Penis Enlargement in turkey

Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement in Turkey Istanbul or as it is called Penoplasty, as many men suffer from short penis length, which makes the majority of them think not to marry for this simple reason. With the development of science and medical solutions, the penis enlargement procedure appeared as a solution to this problem, and the results were positive and promising for everyone who suffers from this shortcoming.

The process of penis enlargement increases the length of the male by an acceptable amount that helps to get rid of shyness and a feeling of inferiority.

Procedure Time1 Hour
Stay in the hospital after the operation1 Night
Stay in Istanbul for Process5 Days 
Results PermanenceLifetime 
Convalescence2 Days – Avoiding sex for a Month
Cost3400 EUR
Penis enlargement in Turkey

How Penis Enlargement Process Performed in Turkey?

The process of penis enlargement is carried out through 3 very safe steps and away from the mechanism of action of the penis itself, which is feared and avoided by many for fear of any medical error. But we can reassure men who are thinking of taking the procedure that these steps are simple and do not affect the mechanics of the penis at all, and they are by releasing the ligament above the penis.

Then by getting rid of the fat accumulated above the pubic area that affects the actual length of the penis (that is, these two steps gain the male penis Extra length) and finally injecting the extracted fat into the penis in order for the penis to gain additional thickness or width.

Penoplasty Video 

The video briefly explains the mechanism and stages of the process of penis enlargement in Istanbul, Turkey.

Penis enlargement in Turkey

Who is Eligible for penis enlargement in Turkey?

  • Anyone who wants to be in good health and beyond the age of puberty
  • He had previously undergone a purification process.
  • Anyone who suffers from a short penis.

Who is Not Eligible for it?

  • Advanced heart and hypertension patients.
  • Advanced diabetic patients.
  • Patients who have an infectious disease.
  • And patients who use blood-thinning drugs should consult a doctor exclusively.

Who Performs penis enlargement in Turkey?

The operation is usually performed by a specialized plastic surgeon or a reproductive doctor in the hospital and in a highly sterilized clinical environment, but a highly credible hospital or medical center must be investigated, which usually contracts with highly experienced doctors to obtain the required results.

Penis Enlargement Process Steps in Turkey

The process of penis enlargement goes through three stages, which we present in the following lines:

Before the operation

The pre-procedure stage includes inquiries and a request for clarification from both the patient and the doctor, so that the patient is asked about the details of the procedure, and he tells him about his purpose and ambitions after the operation and his main problem, which is the reason for the procedure. As for the doctor, he asks the patient about his age, the medications he usually takes, and the diseases he suffers from, if any.

The doctor gives details of the procedure and tells about the expected results after the procedure, along with the instructions to be adhered to. After that, the patient conducts general blood tests to detect sugar and cholesterol levels, measure blood pressure and heart rate. After making sure that the patient’s body is fit to perform the operation, the patient moves to the operating room in preparation for the next stage.

During penis enlargement in Turkey

The operation begins with general anesthesia of the body, and the operation takes about 1 hour. It goes through the following steps:

Total Time: 1 hour

Penile Ligament

Penis Enlargement in turkey

The process of releasing the ligament located in the pubic area to give an increase in the apparent length of the penis, this step is done by making a simple incision of the ligament of the penis in the lower pubic area and it takes only a few minutes. The person gets immediate results by extending the length of the penis.

Pubic Liposuction

The next step comes for the reason that some men have fatty or fat lumps in the lower abdomen or the so-called pubic area, so the doctor performs liposuction from this area to gain the penis additional length and beauty for the lower abdomen and pubic area, and the result is immediate. This step usually takes about 30 minutes.

Penis Fat Injection

Penis Enlargement in turkey

This process is done by extracting fat from the abdomen and pubic area, then the fat is purified from the impurities and injected into the penis using very delicate and delicate tools and equipment. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes for the penis to be injected with fat for the penis to gain additional width or thickness, and so the process is complete.

Scrotum Reduction

An additional and optional procedure, the cost of which is not included in the cost of penis enlargement. This procedure is not suitable for all cases, but only for certain cases, which are cases that are from birth and the problem is with the skin surrounding the bottom of the organ that is attached to the organ, which covers half of the organ and its reduction will give a great benefit to the man.
You cannot take a personal decision to reduce the scrotum without consulting a doctor, because only the doctor can decide whether you need this procedure or not.

Estimated Cost: 3400 EUR

After the Operation

After the procedure, the patient stays in the hospital for one night, which is enough to rid the body of the effect of anesthesia. The doctor will prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics, which must be strictly adhered to.

The doctor will also prescribe some necessary creams for a gentle massage of the organ to get the best results. You should see the doctor after a period of two days to check on the patient and the proper progress of the procedure.

Instructions Before & After Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Before the Procedure

Before the procedure, the doctor recommends that you stop taking blood-thinning medications as well as abstain from alcohol and smoking.

Fasting is required 8 hours before the operation, i.e. the operation is performed on an empty stomach because the entire body is anesthetized.

After penis enlargement in Turkey

Pay attention to the simple wound below the pubic and take care of its cleanliness.

A gentle massage and massage using the cream mentioned in the prescription of the penis so that the injected fat is distributed in a consistent manner, especially in the second week after the procedure.

Abstain from sex for 30 – 45 days.

Penis Enlargement in turkey
Penis Enlargement in turkey

Penoplasty Advantages 

  • Giving self-confidence to some people.
  • The small penis size is sometimes an obstacle to marriage.
  • Constantly worry about not having children because of the size of the members.
  • Some think that the size of a small member does not lead to full sexual pleasure for women.
  • Constant shyness of a person because of the small penis size.

Side Effects

  • Feeling of numbness and some numbness with some minor itching in the penis.
  • Erections are somewhat uncomfortable and this detail varies from person to person.
  • Redness or blueness in the procedure area.
  • Mild pain in the first days.

Penis enlargement in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey has become the first destination for thousands of people annually for medical tourism due to the quality of the medical service and the low prices offered, in addition to the skill of doctors. Male penis enlargement in Istanbul Turkey is considered one of the plastic surgeries that men frequently perform due to the sensitivity and privacy of the subject.

So that the same operation cannot be performed in the mother country due to the lack of independence and privacy, in addition, the cost of the procedure is low if we compare it to the countries neighboring Turkey and the instability The Middle East on the other hand, which encourages many to think of Turkey as a first option.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost in Turkey Istanbul

The cost of penis enlargement varies between Turkish states according to each state. Istanbul remains in first place in the completion of operations because it is distinguished from other Turkish states in terms of the diversity of hospitals and medical centers and the large number of doctors and skills as a result of the accumulated experiences through the number of operations performed. The cost of penis enlargement surgery in Istanbul varies according to the reputation of the medical center, the contracting doctors and the medical equipment used.

In Turkey, the cost of penis enlargement in Turkey ranges between 3500 euros – 4000 euros, and in Turk Aesthetic, the cost of penis enlargement is 3400 euros.

In Turk Aesthetic, all you have to do is contact us via WhatsApp or through social networking sites, and you can also fill out a contact request and we will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Turk Aesthetic puts at your service a group of medical advisors with no less than 3 years of experience in the field of medical guidance. We also offer you additional services such as translation service, reception at the airport, transportation between the hotel and the hospital, and vice versa. We can also provide you with a hotel reservation.

FAQ – Penis Enlargement in Turkey Istanbul

What about traditional penis enlargement solutions, are they effective?

Home solutions are not effective, but only give a positive psychological motivation and increase satisfaction, nothing more.

Are there complications of the operation or any common symptoms?

Yes, men may feel some pain during an erection, because the penis is in a new stage, different from before the operation, and this is normal and there is no need to worry because it gradually disappears to disappear permanently after a period of 10 days.

How much is the increase in height?

The operation cannot be accomplished based on ambition and imagination, but rather logic and rationality. Therefore, the operation can achieve an increase of 3 cm in length and an additional 2 cm in thickness.

Is penis enlargement surgery safe?

Yes, it is safe, because the doctor does not work on the shape of the penis and does not work with the penis from the inside. The procedure is purely external and does not cause any harm. The chances of success increase more directly with the skill of the doctor who will perform the operation. Make sure of the efficiency standard and avoid the financial standard before deciding to perform the operation.

Does penis enlargement affect erection?

What we have to confirm is that the process of penis enlargement does not permanently affect the erection, but rather it is likely to strengthen the erection in the event of erectile dysfunction.

Does penis enlargement affect reproduction?

Penis enlargement does not affect procreation, as there is no connection between the issue of childbearing and the shape of the new penis.

What type of anesthesia is used in penis enlargement?

 The doctor uses general anesthesia before performing the lengthening process, and the result appears immediately after the completion of the operation.

What are the types of fat used in penis enlargement in Turkey?

Vital fats extracted from areas of the body such as the abdomen, waist and thighs are used. We can inject this fat to increase the diameter or thickness of the penis.

And finally, you can contact our team directly via the link to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic.

Penis Enlargement