Abortion Cost in Turkey

Abortion Cost in Turkey

Abortion Cost in Turkey: Abortion can be legally performed in cases that generally endanger the mother’s health, in cases where pregnancy is not safe for the mother or child, or in cases of abuse such as rape. The decision to have an abortion depends on factors such as the mother’s desire, health status and compliance with legal conditions. In countries where it is legal, prices vary depending on factors such as the hospital quality and the experience of the doctor.

Abortion in Turkey

In Turkey, abortion is legal until the 10th week. However, abortion is illegal in a pregnancy that has started the 11th week. The abortion procedure to end unwanted pregnancies takes an average of 10 minutes. It is performed in a hospital environment with sedation anesthesia. It is performed by a gynecologist. After the procedure, the patient can leave the hospital when she regains consciousness.

There is no need to stay in the hospital. Painkillers and antibiotics should be used after the procedure. Abortion must be performed in a hospital, it is very dangerous for people who prefer to have it done in a clinic because it is more affordable. All procedures with anesthesia should be performed in a hospital environment, otherwise undesirable consequences may occur. Undergoing it in hospital conditions is an effective factor for Abortion Cost in Turkey.

How is abortion done?

Abortion is a medical procedure to end an unwanted pregnancy. The procedure is usually carried out over a period of time and can be performed in different ways. Vacuum aspiration is the preferred method in the early stages of pregnancy. In this procedure, the contents of the uterus are sucked out with the help of a vacuum device. Another method is curettage. In curettage, the inner layer of the uterus is scraped to remove the embryo.

The abortion procedure is usually performed under local or general anesthesia and the duration of the procedure may vary depending on how many weeks is the pregnancy and the method used. When the procedure is completed, a certain recovery period may be required. The patient should rest and follow the doctor’s recommendations. Before making the decision to have an abortion, it is important to have a thorough consultation with health professionals. This can help a person choose the most suitable option based on their health condition and preferences.

Abortion Cost in Turkey

Abortion Types 

Vacuum Aspiration (Surgical Abortion): 

It is the most preferred abortion method. The possibility of a piece remaining in the uterus is almost negligible. It is a comfortable and simple procedure performed with sedation anesthesia and takes an average of 10 minutes.


If the uterus needs to be cleaned not only for abortion but also as a result of some diseases, this is done by scraping or cleaning the inner layer of the uterus with a tool called curette.

Abortion Using Medication:

It is ending the pregnancy with medication. It is usually used in pregnancies up to 10 weeks. This method ensures that the contents of the uterus are expelled with the help of special drugs, but it must be performed under the doctor’s supervision and control. The doctor may perform a vacuum abortion later in case there is a piece left inside.

Abortion Cost in Istanbul

The most important factor in Abortion Cost in Turkey Istanbul is that the procedure is performed under hospital conditions.Prices may vary depending on the method used, the hospital, the services provided and the experience of the health professionals. In addition, in some cases, drugs may be given to dilate the cervix and if there is a blood incompatibility between mother and baby, after the procedure, injections may need to be done leading to changes in prices and costs in such cases.

Average Abortion Cost in Turkey Istanbul is between 500 – 1000 euros. In places where prices are low, it is important to perform the procedures in a clinical environment, but this is very dangerous. These situations should be taken into consideration and good centers should be chosen to get good results.

The Best Abortion Hospital and Doctor in Turkey

In Turkey, Istanbul has a rich range of hospitals and doctors in the field of treatment and cosmetic surgeries. 

  • Specialization and Experience: It is important to choose a doctor who is specialized and experienced in abortion procedures or a hospital that specializes in women’s health.
  • References and Reviews: Review ratings, reviews and patient testimonials about the doctor or hospital. You can get information on the internet or from your friends and relatives.
  • Licenses and Certificates: Make sure that the doctor or hospital you choose is officially recognized and has all the necessary licenses.
  • Patient Satisfaction and Communication: Consider how the doctor is rated in terms of patient communication, understanding and patient satisfaction.
  • Technology and Equipment: Find out about the technology, medical equipment and services they provide. It is important to use up-to-date and high quality technology. 
  • As Turk Aesthetic, we are happy to serve you with experienced specialist doctors and the best hospitals.

Abortion Cost in Turkey 2024

In 2024, Abortion Cost in Turkey vary depending on many factors such as technique, doctor experience, extra used medication, blood incompatibility injection if necessary, hospital conditions, transfer or hotel fee. Abortion is not legal in every country, but among the legal countries is Istanbul in Turkey, which comes first among the countries with the most affordable prices and costs compared to other countries. In general, Abortion Cost in Turkey in 2024 are between 500 – 1000 euros.

FAQ – Abortion cost in Turkey

What is abortion cost in Turkey?

In general, abortion cost in Turkey in 2024 is between 500 – 1000 euros.

Are there stitches after an abortion?

Since vacuum abortion is usually performed, there are no stitches after the procedure.

At what age are babies aborted?

Abortion can be performed for up to 9 weeks in Turkey.

How long does an abortion take?

It takes an average of 10 minutes.

Will there be pain and bleeding after the abortion?

There may be bleeding like menstruation or less for a few days, but the doctor describes treatment with painkillers and antibiotics after the procedure and there is no pain.

Can I get pregnant again after an abortion?

Usually, if the abortion is performed correctly and there are no complications, women can become pregnant again after the abortion.

How long after the abortion can I have sexual intercourse?

Sexual intercourse can be done 2 weeks after the abortion.

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