The Donor Area

Donor Area

The donor area is the basis of the hair transplant process, and the availability of a donor area rich in follicles and characterized by dense hair is the main reason that determines whether we will perform a hair transplant for the patient or not!

Turk Aesthetic provides you with a full explanation of the methods of choosing the donor area and its importance in the hair transplant process, so be sure to follow the article to the end..!

All hair transplant operations, according to the technology used in transplantation, are almost completely dependent on the donor area, whether the Fue technique, the Choi pens technique, or even hair transplantation with the sapphire technique.

What is the donor area?

Different from the hair transplantation technique used, the hair transplant process consists of extracting the follicles from an area we call the donor, and we place those follicles in the bald area or the thinning hair area.

Therefore, the common factor between all the hair transplant techniques used is the availability of a distinct area of ​​hair density from which follicles can be extracted.

Where is it located in the body?

The donor area is usually the area at the back of the head, as it is characterized by an abundance of hair follicles.

It is possible that the number of follicles in the back of the head is not enough to cover the bald area completely, and in that case we need to use BHT technology and in it..

We resort to looking for another donor area, such as beard hair, chest hair, hand or foot hair!

Is the donor area affected after the follicles are extracted?

No, It will not be affected after the completion of the operation, but on the condition that a center with experience and competence is selected.

As the doctor who specializes in extracting the follicles takes into account the extraction of them from different places so as not to leave any trace of the process of extracting the follicles.

What if the donor area wasn’t enough?

We start by picking first from the area at the back of the head, and if the number of follicles in it is not enough, we start to pick out the follicles from the beard area.

In the beard area, the extraction process is carried out from the end of the beard until leaving any trace after the extraction process.

If a sufficient number of follicles are not available in the beard, we resort in the next step to the hair of the chest, then the hair of the hands and then the feet, respectively.

Disadvantages of other donor areas 

By using this technique and with the extraction of follicles from more than one donor area, some problems are expected.

Other things to consider 

The hair density on the head is different from the rest of the body

Hair does not grow in all parts of the body with the same density and softness, but we all know that beard hair is more dense and coarse than head hair, and head hair is more dense than chest hair, but chest hair is weak and soft.

Overcome the problems of different donor areas

  • Transferring the follicles from those places to the balding area leads to the accumulation of more than one type of follicle in one place, which may show the transplanted area randomly and untidy!
  • The solution in this case is to transplant hair follicles extracted from the back of the head at the beginning of the baldness area, because it is the area that most affects the aesthetic appearance.
  • After that, the hair follicles extracted from the beard and others are transplanted in the middle, which is an area that does not greatly affect the aesthetic appearance.

The speed of hair growth varies from place to place

Also, the speed of hair growth varies from one region to another. As we know, beard hair grows faster than head hair, chest hair, arms and feet grows slowly.

Therefore, if the doctor has to pick out the follicles from more than one donor area, the patient will need to shave the hair regularly so that the transplanted hair does not appear in an irregular way.

Taking hair follicles from a donor

  • In most cases, another donor area cannot be relied upon.
  • As the success rate of hair transplantation in this way is very weak; Because the body rejects those follicles as foreign bodies.
  • This may happen, but the two people must be of the same blood type and also rely on certain medications for the rest of their life to help the body accept those follicles.
The Donor Area
The Donor Area

FAQ about the donor area

Is it possible to rely on someone else’s donor area?

So far, these operations have not been proven effective because the human body does not accept foreign follicles, but research is still ongoing and we hope that this will be effective in the future. 

When will the results of hair transplantation appear?

The results of hair transplantation begin to appear two months after the hair transplant operation, but you get the final results and the hair grows completely after about a year from the date of the operation.

Does the donor area hair grow again?

Yes, the hair of the area grows again in a natural way, as hair follicles are extracted from the donor area in certain ways and from distant places.

Is it normal to feel pain in the donor area after the transplant?

Yes, there will be some slight pain in the area after the hair transplant operation, but this pain will fade after several days of the operation.

How long does the donor area heal after transplantation?

The donor area heals after hair transplantation and after only about two weeks.
The healing process for the donor area will not take long, after a short time the scars will disappear and the hair will begin to grow naturally.

When can the donor area hair be shaved?

It is possible to shave the entire head of hair after the procedure, but it is always recommended to wait 3 weeks before shaving the head.

What are the causes of swelling in the donor area?

The extraction process is a stressful process for the scalp, so in some cases a slight swelling occurs in the donor area, but this tumor fades after a few days of the procedure.

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