisturize and restore the pink color!
Advantages of Pink Lips in Turkey
  • Adding attractiveness to the lips by getting rid of dryness and cracks that we do not want, and thus we get soft lips characterized by moisture.
  • A non-surgical operation that does not cause side effects or complications, and does not cause any scars!
  • Treatment of dry mouth, which the client can suffer from for more than one reason, the most famous of which is smoking.
  • Treatment of seasonal cracks, during the winter period, the lips are often exposed to dryness and thus the process of chapped lips occurs.. But the use of Pink lip reduces the possibility of exposure to dryness.
  • Getting rid of wrinkles in the mouth area.
  • It is a completely safe procedure and has no side effects in most cases.

Techniques used in Pink lip in Turkey

As we explained earlier, there is more than one modern technology that is used in the world in general and in Turkey in particular, all techniques aim to give the lips pink color and moisture!

Laser | Pink lip in Turkey

  • During recent periods and with the development of technology, lasers began to enter most areas of surgery, especially the field of cosmetology, now we can also Pink  lips using lasers!
  • The laser during the operation is responsible for exfoliating the surface layer of the lips and repairing their dark color and dry texture.
  • The use of laser in Pink ing the lips made the process simpler and less complicated than before, we can finish repairing the problems of the outer layer of the lips in just 6 minutes!
  • The laser has a special ability to stimulate collagen in the lips, thus giving them moisture, vitality and beauty.
  • The laser Pink lip process takes place in a small number of sessions, between one to three sessions, depending on the condition of the lips and how dry they are.
Disadvantages of laser Pink lip
  • The possibility of mild burns accompanied by severe pain in the area, as a result of shining the laser directly on the lips.
  • Sometimes the laser leaves some scars or the client develops sensitivity and inflammation in the lips.

Cinderella injection | Pink lip in Turkey

  • During this Pink lip technique, the lips are injected with a saline solution.
  • This special solution aims to increase the moisture and softness of the lips and make them pink.
  • It also increases the size of the lips to look more attractive!
Disadvantages of Pink lips using Cinderella injections
  • The most used Pink lip technique, but it has it that makes it unpopular with everyone..
  • The results of the Cinderella injection technique are temporary results that cannot be relied on for long periods.
  • Where after a period of time the lips return to their previous position!

Plasma injection | Pink lip in Turkey

  • Plasma injection technique is one of the most popular Pink lip techniques in Turkey.
  • The technique depends on drawing blood from the patient, then extracting the plasma from the blood and then injecting it into the lips.
  • The process of treating the client’s blood is by injecting some substances that stimulate collagen production into it.
  • Plasma injection technology is characterized by high safety and low probability of side effects.

Pink Injection | Pink lip in Turkey

  • Pink injection technique for Pink lip or as it is known as pink injection technique..
  • During this technique, both lips are injected with hyaluronic acid and glycerine.
  • The acids used are responsible for giving the lips a soft pink color that looks like natural results!
Disadvantages of Pink Injection
  • Similar in its disadvantages to the Cinderella injection technique, where the results of pink injections do not last long.
  • The results of the technique appear for a period of time ranging from one month to six weeks.
  • In addition, the pink injection technique is not suitable for those who have dark skin.

Before and after Pink Lips in Turkey

Here are some photos of cases before and after the procedure of pink lip in Turkey, which was performed at Turk Aesthetic Istanbul.

The cost of getting pink lips in Turkey

  • The Pink  of lips in Turkey is a cosmetic procedure that does not involve surgical intervention. Therefore..
  • The cost of Pink lip in Turkey is very low, especially when comparing prices with the rest of Europe!
  • The price of pink lips operation in Turkey varies from place to place and from one technique to another.
  • Make sure to choose a medical center that has a good reputation and previous experience in this field.
  • The average price for a Pink Lips in Turkey is 250 Euro.

FAQ | Pink lips in Turkey

Are the results of the Pink lip process permanent?

The answer to that question varies depending on the technique used to obtain Pink Lips in Turkey.
During the article, we mentioned the techniques through which permanent results can be obtained, and the other techniques through which you can obtain temporary results.

How much does a Pink lip cost in Turkey?

The price of Pink Lips in Turkey operation varies depending on the technique used.
In Istanbul, the price of Pink lip ranges between 250 Euro.

What are the most popular Pink lips in Turkey?

Pink lip using laser.
Pink Injection Technology.
Plasma injection technique.
Cinderella injection.

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