Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Procedure

Laparoscopic Gastric Balloon Procedure

Laparoscopic gastric balloon is one of the non-surgical alternatives that help in weight loss, as this process is applied for a temporary period as it fills an area of ​​the stomach and helps to feel full after eating smaller amounts of food and thus leads to weight loss.

Laparoscopic gastric balloon surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

The laparoscopic gastric balloon is one of the latest methods of weight loss, where the procedure is performed by temporarily placing a medical inflatable silicone balloon filled with saline solution in the stomach in order to occupy an area of ​​the stomach and thus helps to feel full and full with a small amount of food.

 In the following table, we show you the most important information about the laparoscopic gastric balloon procedure.

Laparoscopic gastric balloon operation video

The gastric balloon operation is performed laparoscopically in Turkey in a safe way, whether it is performed in a reliable hospital or medical center, and it must be ensured that the place has a good reputation and that it has obtained positive results from the experiences of previous people, and the following is a video showing how to perform the gastric balloon operation laparoscopically in Turkey Istanbul:

Candidate for Laparoscopic gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is performed laparoscopically for people with a mass index of 30 to 40.

People who suffer from bone pain and spine pain due to their excessive weight can undergo the laparoscopic gastric balloon procedure in order to get rid of this pain.

People who are unable to lose weight due to stable weight can do this operation.

Not candidate for Laparoscopic gastric balloon

  • The gastric balloon cannot be performed laparoscopically for those who have not reached the age of eighteen.
  • This operation cannot be performed for people who have local accumulations of fat in the body, and in this case, liposuction can be used.
  • People suffering from chronic gastritis or stomach ulcers.
  • People who suffer from esophagitis, as well as people who suffer from gluttony due to stress.
  • This method is not used for obese people and their BMI is over 40, and therefore they resort to gastric bypass, gastric bypass, or liposuction.
  • Pregnant women cannot perform this operation, for their safety.

The doctor who performs Laparoscopic gastric balloon

The doctors who perform the gastric balloon laparoscopically are obesity doctors and the general surgery department.

No doctor from any other specialization can perform this operation.

You must ask and make sure that the doctor who performs this operation is experienced, skilled and highly qualified.

The type of anesthesia used in the laparoscopic gastric balloon procedure

In this process, the doctor uses a migraine anesthetic in addition to the use of a sedative in order to help the patient relax and not to cause a contraction of the esophagus when the doctor inserts the endoscope.

Steps of the laparoscopic gastric balloon operation

After the doctor anesthetizes the patient, he inserts the gastric balloon through the mouth through the esophagus through the esophagus into the stomach. In the case of the Orpera or Reship balloon technique, the balloon is deflated. When using an obalon, the doctor inserts a small capsule or several capsules into the stomach.

In the case of an opera or balloon reship, the doctor fills the balloon using a catheter with sterile saline solution until the balloon is approximately half the size of the stomach.

When using an obalon, the doctor fills balloons with hydrogen gas, because hydrogen gas is very light and not dangerous if a puncture occurs.

The patient stays in the hospital for a short period until the doctor is assured of the success of the operation and the patient’s health.

Side effects

Laparoscopic gastric balloon, like any other surgery, has some side effects and damages, such as:

  • Feeling of nausea and discomfort in the few days after the operation.
  • Vomiting, where vomiting occurs as a natural reaction from the stomach, as a result of its sensation of a foreign body inside it.
  • Feeling stomach pain, and in order to overcome this pain, the doctor prescribes some analgesics suitable for the person.

Laparoscopic gastric balloon cost in Turkey

The cost of the laparoscopic gastric balloon is affected by some factors such as the type of hospital, the skill and experience of the doctor performing the operation, as well as the type of balloon used.

The prices of the laparoscopic gastric balloon in Turkey are very low compared to the Arab Gulf countries and European countries, where the average cost of the laparoscopic gastric balloon in Turkey Istanbul ranges between 2000 to 3000 dollars.

Before and after laparoscopic gastric balloon operation in Turkey

Below we show you some pictures before and after the laparoscopic gastric balloon operation in Turkey, which was well accomplished at the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, Istanbul.

Instructions before laparoscopic gastric balloon operation

  • You must perform all the tests required by the doctor in order to check on your health and to make sure that this operation can be performed for you without any risks to you.
  • You must inform the doctor of your medical history, and you must tell him if you are taking any drugs or medications.
  • You must fast several hours before the operation, as determined by the doctor.
  • It is recommended that you tell your doctor about the results you wish for and discuss with him the possibility of achieving these results.

Instructions After laparoscopic gastric balloon operation

  • You must adhere to the diet prescribed by the doctor after the gastric balloon operation, as simply inserting the balloon is not sufficient to lose weight, so you must adhere to the diet specified for you
  • You should drink plenty of water before and after meals.
  • You should eat slowly and eat liquid foods first and then solid foods gradually.
  • It is advised to choose foods rich in nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.
  • You should avoid fast food and soft drinks.
FAQ – Laparoscopic gastric balloon

Is stomach balloon painful?

The gastric balloon can irritate the muscles of the stomach wall in the first 48 hours, causing painful contractions, and a liquid diet can help reduce these symptoms.

Is the gastric balloon useful?

The aim of the gastric balloon is not only to lose weight, but also, like other obesity treatments, it helps people in treating diseases associated with being overweight, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

How much does the stomach balloon lose weight?

In general, the stomach balloon helps to lose up to 30% of the weight, as it is a tool that helps in reducing weight, but it must be used in addition to the specific diet and exercise.

What is the cost of the gastric balloon laparoscopically?

The cost varies according to the type of balloon used and the experience and skill of the doctor performing the operation. The cost ranges from 2000 to 3,000 dollars.

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