fat transfer in Turkey

Fat Transfer in Turkey

Fat transfer in Turkey Istanbul is one type of plastic surgery that is based on transferring fat from an unwanted body area and re-injecting it in other body areas for many purposes such as for tightening the skin and getting rid of wrinkles and deep scars.

Fat can also be transferred to the buttocks area to obtain a more consistent appearance with the body. Men may transfer fat to enlarge the penis. The procedure can be performed within 2 to 3 hours according to each case under full anesthesia and a one-night stay in the hospital is required. As for the results, they appear immediately as soon as the surgical effects disappear. Here is some quick information on the procedure:

Anesthesia General
Procedure Duration2-3  hours
ResultsImmediate – Lasting 5-10 years approx.
Convalescence5-7 days 
Stay in Hospital1 Night
Turk Aesthetic Cost2500 – 3000 EUR approx.
Fat Transfer in Turkey

How is fat transfer (Lipofilling) done in Turkey

Usually the Lipofilling process is related to liposuction so that non-autologous fat cannot be used. After determining the purpose of fat injection, whether it is for the face or other body areas, liposuction areas are determined by simple lines that help the surgeon more. The body is completely anesthetized and then the fat is extracted through tiny tubes that start in the person’s body through incisions that do not exceed 0.5cm and end through a suction device. The extracted fat is purified from the impurities and then injected into the target to be treated.

Fat transfer (Lipofilling) video in Turkey

Who can undergo fat transfer in Turkey

  • Healthy body.
  • Up 20 years old.
  • Who feels dissatisfied because of some skin problems on the face, such as deep wrinkles or scars that the filler cannot treat.
  • Girls who want a tight butt and consistent with the shape of the body.
  • Men who wish to undergo penis enlargement are eligible for fat transfer .

Who can not undergo fat transfer

  • Age less than 20 years old
  • Suffering from a chronic or contagious disease.
  • Who has skin problems that can be solved by non-surgical solutions, such as fillers & lasers.

The doctor who performs fat transfer 

The procedure performed by a plastic surgeon who has sufficient experience to perform this type of operation. No doctor from another specialty can perform Lipofilling. It is taken into account when choosing a hospital or medical center to investigate a reliable center, a clinical environment with a high degree of sterilization, and a highly qualified doctor. The high cost of the procedure may sometimes reflect the center’s high efficiency and credibility, so it is preferable not to discuss or bargain on the issue of the high price.

Anesthesia types during the procedure

Lipofilling can be performed under general anaesthesia only. The patient must stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the operation to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the stomach after waking up from the operation. The patient stays in the hospital for one or two nights in the case of general anesthesia.

The process steps in Turkey

The fat transfer process goes through three stages, like other operations:

Total Time: 2 hours

Before the operation

fat transfer in Turkey

Before starting the fat transfer process, it is preferable to tell the doctor about any chronic diseases that the person suffers from or any medications used, if any, and to inform the doctor about any previous operations that were performed, without neglecting any information related to the health condition. Several things must be followed, the most important of which are:
Discuss with the doctor about the purpose of the procedure and the results related to the procedure.
Refrain from food and drink for at least six hours before the operation, because the body is under general anesthesia.
Inform the doctor of any medications used periodically.
Refrain from alcohol and smoking for at least one week before the operation.
Stop any blood-thinning medications such as aspirin after consulting a doctor.
Choose comfortable clothes on the day of the operation.

During operation

After general anesthesia, the fat transfer process goes through three main stages:
fat purification
Re-transfer of fat in the place to be treated
The doctor determines the area from which the fat will be taken (abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest, hands) and determines the amount of fat needed according to the purpose of the procedure. The surgeon begins with suctioning the fat cells using special equipment from the body, while keeping these cells alive. The doctor treats these fats by re-purifying them from impurities and then re-injecting them into the area whose appearance is to be improved. These procedures are done with utmost precision to preserve the integrity of fat cells from damage.

After the operation

After the operation, bandages are applied to the operation area, and doctors advise wearing a tight corset to put pressure on the bruises, reduce swelling and help heal faster. A small absorbent tube can be temporarily placed under the skin to drain the fluid that may collect, and instructions and instructions will be given by the surgeon, as far as the patient’s commitment to it literally will get better results. The patient must stay in the hospital for one night.

Fat transfer uses and benefits in Turkey

Fat transfer to face

Fat transfer to face and cheeks performs to look full and tight, it is done to increase the size of the lower jaw and give it a wider shape than it is. Lips to give a full and attractive look.

Fat transfer to buttocks 

Butt lift surgery is a suitable option for those who want a more visible change in the appearance of their buttocks and body, especially women with flat buttocks, to give a more feminine and attractive appearance. Butt lift or butt lift can be performed by transferring fat, and it is the most common method, where fat is suctioned from one area of ​​the body and then injected into the buttocks. More can be found via the link.

Fat transfer for penis enlargement

The process of penis enlargement is done by fat transfer by getting rid of the accumulated fat above the pubic (which affects the actual length of the penis) in addition to the possibility of extracting fat from other areas of the body in the absence of fat above the pubic, then the extracted fat is injected into the penis in order for the penis to gain thickness or width additional.

Penis Enlargement in turkey
Penis Enlargement in turkey

Fat transfer to other areas of the body

In some cases, fat can be injected into other areas of the body, as in the event of scars in the hands, feet, or other places as a result of an accident, so that fat transfer  would be a cosmetic solution to hide these effects. Also, fat may be injected to hide deep wrinkles in the neck, hands or chest, but to a limited extent.

Before and after fat transfer in Turkey

Here are some before and after pictures of the fat grafting procedure in Turkey that was carried out at the Turk Aesthetic Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

Fat transfer post-op instructions

Here are some things to take into consideration after the procedure:

  • Get complete rest and make sure to take the medications, analgesics and anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor to reduce any complications or pain.
  • Reducing or abstaining from smoking and stopping blood-thinning medications.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, which helps in better recovery and wound healing in less time.
  • Adequate sleep after the operation and lying down in proportion to the place of the procedure in the body determined by the doctor with the instructions.
  • Careful wound care.
  • Commit to wearing the corset given by the doctor during the specified period.

Pros and Cons


The negatives abound after the process in Turkey steadily, with the degree of experience of the surgeon, in addition to the patient’s failure to adhere to the instructions recommended after the operation. Rarely, asymmetry may occur in treated areas.


When obtaining successful results, the patient regains his self-confidence as a result of obtaining a more youthful and beautiful appearance. The patient will obtain a tight and healthy body. This process can also help get rid of unwanted excess fat in some areas of the body (according to some cases).

Side effects 

  • Some skin swellings and bruises.
  • Minor itching at the surgical suture site.
  • Discomfort in the first week.
  • Slight and temporary numbness in the body.
  • Temporary redness or blueness in the transfer areas in some cases.

Fat transfer surgery in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is the destination for many tourists who visit Turkey for the purpose of treatment and tourism at the same time because of the many advantages, such as the multiplicity of options, the expertise of doctors, the quality of service and reasonable prices. The process in Turkey is one of the most important options available for cosmetic surgery, and its cost varies according to each center or case from 2000 – 2500 euros.

Fat transfer cost in Turkey Istanbul

The cost of fat transfer in Turkey varies from place to place according to several things:

  • The reputation of the medical center or hospital.
  • Doctor’s experience.
  • Body area
  • The attached services provided by the center because some centers offer packages that include treatment, accommodation and transportation.

At Turk Aesthetic Istanbul – Turkey, the cost of the process is 2,200 euros. To request the cost of the package including accommodation and transportation, you can contact the Turk Aesthetic team via the contact page.


How long does the fat transfer process take?

About 2 – 3 hours according to each case.

When will the results of the fat transfer process appear?

The results of the procedure are immediate and can be clearly seen once the effects of the surgery wear off.

What is the success rate of fat transfer?

The success rate of the operation is high compared to other operations.

What type of anesthesia is used in the fat transfer process?

Fat transfer can only be performed under general anesthesia.

What is the cost of fat transfer in Turkey?

At Turk Aesthetic Istanbul, the cost of fat transfer varied according to process details from 2500 euro.

What is the recovery period after fat injection?

A week is sufficient as a recovery period after the fat transfer procedure.

Are the results of the fat transfer process permanent?

The results of fat transfer are a long-term solution compared to cases that can be done without surgery, the results of fat transfer last about 5-10 years.

Is fat transfer affected by diet?

You need a diet rich in carbohydrates after fat transfer so that the results are not negatively affected by the lack of food.

Finally, you can contact us directly via the link to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic Istanbul Turkey.

Fat Transfer in Turkey