BHT Technique in Turkey

BHT Technique in Turkey

BHT technique in Turkey is the ideal solution for hair transplantation in the case of lack of hair in any places and the difficulty of having a donor area for follicles, as in other techniques. The donor area is not enough for the required hair transplant, so the best solution is to use BHT technology.

This is because during BHT the doctor takes hair from other parts of the body, such as beard hair, hand hair or chest hair!

Anesthesia Local
Procedure duration7 Hours
Results Lifetime – Gradually 
Recovery Period5 Days
Turk aesthetic Cost1800 – 2000 EURO
BHT Technique in Turkey

BHT Technique İn Turkey

Hair transplantation, in general, is a simple process in which hair is extracted from areas that are not sensitive to hormones and transplanted to places that lack hair.

Where is the donor area?

  • The main reason for hair loss from a specific area is the sensitivity of that area to the hormone DHT, and therefore in the case of picking hair follicles from an area that is not sensitive to this hormone, we guarantee that the transplanted hair will not fall out permanently.
  • The donor area is the area at the back of the head, because it is usually the most dense area in the hair follicles.
  • In some cases, with the spread of baldness in most of the head, the follicles in that area cannot cover all the areas of the head affected by baldness.
  • Especially since it is possible for hair follicles to die while being transferred from the donor area to the hair transplantation area.
  • Thus, we need to extract the follicles from other places other than the donor area, which is not enough to cover the bald area.

Beard hair using in hair transplantation 

  • Beard hair is known to be thicker and coarser than head hair. Therefore, we do not resort directly to using beard hair to transplant the entire bald area, but..
  • At first, the doctor starts using the donor area follicles to implant it in the front of the head; As it is the most important poetry in the aesthetic view.
  • After that, he turns to using beard hair in the middle of the head, which is an invisible area!

Picking out beard hair

The beard hair is extracted from the area at the end of the beard, just above the neck, so as not to affect the appearance of the beard.

In all cases, if you use a good cosmetic center that has experience and a distinguished medical staff.. no trace appears at all in the donor areas after hair is extracted from them.

Chest hair using in hair transplantation 

  • The use of chest hair as a donor area for hair follicles is the third option that the doctor resorts to after both the back of the head and the beard area.
  • Unlike thick and coarse beard hair, chest hair is often thin and soft.
  • Also, more than one hair follicle from the scalp grows, unlike the beard or chest bulb, which usually contains only one hair.
  • Therefore, we will need large quantities of follicles to be able to nourish the bald area.

Who can perform BHT Technique İn Turkey

Hair transplantation is a simple process that is not hindered by many reasons, and this is clearly shown in the following…!

  • BHT technique is suitable for everyone who suffers from hair loss or baldness with various causes.
  • Those who have weak hair density in the donor area.
  • Mostly BHT technique in Turkey is used for hair transplantation in the head area.
  • Diabetics can transplant hair using BHT technique in Turkey, but on condition that sugar is regular in the periods prior to the procedure.
  • Hair transplantation is not done for children, but the baldness patient must be over 18 years old.

Who can not perform BHT Technique İn Turkey

The reasons for the difficulty of performing a hair transplant do not differ much according to the technique used, the following are the most important reasons that prevent the operation..!

  • Those who have skin diseases in the hair transplantation area.
  • Severe anemia patients.
  • People with acute kidney failure or liver disease.
  • Diabetes patients in advanced stages.
  • People with advanced heart disease.
  • Those who have diseases transmitted through blood.

Before the process 

Instructions before and after hair transplantation using BHT technique in Turkey are no different from the rest of the instructions for other hair transplant techniques, and can be summarized as follows…

  • Tell your doctor if you have a chronic disease.
  • Before starting the operation, the doctor must know if you have been taking medications regularly in recent periods.
  • You should refrain from taking aspirin or blood-thinners in general.
  • Refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages at least a day before the procedure.
  • Do not overeat the night before the operation.

After the process

  • During the first periods after the operation, you must adhere to the following instructions..
  • Avoid standing directly in the sun.
  • Stay away from strenuous exercise or any of the causes of sweat, such as sexual intercourse.
  • Keep the area where the hair transplant was done.
  • Quit smoking and alcoholic beverages for the period prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid using hairspray or dyes.
  • Do not shave, either with scissors or with an electric clipper.

Hair transplantation using the BHT technique in Turkey

  • It is known that the speed of hair growth on the head differs from the speed of growth of beard hair, as well as the speed of growth of chest hair.
  • Beard hair grows faster than head hair, and head hair grows faster than chest hair.. Therefore!
  • If you perform a hair transplant and extract the follicles from different places, then you will need to shave continuously to keep the hair even.

Before and after of hair transplantation in Turkey

Below are some pictures of hair transplantation operations using BHT technique in Turkey that took place at the Turk Aesthetic in Turkey, Istanbul.

BHT technique in Turkey cost for hair transplant

  • Hair transplantation using BHT technique in Turkey is a tedious process that must be done with perfection, during which hair follicles are used from different parts of the body.
  • Extracting the follicles from the beard area must be done carefully and with great care.
  • Never compromise on choosing a center or hospital that has the best experience, safety, and sterilization.
  • The price of an operation varies according to the area in which hair transplantation is required, and prices are determined during the first session at the center.
  • Performing a hair transplant with BHT technique in Turkey is much more than other techniques, in Turkey, Istanbul, the process is performed at an average price between 1800 to 2000 dollars.

FAQ | BHT technique in Turkey

Should my medications be stopped before the operation?

The answer varies according to the medications, but for blood thinners such as aspirin, you must stop taking it for 10 days before the operation and after consulting the doctor.

Is hair transplant a painful process?

Hair transplantation techniques have developed revolutionary in recent times, and now hair transplantation is a painless process due to the use of modern methods in addition to anesthesia.

When will the results of hair transplantation appear?

The results do not appear immediately, but you will start to notice the positive changes two months after the completion of the procedure.. The results are fully visible after 11 months.

For more information about treatment in Turkey, you can contact the Turk Aesthetic team from this link.

BHT Technique in Turkey