O Shot in Turkey

O Shot in Turkey

O Shot in Turkey, is a minimally invasive technique designed to improve female sexual arousal and function. It involves injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s own blood into the clitoris and surrounding tissues. The PRP comprises growth factors believed to prompt tissue regeneration and enhance blood circulation, potentially resulting in heightened libido, improved orgasmic function, and relief from certain sexual dysfunctions.

Turkey, and particularly Istanbul, has become a major medical tourism destination, offering cosmetic procedures like the O Shot (orgasm shot), a non-surgicalprocedure for women with sexual dysfunction or low libido. O Shot in Turkey uses PRP therapy into particular areas of the vagina and clitoris  to stimulate tissue growth, improve blood flow, and enhance sexual pleasure.

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Candidates For O Shot in Turkey

In Turkey. Women who have difficulties achieving orgasm, a low libido, vaginal dryness, or minor urine incontinence are the most suitable candidates for the O Shot. Furthermore, women looking to improve their sexual experience or overall vaginal health may benefit from this procedure. While there is no age requirement, women should be in generally good health and have realistic expectations for the treatment’s outcomes.

O Shot Process in Turkey

In Turkey, the O Shot procedure usually involves the following steps:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Before the O Shot procedure:

Consultation: Patients usually consult with a qualified doctor prior to receiving the O-Shot . During this session, the doctor reviews the patient’s medical history and addresses any questions or concerns about the procedure.
Pre-procedure instructions: Patients may receive advice from their doctor about any preparations they need to make before the procedure. This could involve avoiding particular medications or activities.

During the O Shot Procedure:

Anesthesia: To reduce discomfort during the injection process, the O-Shot technique is typically conducted using local anesthesia.
Blood draw: a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, just like a regular blood test.
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) preparation: The blood is centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the other components of the blood.
Injection: PRP, which includes growth factors and other healing properties,  is administered to specific parts of the vagina and clitoris. The injections are placed strategically to promote tissue regeneration and enhance sexual function.

After the O Shot Procedure:

Recovery: Following the procedure, patients may have moderate soreness, edema, or bruising at the injection sites. This usually resolves after a few days.
Post-procedure instructions: Patients are typically given advice about how to care for themselves following the O-Shot. This could include avoiding vigorous activity or sexual intercourse for a specific period of time.
Follow-up appointments: Patients may be booked for follow-up appointments to examine their progress and the treatment’s effectiveness.

Estimated Cost: 290 Euro

O Shot in Turkey Advantages:

  • Non-surgical and minimally invasive care.
  • Utilizes the body’s natural healing properties.
  • Can increase sexual function and satisfaction.
  • May improve vaginal health and urinary incontinence.
  • Minimal downtime and fast recovery

O Shot Disadvantages:

  • Results may differ from person to person and may take several sessions to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Possible side effects include mild discomfort or soreness during the procedure, as well as bruising, edema, and infection at injection sites.
  • Not suitable for everyone, and results are not guaranteed.

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O Shot Post-Care Instructions in Turkey

In Turkey, following the O Shot in Turkey, patients are often given post-care recommendations to improve their outcomes and guarantee a smooth recovery. This may include:

  • Avoid sexual activity for at least 48 hours to allow the injected PRP to settle and facilitate maximum recovery.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activities for the first few days to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Tampons and other activities that may cause vaginal irritation should be avoided for at least one week after the procedure.
  • Attend follow-up consultations arranged by your doctor to evaluate your progress and sort out any issues.

Best Doctors and Clinics For O Shot in Turkey

Turkey, particularly Istanbul, offers women seeking sexual satisfaction through the O Shot in Turkey procedure a perfect blend of advanced medical expertise and rich cultural allure. Renowned for its finest healthcare infrastructure and skilled professionals at affordable rates, Turkey is a preferred destination for international patients. Istanbul’s vibrant ambiance, historical landmarks, and diverse cuisine complement the superior medical treatment, providing a holistic experience.Turkey stands out as an ideal destination for a rejuvenating and hassle-free exploration trip, thanks to its optimal accessibility provided by well-connected airports and efficient transportation options.

Turk Aesthetic is dedicated to prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of its patients by offering personalized procedures throughout the O Shot in Turkey process. Our comprehensive packages, including accommodation, transportation, and translation services, are designed to meet the specific needs of each patient.

O Shot in Turkey Costs in 2024

in Turkey, the cost of an O Shot procedure can vary based on factors like the clinic’s reputation, the doctors’ expertise, the techniques employed, and the procedure’s complexity. However, medical and cosmetic procedures in Turkey generally provide greater affordability compared to countries like the United States or Germany. In Istanbul, specifically, O Shot procedures typically range from €290.

Turk Aesthetic provides personalized treatment options and cost estimates that are tailored to the needs of each patient.

O Shot in Turkey
O Shot in Turkey

FAQ- O Shot in Turkey

What is the O-Shot?

The O Shot is a non-surgical technique that stimulates sexual arousal and rejuvenates the female genitalia.

How does the O-Shot work?

The O Shot includes injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s own blood into the vaginal tissues, which promotes tissue regeneration and sensitivity.

What are the benefits of the O Shot?

Benefits may include greater sexual desire, higher arousal and orgasm, improved vaginal lubrication, and potentially relief from urine incontinence and vaginal dryness.

Is the O-Shot safe?

Yes, the O Shot is typically regarded as safe because it uses the patient’s own blood components.

Is the O-Shot painful?

Discomfort during the procedure is minor because a numbing cream is often provided to the treatment region beforehand to reduce pain and discomfort.

How much does the O shot in Turkey?

In Turkey, Istanbul notably, O Shot procedures range from 290 Euros.

How long does the O Shot procedure take?

The O Shot care takes around 30 minutes to perform, including preparatory time.

Is there any downtime following the O-shot?

There is usually little to no downtime after the O Shot, and patients can resume their routine activities right after.

What is the difference between G Shot and O Shot?

The G Shot focuses on the G-shot with filler injections, while the O Shot targets multiple areas of the genitalia using PRP injections for overall sexual enhancement.

How many days should I stay in Turkey after getting an O shot?

It is recommended to stay in Turkey for at least 2 to 3 days after receiving an O Shot. This enables for quick post-procedure monitoring and ensures that you are comfortable before returning home. 

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