Cheek Filler in Turkey

Cheek Filler in Turkey

Cheek filler in Turkey

Cheek filler in Turkey injection is one of the non-surgical process that are performed in a safe manner under the influence of local anesthesia to treat wrinkles in the cheeks and return the skin’s freshness to what it was in the youth stage, as when aging, wrinkles begin to appear and the skin sag due to the weakness of the facial muscles.

The types of fillers used in the injection process vary depending on how long you want them to stay and the shape of the final cheeks that the patient desires.

In this article, Turk Aesthetic provides you with the most important information about the cheek filler process, including the method of performing the operation, the prices of the operation, in addition to the procedures followed before and after the operation.

Cheek Filler in Turkey video

Below we show you a video showing how to perform the cheek filler injection procedure, which was performed at the Turk Aesthetic in Turkey, Istanbul:

Cheek filler in Turkey

Cheek filler types

There are many types that can be used, both permanent and non-permanent, but the main difference between them is in the composition of the material and the properties it gives, where the appropriate type is chosen for the patient by consulting with the doctor and clarifying his condition and the results he wants.

Autologous fat filler

  • In this method, the excess fat in the patient’s body is extracted, processed, and then reused again.
  • This method is characterized by the fact that its results last for a long time compared to other methods.
  • The disadvantage of autologous fat filler is that it requires complete anesthesia and liposuction before the injection.

Hyaluronic acid

The human body contains this substance, which makes it safe to use and the body is not allergic to it.

This acid is distinguished in that it maintains the percentage of water in the skin, which makes the appearance of the cheeks young and fresh, and hides the wrinkles in the skin.

And the results that are made through this acid remain for a period ranging between 7-12 months.

Collagen injections

Collagen is similar to hyaluronic acid in that it is present in the skin and the human body is not allergic to it.

As collagen is primarily responsible for keeping the skin taut and giving it the required freshness.

The results of this method last for a period ranging between 6-12 months.

Polylactic acid

It is considered one of the materials that are manufactured, and when injected into the skin, it stimulates the collagen present in the body, so it works to treat wrinkles in the face.

This type of filler is characterized by its longevity, ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

Cheek filler process steps

  • The doctor consults with the patient about the shape of the cheeks he wants, and the planning and marking of the injection sites takes place.
  • The anesthesia process is performed under the supervision of a specialist doctor according to the patient’s condition, as doctors resort to using local anesthesia.
  • The tools must be sterilized well before use, and the injection site must also be sterilized for the patient.
  • The patient consults with the doctor about the appropriate type of filler for his condition, according to the results he wants.
  • The injection process is done through special sterile micro-needles, and the quantity is determined based on the desired results.

Cheek Filler in Turkey cost

The price of cheek filler injection procedure varies from one medical center to another and according to the doctor’s experience.

The patient’s condition and the type of filler used play an important role in determining the price of the operation.

The cost of cheek filler in Turkey ranges between 240-340 dollars.

Before and after cheek filler in Turkey

We show you some pictures before and after cheek filler in Turkey, which was performed at the Turk Aesthetic in Turkey, Istanbul:

Before cheek filler in Turkey

  • You must tell the doctor about all the diseases that you suffer from, as well as the medicines that you take.
  • Sterilize the face and injection areas well.
  • Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol as it affects the healing process.
  • Avoid taking medications that thin the blood, such as aspirin.

After the injection 

  • Doctors recommend applying ice packs after the operation until the disappearance of swelling and bruising resulting from the operation.
  • Do not engage in any activity that requires exertion and adhere to rest until the completion of the healing process.
  • Refrain from putting masks on the face or using cosmetics during the recovery period.

FAQ About Cheek Filler in Turkey

What type of anesthesia is used in the cheek filler process?

Local anesthesia, either through anesthetic creams or anesthetic sprays.

What is the duration of the process?

The process does not take long, as the duration of one session is 30 minutes.

When will the results of the process appear?

The results of the process begin to appear immediately after its completion and appear fully after the disappearance of bruises and swelling.

Are the results of cheek filler injections permanent?

The results of cheek filler in Turkey last for a period of time ranging from 6-18 months, then a session is performed again.

What is the expected recovery period after the operation?

It is possible to return to normal life, but you must avoid activities and others for 5 days until the full recovery process takes place.

What is the cost of the cheek filler process in Turkey?

The cost of the operation depends on the patient’s condition, the type of filler used in the operation, and the experience of the doctor performing the operation. The cost of cheek filler in Turkey ranges between 240-340 dollars.

Finally, you can contact our team directly via the link to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic.

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