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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

erectile dysfunction treatment Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common diseases in men, especially the elderly. Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability of the member to get or maintain an erection enough for sex. There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction in Turkey, as Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in treating this disease in more than one way, including surgical and non-surgical, which works to make the patient recover.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment surgery in Turkey

is considered one of the safe operations, whether surgical or non-surgical, as it eventually works to make the member erect naturally again.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment video in Istanbul Turkey

is one of the operations that is carried out in a safe way in Turkey, so when you perform this type of operation, you must go to a trusted medical center with a selection of doctors and modern devices in order to get the desired results, here is a video showing how to perform an erectile dysfunction operation in Turkey:

Who can perform erectile dysfunction surgery?

  • All men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • Men over the age of 40 are more prone to erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

  • People with pressure and heart conditions that affect the amount of blood flowing to the penis.
  • People who suffer from diabetes also work to damage blood vessels.
  • Drinking alcohol and taking drugs also leads to erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological causes also affect erection, where the onset of erection is from the brain through excitement.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression affect sexual desire and erectile status in men.

Erectile dysfunction treatment methods in Turkey

There are many ways in which erectile dysfunction can be treated, including surgical and non-surgical methods, and the method of treatment is chosen based on the case, and the cost in Turkey is average compared to other countries.


Medicines are one of the most common methods of our time, as they act as a temporary treatment only during the relationship and must be maintained. Examples of these drugs are Viagra, but there are side effects of using such types of drugs such as feeling dizzy, high temperature or feeling the urge to vomit. .

Plasma injection (P.Shot)

It is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction, where plasma is used and injected into the organ, which helps to stimulate the blood circulation of the person who uses it, which in turn helps to improve erection.


It is possible that a person does not have erectile dysfunction but is affected by a psychological factor, so he must visit a psychiatrist until the problem is resolved.

Testosterone therapy

There are some rare cases in which a man’s sexual desire is weak, due to a lack of testosterone in the blood, which leads to erectile dysfunction. In this case, treatment with Testosterone helps to return the erection to its normal position.

Vacuum erection device

Vacuum erection device is one of the effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction, as the device works in a way that makes the erection last for a long time. The theory of the device’s work is that a plastic tube slips over the penis and sticks to its skin, and a pump from the other side pumps a low-pressure vacuum around the penis, then the penis erects, and then a flexible ring is made on the base of the penis, which makes the penis for a period of up to 30 minutes.


Surgery is resorted to if the arteries that reach the penis are narrow or almost clogged, so surgical intervention is made to treat this blockage. In this case, general anesthesia of the penis is used.

Stent implantation

This method is considered one of the surgical methods in which the member can be controlled and the erection is done whenever the time is appropriate. In this process, penis-like devices are placed so that you can have sex whenever you want naturally. There are two types of male stents, the first is the semi-flexible stent and the second is the inflatable stent .

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment surgery steps

  • First, they undergo some tests that the doctor determines to see if the person is suitable for this type of operation or not.
  • In the next stage, and before the start of the operation, the doctor will anesthetize the patient with either total or partial anesthesia, which is determined by the doctor according to what he deems appropriate for the case.
  • In the next stage, the doctor performs the process of cutting, which is to cut the tissues or arteries that obstruct the erection process.
  • The cutting can occur in two areas; Either below the penis or above the penis area.
  • After completing this process, you should follow up with the doctor for a period of time to be sure of your health.
  • You must stay in the hospital for 12-24 hours to ensure your safety.

FAQ – Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Turkey

What is the cost of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment surgery in Turkey?

Turkey is considered one of the average countries in terms of the price of an erectile dysfunction procedure, and the cost of an erectile dysfunction procedure ranges between 2500-4000 dollars, in the case of surgery or implantation of a stent.

What type of anesthesia is used in the process of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

The specialist doctor chooses the appropriate type of anesthesia according to the case, it may be general anesthesia or partial anesthesia, and most of the time, general anesthesia is used.

What is the success rate of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction surgery is considered one of the most successful operations, as it may reach complete success.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
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