Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey

Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey

Gastric Botox cost in Turkey varies depending on many factors. These are factors such as the patient’s condition, the surgeon’s experience, and the choice of hospital or clinic. The botox being original is one of the most important factors affecting the cost. The doctor who performs this procedure must be a surgeon or specializes in obesity and metabolic surgery. The number of botox injections used during the procedure is also an effective factor for the Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey.

Gastric Botox in Turkey

Gastric Botox in Turkey is injecting botulinum toxin (Botox) into the stomach muscles in combination with the endoscopy method. Botox can help to temporarily relax the muscles and regulate stomach movements. The effect of gastric botox lasts for 6 months. It is performed under sedation anesthesia and takes an average of 10 minutes. After the procedure, there is no need to stay in the hospital.

At the same time, gastric botox is a medical procedure used to relax the stomach muscles and treat some stomach disorders. It is a very simple and comfortable procedure for people who want to lose between 5 – 10 kilograms.Immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to his/her daily life. However, they should pay attention to their diet and follow the dietitian’s recommendations. If possible, the treatment should be supported by sport. 

Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey

What to Do Before Gastric Botox

  • Alcohol should be stopped at least one week before the procedure.
  • Smoking should be reduced.
  • If there is an allergy or medication used, it must be notified to the doctor before the procedure.
  • Fasting should be at least 6 hours before the procedure. 
  • Comfortable clothes should be preferred on the day of the procedure.

Nutrition After Gastric Botox

  • The list given by the dietitian must be followed.
  • Pineapple juice can be consumed for fat burning.
  • When the person feels full while eating, he/she should stop eating because the stomach has a muscular structure, otherwise the stomach may expand again.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed for 4 months as it reduces the effect of Botox.
  • The procedure can be repeated after 6 months if desired.

The Types of Botox Used in Gastric Botox


Dysport Botox is one of the most famous types of botox used. It is among the botoxes preferred by doctors for its high quality.


Allergan is the manufacturer of Botox, a botulinum toxin type A product known as Botox. Botox is an aesthetic treatment that helps reduce or prevent wrinkles on the face by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. It is also preferred in stomach botox, the patient must be sure that the original product is used in the procedure.

Gastric Botox Cost in Istanbul

The cost of procedures such as gastric botox can vary depending on factors such as the location of the hospital, the expertise of the provider or doctor, the amount of materials required for the procedure. To get a clear price, you can contact our team directly, send all your health information and photos and you can have a free consultation online. Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey in Istanbul are between 900 – 1500 Euros on average. Doctors and centers should be well researched to ensure that the results are satisfying and there are no side effects. 

The Best Gastric Botox Hospital and Doctor in Turkey

There are many well-known hospitals and specialist physicians in Turkey who perform medical procedures such as gastric botox. However, it is important to consider several factors to determine which healthcare facility or doctor is the most suitable for you.

The field of specialization, the reputation and technological infrastructure of the hospital or clinic, references and patient feedback, the doctor’s communication and patient-oriented approach are the features you should look for in the hospitals you prefer. As Turk Aesthetic, we are happy to serve you with the best hospitals, general surgeons and obesity and metabolic surgeons in Istanbul.

Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey 2024

Gastric Botox cost in Turkey 2024 depends on many factors such as the brand of botox, the number of botox injections, the doctor’s experience and the conditions of the hospital. Prices for gastric botox procedures in Europe and especially in Istanbul usually vary according to the country, city and preferred health institution. In Europe, it varies between 900 – 1500 Euros. Considering all these prices, the cost in Istanbul, Turkey is much more affordable. The average cost of Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey is 1200 euros.

FAQ – Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey

How many botox boxes are used during gastric botox?

Usually two boxes of botox are used.

How long does a stomach botox procedure take?

It is 10 minutes on average.

How many months does the effect of gastric botox last?

The effect lasts for an average of 6 months. However, if alcohol is consumed, the effect will be for a shorter time.

How much weight can be lost with gastric botox?

An average of 5 to 15 kilograms can be lost. At the same time, it is much more effective if supported with diet and exercises.

How should nutrition be after gastric botox in Istanbul?

The first three days should be just liquids, then puree and then the patient can start to eat solid food. There should be half an hour between consuming liquid and solid foods. Alcohol should not be consumed and smoking should be minimized.

In 2024, What is the cost of gastric botox in Turkey?

The average cost of gastric botox in Turkey is 1200 euros.

What should be the body mass index for gastric botox?

It is suitable for people with a body mass index of 25 – 40.

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Gastric Botox Cost in Turkey