Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey

Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey

Hymenoplasty cost in Turkey varies from city to city, hospital to hospital, doctor’s experience and technique. The hymen is often associated with virginity in society, but it should be noted that it can be torn from natural causes even without any sexual activity. The hymen can vary in different ways and some women are born with a different structure. After the doctor’s examination, the price of hymen repair is determined.

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

The hymen can tear or stretch during sexual intercourse, exercise or certain activities. Therefore, the condition of a woman’s hymen is not an accurate predictor of virginity before sexual activity. If we want to talk about something like a hymenoplasty, it is a surgical procedure and an operation performed by a surgeon to repair the hymen in case it has been torn or damaged by stretching.

As there are health, ethical and psychological aspects to this type of surgery, it is important to consult a specialist doctor and seek appropriate counseling if you need to undergo such a procedure.

How is Hymenoplasty Done?

Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey Before the procedure, the doctor will examine the patient to see if the hymen is damaged. If the patient is suitable for surgery, the necessary preparations are made. Local or sedation anesthesia is used during the operation. When sedation anesthesia is used, it is necessary to stop eating and drinking at least 6 hours before the operation. The procedure takes an average of 30 minutes and there is no need to stay in the hospital after the procedure. The patient can be discharged from the hospital 1 hour after the procedure.

There may be mild bleeding and burning sensation for the first few days, but the side effects disappear in 7 – 10 days. Full recovery wil be completeed up to 30 – 40 days, during this period, the patient should stay away from exercising and protect herself from excessive heat and sweat. When full recovery is completed, the possibility of bleeding in the first intercourse is very high.

Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey

Types of Hymenoplasty

Temporary Hymenoplasty 

Temporary Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure also known as Hymenoplasty. This procedure is the process of rebuilding or repairing the hymen. It is called temporary because the tissues or techniques used in this procedure offer a temporary effect for a certain period of time, rather than providing long-term durability. It is generally preferred for women planning marriage in the short term. This method may be preferred for women who want to temporarily restore the appearance or elasticity of the hymen before sexual intercourse.

Temporary materials or sutures used in such procedures can withstand the pressure at the vaginal opening, but they do not last long.

Permanent Hymenoplasty

In this procedure, if the hymen was torn, damaged by stretching or has a congenitally different structure it is surgically repaired or rebuilt.Permanent hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure also known as hymenoplasty.Permanent Hymenoplasty is usually done to ensure long-term results.

In this procedure, sutures or surgical stitches are used to create a hymen similar to its former structure. The procedure may be preferred by people who want to simulate hymen bleeding during intercourse or restore the appearance of the hymen for cultural or religious reasons.

Hymenoplasty Cost in Istanbul

The most important factor for hymen restoration cost in Istanbul is that this procedure is performed in  hospital conditions. Since the procedure will be performed with anesthesia, even if it was local anesthesia, it must be performed by a doctor in the hospital. Being in a hospital also affects the cost of hymenoplasty.

The fact that the doctor is an expert in his field, undergoing the procedure in sterile conditions, hotel service and also transfer also affect Hymenoplasty cost in Istanbul. The average cost of hymen repair in Istanbul is between 1200 – 2000 Euros. You can contact our team for customized packages. 

The Best Hymenoplasty Doctor in Turkey

As in every surgery, doctors and hospitals should be well researched in this surgery. For good results, the patient should make sure that the procedure will be performed in the hospital and in sterile conditions. Turkey has specialist doctors and the latest technology in the field of gynecology in Istanbul. This surgery can also be performed by some plastic surgeons. As Turk aesthetic, we are happy to serve you with many gynecologists and plastic surgeons and with the latest technological methods.

Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey 2024

Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey in 2024 vary from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor, hotel and transfer service. Hymenoplasty costs in Turkey are much cheaper than in other countries. In Europe, Hymenoplasty costs between 3000 – 4000 Euros. In general, hymenoplasty cost in Turkey in 2024 is between 1500 – 2000 euros.

FAQ – Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey

How long does it take to repair the hymen?

The average duration of hymenoplasty in Turkey is 30 minutes.

Which type of anesthesia is used for Hymenoplasty in Turkey?

Usually sedation anesthesia is used, but in some cases it can also be performed with local anesthesia.

Is there any pain during Hymenoplasty?

Since it will be performed under anesthesia, no pain is felt.

After hymen repair can the procedure be recognized from the outside?

A person cannot recognize that hymenoplasty was performed or not. In some cases, another doctor in the same field can understand that this surgery has been performed. However, it is difficult to recognize it if a good recovery is achieved.

Is there a permanent hymen repair?

Yes, most of the procedures are done permanently and this repairing is permanent until the first intercourse. This can be adjusted according to the patient’s marriage time. If there is a marriage in the near future, temporary hymen repair is performed, and if there is a marriage plan in a long time, permanent hymen repair is performed.

Are the stitches removed after Hymenoplasty?

Since this procedure is performed with dissolvable stitches, you do not need to remove them afterwards. It melts and falls off automatically over time.

What is the cost of Hymenoplasty in Turkey?

It is between Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey 1500 – 2000 euros on average.

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Hymenoplasty Cost in Turkey