Penile Implant Cost in Turkey

Penile Implant Cost in Turkey

Penile implant cost in Turkey: Penile prosthetics surgery is a treatment method generally used for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This procedure requires surgery and its cost can vary depending on many factors. Penile prosthesis surgery costs may vary depending on the country, location of surgery, type of prosthesis used, the patient’s general health condition, and the surgeon’s experience. Factors such as insurance coverage, patient condition, and treatment options can also affect costs.

Penile Implant

Penile prosthesis, also known as the happiness wand, is a treatment method used for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This procedure involves the surgical insertion of a device consisting of rollers and a pump that provides an erection in the penis. Penile prosthesis are usually performed as a last option when other treatment options such as P-Shot and ESWT have failed.

There are 3 types of penile prosthetics, 1pc, 2pcs and 3pcs:

  • One-piece prostheses are less preferred and difficult to handle because they are used manually.
  • In a two-piece prosthesis, erection is achieved by filling the prosthesis with fluid.
  • Three-piece prostheses are the most comfortable and useful type of prosthetics. It includes a balloon cylinder placed in the penis, a pump placed in the testicles, and a fluid reservoir placed in the abdominal cavity. When an erection is desired, fluids from the reservoir fill the penis balloons of the pump and thus an erection is achieved. After installation, the liquid is returned to the tank by the pump.

Types of penile prosthetics in Turkey

There are two most preferred types of penile prosthetics in Turkey:


There is only the option to expand horizontally. It has a lifetime warranty. Intercourse occurs naturally and is not noticeable from the outside. Coloplast penile implant cost in Turkey

  • Price of a one-piece prosthesis: 7800 euros
  • Casual three-piece suit: €4400


It is a prosthetic limb made in America. It has options to expand in width and length. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Intercourse occurs naturally and is not noticeable from the outside. AMS penile implant cost in Turkey:

  • Longitudinal: 8800 euros
  • Incidental only: €8300

Sexual intercourse after penile prosthetics

Penile prosthetics surgery may make sexual activity possible again in men with erectile dysfunction. After the prosthesis is placed, many patients can have normal sexual intercourse. However, post-surgery recovery period and personal experiences may vary. After the penis prosthesis is installed and the recovery period has passed, the person can have sexual intercourse normally.

Not noticeable when viewed from the outside. It is naturally experienced in states such as pleasure or orgasm and ejaculation, and is no different from normal intercourse. Sexual intercourse can be had 6 weeks after the penile prosthesis is installed.

Best brand of penis prosthetics in Turkey

Penile prosthesis brands may have different features and designs, and the most suitable brand may vary depending on the patient’s needs, the surgeon’s preferences, and the patient’s health condition.

Some of the famous brands of penis prostheses used in Turkey and around the world are:

  • Coloplast: Coloplast is a brand that has different options for penile prostheses. There are models such as Titan and Genesis.
  • AMS (American Medical Systems): AMS is a brand that offers a variety of penile implant options for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Various 700 and 800 series implants are available.
  • Zephyr Surgical Implants: This brand also offers a variety of options in penile prosthetics and produces implants that can be customized according to patients’ needs.
  • Bromidone: This is another brand that offers a variety of options for penile prostheses and other surgical implants.

Penile Implant Cost in Turkey Istanbul

Penile implant cost in Turkey Istanbul may vary depending on many factors. Factors such as the location of surgery, the hospital or clinic, the type of prosthesis used, and the experience of the surgeon may affect prices. Penile prosthetics surgery may not usually be covered by health insurance and may be a procedure that must be paid for in full by the patient.

Prices may also vary between different healthcare providers and surgeons. The average price of penile prosthetics in Istanbul ranges between 8000- 9000 euros.

Penile Implant Cost in Turkey 2024

The most important price factor in penile prosthetics is the brand and number of parts the prosthesis contains. Prices for one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece are different from each other. Penile implant cost in Turkey Istanbul 2024 range on average between 4400 – 8800 euros. The best brand and the best treatment affect the cost of everything. When it comes to health, you should be very careful and choose good doctors and hospitals.

Penile Implant Cost in Turkey
Penile Implant Cost in Turkey

FAQ – Penile Implant Cost in Turkey

What is a penile prosthesis?

For people who have never had an erection, an erection is achieved by placing a cylindrical balloon inside the penis and a pump placed inside the testicle.

What are the penile implant cost in Turkey in 2024?

Penile implant cost in Turkey 2024. Coloplast three-piece transverse prosthesis: 7800 euros, AMS brand transverse prostheses: 8800 euros.

What is the difference between Coloplast and AMS in penile prosthetics?

AMS is an American product, and Coloplast is a European product. The AMS penile prosthesis provides transverse and longitudinal growth. Coloplast has only a tangential growth pattern.

Can the prosthetics be seen from the outside?

The incisions during surgery are small and invisible. After the recovery period, it will only be activated during erection, so it cannot be seen when viewed from the outside.

When can you have sexual intercourse after installing penis prosthetic in Turkey?

After the healing period is over, have sex after about 6 weeks.

How many hours does penile prosthesis surgery take?

It takes about 2 hours.

Who can get a penis prosthesis?

It is a permanent and final solution especially for patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to diabetes or certain reasons and who do not respond to P shot, ESWT or drug treatments.

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Penile Implant Cost in Turkey