Cool Sculpting in Turkey

Cool Sculpting in Turkey

Cool Sculpting in Turkey technique or body sculpting is one of the things that most of us seek to get, a slim body and a healthy appearance are indispensable to live a happy, attractive life and live with self-confidence.

Some fats are not easy to get rid of by traditional methods such as dieting or exercising, even after losing many kilograms, the presence of flabby or fatty lumps remains.

Local obesity is the most difficult type of obesity, in which the patient suffers from increased flabbiness resulting from losing weight, as the fat is concentrated in one area.

Cool Sculpting in Turkey

Ways to eliminate local obesity

Sports can be an ideal solution to eliminate local obesity, but it is a tedious process that requires great effort and long periods of time, so Turk Aesthetic Istanbul Center offers you the CoolSculpting technique used in body sculpting!

What is a Cool Sculpting in Turkey device?

A device used to sculpt the body and get rid of fat accumulations, the cool sculpting device has been approved by the World Health Organization, which ensures that it is an effective solution to get rid of obesity in most areas of the body, especially in the abdominal area!

What is Cool Sculpting in Turkey technique

  • Cool sculpting means body sculpting, and it is one of the most successful fat loss techniques.
  • And it takes place after losing a lot of extra weight, after the body loses extra kilograms, flabbiness begins to appear, and some fat is concentrated in certain areas of the body.
  • The Coolsculpting process aims to get rid of excess fat in certain areas of the body by increasing muscle mass and reducing the percentage of fat in it.
  • The shape of the internal tissues is also improved, which helps the client to get a healthy body and tight body.
  • Coolsculpting in Turkey may be done on the whole body or in localized places such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
Who can perform Cool Sculpting in Turkey ?
  • People after puberty so that they do not suffer from diseases and are in good health.
  • If you have a certain texture that you want to achieve by slimming areas and highlighting other areas.
  • Obese patients after getting rid of excess weight and they suffer from flabbiness.
  • To obtain satisfactory results, CoolSculpting is performed for non-smokers.
  • Those who lead a healthy lifestyle and keep exercising.

How Cool Sculpting in Turkey technique works

  • A technique known as cryolipolysis is used, which is done by gently cooling the fat placed under the skin in a certain way so that the fat cells are completely cooled and crystallized without permanently compromising the surrounding tissues.
  • Over time, the crystallized fat cells gradually die and are naturally expelled from the body, thus we get a sculpted and toned body, and to get better results, one to three sessions should be done in each target area.

Coolsculpting stages in Turkey


Total Time: 45 minutes

first stage

The cool sculpting device used for liposuction and body sculpting is easy to use.
The device has a head that is manufactured so that it is shed on the areas of fat accumulation.

next stage

As soon as the head of the device is shed on the fat area, the device begins its work.
So that it cools the area and freezes the fat and thus the death of fat cells.
The device has the ability to tighten the skin and get rid of the sagging that usually appears after weight loss.

final stage

Whether the excess weight is lost by natural methods or after liposuction.
A cool sculpting body sculpting session takes less than an hour.
You can then do all your daily activities normally.

Estimated Cost: 290 Euro

When will the results of the body Cool Sculpting in Turkey process appear?
  • Cool sculpting technique is one of the most successful techniques in body sculpting, as results begin to appear immediately after 6 weeks.
  • You will continue to notice positive results for up to 4 months, after which the localized fat and sagging has been completely eliminated without a return.
  • You only need four months to reach the desired results and enjoy the perfect body.

Cool Sculpting in Turkey advantages

Cool Sculpting in Turkey: One of the most important body sculpting techniques, after achieving amazing results in getting rid of stubborn fat, and changing the lives of obese patients for the better. It is characterized by the following:

  • A cold body sculpting session takes only one hour at the most.
  • The technique is completely safe as it does not require surgical interventions and thus protects you from risks.
  • Eliminates the patient from the need for exposure to harmful rays, as in other techniques.
  • The mechanism of action of the device helps to stimulate collagen, which is responsible for tightening the skin and getting rid of sagging skin.
  • With cool sculpting, the temperature is gradually lowered until the cells are frozen.
  • After freezing the cells, they die without damaging the body’s tissues at all, because the device automatically separates when a certain temperature is reached.
  • The doctor considers setting the appropriate temperature based on the amount of fat accumulated in the treated area.
  • Some areas of the body are difficult for obese patients to lose weight without surgical intervention except by using cool sculpting, such as the abdomen and buttocks area.

Cool Sculpting in Turkey disadvantages

  • Body sculpting techniques are not useful if you suffer from obesity, the purpose of using them is only to get rid of fat stored in some areas.
  • Although a cool sculpting device is easy to use, it needs a professional who has the ability to control it precisely.
  • Improper operation of the device may cause tissue death, and the patient may develop gangrene.
  • The results of the body sculpting process using the freezing technique are delayed in appearance, and do not appear completely until after 4 months have passed!
  • This is considered a long period, especially when compared with liposuction or gastric banding.
  • During the session, some patients feel tired, because during the session the patient may feel some pain or a slight tweak, but with the use of local anesthesia there is no pain.
Tips before Cool Sculpting in Turkey session
  • Stop smoking.
  • It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages before the operation.
  • Take care to follow a healthy diet.
  • Be sure to reduce body fat by refraining from eating sweets, starches and fats.
  • The psychological state of the patient should be as good as possible.

Coolsculpting session cost in Turkey Istanbul

  • It is always recommended to choose a reliable medical center with long experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.
  • We at Turk Aesthetic have the best experience and sterilization thanks to the presence of a medical staff of the world’s elite doctors!
  • In general, it can be said that the average cool sculpting procedure in Istanbul Turkey is between 290 to 600 Euro.

FAQ | Cool Sculpting in Turkey

What areas of the body can cool sculpting be used on?

limbs and flanks.
the arms.
Chest fat, and the chest in men.
Lower thigh and thighs inside and out.
double chin;

What is the cost of cool sculpting in Turkey?

Turkey is considered one of the best countries in the world to perform body sculpting operations.
The average cool sculpting procedure in Istanbul Turkey is between 3500 to 5000 USD.

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