FUE technique in Turkey

FUE Technique in Turkey

FUE Technique in Turkey is an abbreviation of the term Follicular Unit Extraction, the technique of extraction or known as “FUE” is one of the latest techniques of hair transplantation, and it is the most used in hair transplantation operations in recent times; This is because it is the easiest hair transplant FUE technique and the least painful, in addition to that, it does not involve surgical intervention.

Anesthesia Local
Procedure duration7 Hours
Results Lifetime – Gradually 
Recovery Period5 Days
Turk aesthetic Cost1200 EUR
FUE Technique in Turkey

How is hair transplantation done using the FUE Technique in Turkey?

  • During the initial examination, the doctor begins by determining the density of the client’s hair and the places where hair transplantation is required, as well as the density of hair required in that area.
  • Using the pen, we begin to draw boundaries for the place of hair transplantation (the forehead line). This varies from person to person to suit the features of the face, and this is also done based on the client’s recommendations.
  • The next step is to determine the dimensions of the donor area.
  • Using the painless anesthesia machine, the doctor begins to numb the donor area.
  • Now the doctor begins to extract hair follicles from the donor area, using a device called a “micrograph motor”.
  • The diameter of the device used ranges between (0.7: 0.9 mm)
  • The process of picking out the follicles must be done with perfection, so that the doctor can remove the follicles from well-spaced places with extreme precision so as not to leave any trace after the recovery process.
  • The follicles are kept in a specialized liquid so as not to be damaged.
  • The doctor goes to the area affected by baldness or where hair is to be transplanted, then begins to open channels evenly and regularly.
  • The number of channels that are opened is equal to the number of follicles that were extracted from the donor area.
FUE Technique in Turkey

The last step | FUE technique in Turkey

  • Now begins the last stage, which consists in placing the previously extracted follicles into the channels.
  • It takes two to four months for hair to grow in the balding area, during which time the client can regularly notice positive developments in the area.
  • After that, we start the phase of increasing hair density, which takes about 11 months after transplantation.

Who can do hair transplant with FUE technique?

  • Hair transplantation using the FUE technique is suitable for everyone who suffers from hair loss or baldness with all its causes.
  • The use of FUE is not limited to hair transplantation only, but it is also used to transplant or intensify beard hair for men or solve the problems of mustache spaces.
  • For women, they can transplant eyebrow hair.
  • Diabetics can undergo the operation, but on condition that the sugar is regular.
  • All of the above are required to be over 18 years old.

Who can not do hair transplant with FUE technique?

  • Diabetes patients in advanced stages.
  • People with advanced heart disease.
  • In case you have any of the diseases transmitted through blood.
  • People with acute kidney failure or liver disease.
  • Severe anemia patients.
  • If you have poor hair density in the donor area.
  • Those who have skin diseases in the hair transplantation area.

FUE Hair transplant steps 

Before FUE hair transplant 

  • Tell your doctor if you have health problems or have taken certain medications during previous periods.
  • Stop taking aspirin and blood thinners.
  • At least a day before the operation, you must abstain from smoking and alcohol; It reduces blood flow through the scalp and affects hair growth.
  • You should not eat excessively before the operation.

After FUE hair transplant 

  • After the procedure, you can return to work after about 5 days after the hair transplant procedure.
  • Especially for people with heavy jobs, waiting for a period of 7 to 14 days is an ideal time to return.

Aftercare instructions 

Avoid sunlight

After the hair transplant procedure, the patient should avoid direct exposure to the sun, as it is necessary to protect the scalp for a period of one to two months.

Exposure to the sun for long periods of time leads to significant damage such as deep tissue damage.

Avoid sexual intercourse 

In general, sexual contact should be avoided during the recovery period, as it leads to sweating, which is detrimental to the process. Especially during the first days after the operation, as it may move the follicles.

The same is true for:

  • severe coughing or sneezing;
  • strenuous exercise
  • swimming.

Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages

Not giving up smoking prolongs the recovery period, as nicotine increases the hardness of blood vessels and makes them narrow, which negatively affects the growth of new hair.

Before and After photos

Here are some pictures of FUE hair transplantation operations that took place at Turk Aesthetic in Turkey, Istanbul.

Side effects

  • During the first day you may feel a temporary headache.
  • You may feel temporary swelling in the forehead for a few days.
  • Mild redness in the operation area and the donor area.
  • The appearance of crust in some cases.
  • All side effects are temporary and do not occur in most cases, but if anything unexpected occurs, you should consult a doctor immediately.

The cost of FUE technique in Turkey Istanbul

Hair transplantation using the FUE technique in Turkey requires extreme precision and modern equipment; Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a center or hospital that has the best experience, safety, and sterilization.

In order for the factors to ensure the success of the aforementioned process to gather in one center; The price of the procedure may increase slightly!

FUE technique in Turkey is performed in Turkey-Istanbul for an average of 1200 euros.

FAQ | FUE technique in Turkey Istanbul

How long does FUE technique in Turkey take?

Transplantation using the FUE technique is one of the methods that takes a relatively long time.
This is because hair follicles are transplanted one by one.
The duration of the operation varies depending on the case, but it takes between 7 to 8 hours on average.

How long does the client stay in the hospital after FUE technique in Turkey?

The client does not stay in the hospital or center after the operation, you can leave after the operation normally, according to the doctor’s instructions.
The day after the operation, the doctor starts dressing the head.
Ask your doctor whether you can wash your head with water and when you can do this after the procedure.

When does hair growth start after transplantation?

After the completion of the third month of the procedure, the hair begins to grow, to get the final results after a year at most.

Does the donor area hair grow again?

Yes, it grows again naturally as the follicles are taken in ways that preserve the natural hair shape and so that no defect can be observed in the donor area.

Can hair transplantation be done for children?

Some children may suffer from the problem of hair loss or otherwise .. But!
It is not possible to perform hair transplant operations for those under the age of 18 years.

How much does FUE technique in Turkey cost?

The cost of the hair transplant process varies according to several considerations, the most important of which are: (the technique used, the places of hair transplantation, the condition of the patient).
Hair transplantation using the FUE technique in Turkey Istanbul costs about 1200 euros.

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