Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options
Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options in Turkey is one of the most common operations to obtain a distinct body in a short time, and it is a very safe process that can be performed in more than one way, whether surgical or non-surgical. Body sculpting is also called body sculpting because it helps remove excess and randomly accumulated fats in the body and give the body a more attractive look. Body sculpting operations are performed in more than one area of ​​the body, such as the arms, abdomen, thighs and hips.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options in Turkey

Non-Surgical Body sculpting in Turkey is considered one of the safe cosmetic procedures, which is performed in more than one way, depending on the condition of the person performing the procedure. Before performing the body sculpting procedure, you must choose a reliable medical center to ensure the desired results. Body sculpting is done by breaking up the accumulated fat in different places of the body and pulling it out of the body in different ways.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options video 

Body sculpting in Turkey is one of the operations that require high accuracy, whether surgical or non-surgical, because the error in this process is difficult to fix and compensate, so when you perform such an operation, you must choose a reliable hospital or medical center that contains an elite of doctors in the field of surgery It also contains the latest equipment used, and here is a video that shows you how to perform a body sculpting operation in Turkey, Istanbul:

Who can do Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options

  • All men and women, as some believe that body sculpting is only for women and this is a misconception.
  • People who are overweight and who suffer from a random distribution of body fat.
  • People who want quick and immediate solutions to their weight gain problem and don’t want the traditional slow methods like exercise or a healthy diet that doesn’t contain high calories.

Who can not do Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options

  • People with chronic diseases or heart disease.
  • People who drink alcohol and smoke should abstain before the procedure.
  • Cancer patients.
  • Pregnant and lactating women out of fear for them.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options in Turkey 

Body sculpting is one of the operations in which more than one medical method can be used. There are many surgical and non-surgical ways to perform the body sculpting process.

  • The different methods in the body sculpting process
  • Laser body sculpting: It is a non-surgical process in which the doctor directs the laser device to the area to be sculpted so that the low-level laser melts and breaks up the fat and removes the fat from the body over time.
  • Body sculpting with high-frequency sound waves: It is a non-surgical process similar to laser sculpting, in which the vaser device is directed to the area to be treated and emitted from high-frequency sound waves that break up fat and leave the body with time.
  • Coolsculpting: This is a method used by exposing the area to be treated to extreme cold until the temperature of the fat reaches -11 until the cells crystallize and are detonated over the course of more than one session and up to six months.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options steps

  • The doctor determines the appropriate method for performing the body sculpting procedure.
  • The doctor determines the number of sessions the patient needs.
  • The laser device is directed at the fat to be broken down and thawed or frozen and crystallized.
  • Over time, the melted fat is removed from the body or suctioned out.

Side effects

  • There is no operation that does not entail some side effects, and below we show you the effects of body sculpting:
  • It is possible to get an infection, but it is easy to treat with antibiotics.
  • The possibility of some burns or infections, and this results from the lack of experience of the doctor, so you should go to a trusted medical center with an elite group of doctors.
  • These effects do not occur in all cases, and if they do occur, they quickly disappear.

Instructions before Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options

  • You must tell the doctor about the medications you are taking before the operation.
  • If you are a smoker or drink alcohol, you should abstain from it before the operation and during the recovery period.
  • You should ask the doctor about the results of the operation and the method of performing it.
  • You cannot exercise or do much effort during the recovery period.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options aftercare instructions

  • You must adhere to the doctor’s instructions in order to get the expected results.
  • This process is done in a session system, so you must follow it with the doctor.
  • Sometimes your doctor can make you take an anti-inflammatory.
  • The recovery period for the body ranges from one to two weeks.

Before and after Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options in Istanbul Turkey

Below we show you some pictures before and after the body sculpting procedure, which was performed at Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey Istanbul.

FAQ – Non-Surgical Body sculpting in Turkey

What is the cost of a body sculpting in Turkey?

The cost ranges between 500 to1500 USD.

When will the results of the body sculpting process appear?

Immediately after the session, you will feel a difference, but for the final results to appear, it takes between 2-6 months.

Does body sculpting need anesthesia?

The body sculpting process does not require any kind of anesthesia because the devices are directed from outside the body to break up the fat.

Finally, you can contact the technical support team directly from the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey Istanbul to request information and price about the operation.

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Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options