Body sculpting in Turkey

Body sculpting in Turkey

Body sculpting in Turkey operations are process that work on shaping certain areas of the body in the way the obese patient wants, where the accumulated fat is removed in these areas and body sculpting, in order to highlight the aesthetic features of the body and reach some different areas of the body to the desired shape completely and not just coordinate body weight.

Body sculpting is resorted to in areas that do not respond to body sculpting with sports and diets, as this process works to break down and remove fat cells in the body.

Body sculpting in Turkey Istanbul

These operations are considered one of the effective ways to correct the features of the body by collecting and redistributing fat cells. It also works to reshape larger areas of fat and the results are more accurate in terms of shaping the body as required.

Body sculpting video

There is more than one way to perform this process, including surgical procedures for body sculpting, including some non-surgical procedures such as low-level laser body sculpting, laser or infrared rays, mesotherapy technique, and others. It has a good reputation and contains a selection of skilled doctors.

Here is a video showing you how to perform this operation at Turk Aesthetic , one of the best and most famous centers in the field of plastic surgery in Turkey, Istanbul:

Body sculpting in Turkey

Candidates for Body sculpting in Turkey

  • A person whose mass index is less than 30.
  • Who suffers from excess fat deposits and lack of muscle relief in the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks and back.
  • People with reduced chest, buttocks and legs.
  • In cases of gynecomastia.
  • Who wants to correct scars after injuries and who wants to get rid of stretch marks on the skin.

Who can not perform Body sculpting operation

  • Smokers
  • This operation cannot be performed for those who have weak muscle mass.
  • Those who suffer from any chronic diseases such as diabetes
  • Pregnant and lactating women, in order to preserve them and the health of the fetus.
The doctor who performs Body sculpting operation
  • You must choose a highly skilled, experienced, and highly qualified doctor in order to obtain desirable positive results.
  • The doctor who performs bBody sculpting in Turkey is a plastic surgeon.
  • No doctor from any other specialty can perform this operation.
  • You should make sure that the place where the operation will be performed has a good reputation.

Body sculpting in Turkey types

The method of body sculpting can vary according to what the situation requires, and these surgical procedures include:


The tummy tuck operation is performed under the influence of general anesthesia and this process takes from one to five hours, where an incision is made in the abdominal area and the existing tissues, muscles and skin are reshaped in order to appear consistent with the rest of the body’s curves.

Arm lift 

In this process, the fat is removed through an incision in the medial part, i.e. in the part closest to the body from the arm, where the doctor reshapes the area, tightens the tissues and removes the sagging skin, and it is possible to perform this operation under the influence of general or local anesthetic, depending on the patient’s condition.

Buttock lift surgery

This operation is performed by lifting and tightening the buttocks by removing the excess or sagging skin and then reshaping it so that the new shape is more consistent with the neighboring tissues, and this operation is performed under the influence of general or local anesthesia with a sedative according to the patient’s condition.

Thigh lift

This operation is done by using general anesthetic, where an incision is made either in the outer or inner region of the thighs in order to remove the excess saggy skin and reshape the appearance of the thighs in a way that appears consistent with a large and high proportion with the body as a whole.

In addition to these operations, there are some other operations that may be associated with one of these operations, such as excision of the panniculus, facelift and under the chin, such as cases of double chin.

Body sculpting operation steps in Turkey
  • The surgeon makes a small incision in the skin in the area where the fat is to be removed.
  • The doctor inserts a tube or cannula into the area where the fat is to be removed, as this tube is a straw-like machine and is connected to a suction device in case the goal of the operation is to remove fat.
  • The fat is pulled from the small hairs under the skin.
  • After the fat is removed from the areas where the fat is to be removed, this fat can also be transferred to other areas where the person wants the fat to be present, such as the buttocks, the face or the chest.
  • It is possible to perform this operation in conjunction with other operations such as gastric banding, as many individuals combine these operations at the same time, which helps to reach the desired results.

Body sculpting in Turkey Cost

The cost of these operations varies according to the technique used and the area to be sculpted in addition to the doctor’s experience and skill and the level of the center in which this operation will be performed.

The cost of Body sculpting in Turkey ranges from 2500 to 4000 Euro.

Before and after Body sculpting in Turkey

Below we show you some pictures before and after body sculpting in Turkey, which were well accomplished at Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey Istanbul.

Instructions before Body sculpting in Turkey

  • You should stop taking anti-diabetic drugs, as this may lead to bleeding in surgical procedures.
  • You must tell the doctor if you suffer from any chronic or infectious diseases.
  • You should tell your doctor about all the medicines you are taking.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol before the procedure.

Instructions after body sculpting operations

  • A corset must be worn for a short period of 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure in order to enhance the chances of obtaining good results.
  • It is recommended to make sure to wear elastic rubber clothes to help compress the skin to take the shape of the new tissue.
  • It is necessary to avoid strenuous sports activities after the operation.
  • You should stop smoking because it affects the healing process.

FAQ – Body sculpting in Turkey

Is this process painful?

This operation is considered one of the operations that have no danger and the patient does not feel pain during the operation, as the patient is anesthetized with general or local anesthetic, according to the patient’s condition.

Can different treatment methods be combined?

Yes, as mixed procedures such as body lift or post-maternity aesthetics are suitable for combining different changes in the body in one operation, thus reducing the stress of many individual interventions on the body, and thus reducing the risk of complications.

What are the alternatives to the process of Body sculpting in Turkey surgically?

There are some non-surgical procedures that can be used to sculpt the body, including:
Vibration body sculpting
Ultrasound sculpting is called Vaser sculpting.
Laser engraving process.
Infrared body sculpting.
Mesotherapy technique.
Cryo sculpture.

What are the complications of this operation?

No surgery is without some risks and side effects, as well as body sculpting has some risks, such as:
permanent marks.
Change in skin color.
Infections and some negative effects from anesthesia.
Loss of sensation in some areas exposed to the operation.
Clots in the area where the operation was performed.
You should see a doctor if some of these complications occur, but they are rare.

How long does this process take?

This process takes about 1 to 3 hours, depending on the area to be carved.

What type of anesthesia is used in this operation?

The surgeon uses general anesthesia in this process, where the place to be carved is anesthetized so that the patient does not feel any pain, and it is also possible to use a local anesthetic depending on the place of the procedure and according to the patient’s condition.

What is the cost of body sculpting operations?

The cost of these operations varies according to the technique used and the area to be carved. The cost of this process in Turkey ranges between 2500 to 3000 Euro.

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