Perkutan Technique in Turkey

Perkutan Technique in Turkey

Perkutan technique in Turkey or better known as the Percutane technique for hair transplantation in Turkey is the ideal solution for those who have thinning hair or those with hereditary alopecia as well as those who have a delayed hairline.

For a long time, the Perkutan technique was the latest technology in hair transplantation, but with the development of technologies, the Sapphire technique and the DHI technique are now the latest and most widely used hair transplant techniques.

Hair transplantation using Perkutan in Turkey

Hair transplantation is an indispensable cosmetic process, as it increases the attractiveness of men and enhances their self-confidence.. 

Anesthesia Local
Procedure duration7 Hours
Results Lifetime – Gradually 
Recovery Period5 Days
Turk aesthetic Cost1200 EUR
Perkutan technique in Turkey

Perkutan pens for hair transplantation

The Perkutan technique was named by this name as a result of the Perkutan pen used in the process, which is specially designed to give the new hair a natural look. Therefore, the Perkutan technique continued as the best technology used for a long period of time.

Perkutan technique in Turkey

How is hair transplantation done using the perkutan technique in Turkey?

Hair transplantation using the percutaneous technique is carried out in 4 steps…

Total Time: 7 hours

The first step 

Days before the date of the hair transplant operation, the donor area for the follicles and the receiving area (the baldness area) are prepared.
This is done through a set of recipes responsible for increasing hair growth and gaining some density, prescribed to you by the specialist doctor.

The second step

Now the stage of picking the follicles from the donor area begins, using a tool called a micromotor that contains a hollow tip, we lubricate the hair follicles.
After that, the doctor begins to extract the follicles using a special type of medical forceps.

The third step 

After extracting the follicles from the donor area, we have prevented them from feeding them.
If the follicles are left without nourishment, they become damaged and remain unusable..!
Therefore, the extracted hair follicles are placed in a protein-enriched solution whose function is to preserve the hair follicles for as long as possible.

Fourth step 

The last step is to open micro-channels using the Perkutan technique to grow hair follicles in them.
The follicles are transplanted precisely in the same direction as the original hair one by one using special medical forceps.
By using the Perkutan technique we can transplant 80 to 100 hairs per square centimeter which gives it the natural appearance of the transplanted hair.

Estimated Cost: 1200 EUR

Who can do the perkutan technique in Turkey?

Hair transplantation is not a dangerous process. Most people can transplant hair, but..

Tell your doctor if you have a chronic disease or take blood thinners.

Who can not do the perkutan technique in Turkey?

  • Anyone under the age of 18.
  • Those with chronic diseases should consult a doctor first
  • Those who have diseases that can be transmitted through blood.
  • Kidney failure patients.
  • Liver patients.
  • Diabetes patients in advanced stages.

Hair transplant with perkutan technique in Turkey

Before the process

  • Follow the doctor’s instructions or the instructions of the medical center regarding the hair transplant process.
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages at least a day before the operation.
  • Do not eat much food the day before the operation.
  • Refrain from taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin.
  • If you have diabetes, be sure to keep your sugar in a stable state in the days leading up to the operation.

After the process

  • Use a saline solution or spray water to clean the area 4 times a day.
  • Use an alcohol-free medicated shampoo.
  • Stay away from strenuous exercise and sweat triggers, as well as sexual intercourse.
  • Continue to abstain from smoking and alcoholic beverages after the procedure until your doctor permits you to do so.
  • Take care to rest after the operation and avoid standing in direct sunlight.
  • The area should be kept moist at all times.
  • Do not shower or wash your head with water unless you tell your doctor.
  • In most cases, it is possible to shower 3 days after the procedure. 

Before and after photos perkutan technique in Turkey

Here are some pictures of the Perkutan hair transplantation operations that took place at the Turk Aesthetic in Istanbul, Turkey.

Perkutan technique in Turkey cost

Hair transplantation using the Perkutan technique requires extreme precision, so it is always recommended to choose a center or hospital that has the best experience and sterilization.

To gather all the factors to ensure the success of the operation in one center; The price of the procedure may go up a bit, but look out for your safety first.

Hair transplantation using the Perkutan technique is performed in Turkey-Istanbul with an average of 1500 dollars.

FAQ | Perkutan technique in Turkey Istanbul

What are the reasons that may lead to the failure of hair transplantation with the perkutan technique in Turkey?

The success of hair transplant operations in general depends on both the patient and the doctor equally.
In the event that each of them adheres to the correct instructions and methods, the success rate of the operation is 100%.

Is it possible to perform Perkutan hair transplant operations for children?

no; It is not possible to perform such operations for children, hair transplantation is not performed for those under 18 years old.

Does hair fall out after transplantation?

Yes, but the hair falls out only during the first two months.
After that, hair begins to grow, provided that all doctor’s instructions are adhered to.
In the case of commitment, the transplanted hair is usually better than the previous natural hair!

Does picking the follicles affect the donor area?

No, the follicles are taken in certain ways so that they do not harm the donor area.
The effect of the donor area is completely unnoticeable to anyone, but it depends entirely on the doctor’s experience!

What is the cost of perkutan technique in Turkey?

The cost of the hair transplant process varies according to the technique used, as well as the number of follicles that will be transplanted.
The price of hair transplantation in Turkey ranges from 900 to 1500 dollars.

For more information about treatment in Turkey, you can contact the Turk Aesthetic team from this link.

Perkutan Technique in Turkey