Varicose Veins in Turkey
Varicose veins in Turkey

Varicose Veins in Turkey

Varicose veins in Turkey are varicose veins in the body that transport blood in one direction according to the heartbeat. Varicose veins occur in humans due to a defect in the blood flow in one direction, which causes blood to remain in the blood vessels, which causes varicose veins either in the legs or in the testicle. veins in the legs and testicles can be seen where the veins enlarge and appear on the surface of the skin in a purple color.

Varicocele operation in Turkey is considered one of the safe operations that can be performed in Turkey easily and safely, as this operation is carried out in a hospital or a reliable medical center through a surgical operation in order to remove the blockage in the vein.

Video Varicose veins in Turkey

Varicocele operation in Turkey is considered one of the safe operations that can be performed in Turkey easily and safely.

As when you choose a reliable medical center, it contains a selection of doctors in the field of medicine and also contains the latest equipment to perform operations without pain and comprehensive professionalism.

Below we show you a video of a varicocele operation in Turkey:

Varicose Veins in Turkey

Varicose veins in Turkey symptoms

In most cases, in men, there are no symptoms or the symptoms are so simple that they are not felt. Most of the time, pain is felt and the degree of feeling varies:

  • The feeling of this pain increases with physical exertion.
  • But this pain lessens when the person lies on his back.
  • If you feel pain, you should visit a doctor immediately so that the pain does not get worse.
  • If you feel a change in the size of the testicles or swelling in the scrotum, you should see a doctor immediately.

Who is most likely to get Varicose veins in Turkey ?

Varicocele affects 15 men out of every 100 men, at a rate of up to 15%, due to several factors, including:

  • People with chronic constipation and this also affects the abdomen, as the pressure inside it increases.
  • Most people who are overweight.
  • Weightlifters and sports that require heavy lifting that also increase pressure on the abdomen.

What are the complications of varicocele?

When you have any disease, you should go to the doctor quickly so that there are no complications. When the varicocele is left untreated, this may lead to complications, including:

Retraction of the testicle

In this case, damage occurs to the sperm-producing tubes, which make up the largest proportion of the testicle, which leads to the testicle shrinking and causing an increase in its softness.


One of the most serious complications that may occur is due to the high temperature of the testicle due to the increase in the amount of blood in this area. The rate of infertility in men varies according to the degree of Varicose Veins in Turkey that he suffers from. If it is of the first degree, the probability of infertility ranges between 35-45%, while in the case of varicose veins of the second degree, the percentage ranges between 45-80%.

Hormonal imbalances

When pressure increases in the testicle area, cells react, causing a hormonal imbalance in some hormones, for example, testosterone levels are abnormal.

It can also cause an increase in the level of the hormone (LH), which is higher in women than in men.

Varicocele treatment methods in Turkey

There is no treatment that can cure varicocele, but some painkillers can be taken when pain in the testicle.

Surgical treatment is the primary and main treatment in such operations, as there are more than one surgical method, including:

Laparoscopic Varicose Veins in Turkey removal

  • This method is the least in terms of time because it takes approximately 30-40 minutes.
  • In this surgery, a laparoscope is used by entering it from the abdomen and tying the vein due to the small number of veins to be connected.

Microscopic varicocele resection

This method takes a long time because it is considered a surgical operation that may extend to three hours.

In it, the specialist doctor, who is the surgeon, makes an incision over the scrotum with a length of 1 cm through a microscope and then connects the small veins.

Percutaneous embolization

  • This process is considered the fastest in the healing process. In this process, the doctor inserts a tube or catheter into the body from the neck or groin.
  • Instruments are passed through this tube and then the surgeon uses chemicals or coils to block the vein by scarring it.

Surgery Varicose Veins in Turkey

When performing the surgery, you must choose a reliable hospital or medical center in order to reduce the risks of surgery, which are:

  • The possibility of infection.
  • Swelling, bruising, or fluid buildup in the area of ​​the operation.
  • The possibility of increased testicular shrinkage.
  • Feeling of pain in the abdomen or damage to the arteries.

Surgery results 

Recently, surgeons use smaller incisions. It is possible to feel some pain in this area during the healing process, whether in microsurgery or laparoscopic surgery. The results of the surgery are that the Varicose Veins in Turkey can still be completely removed and the arteries may be affected.

Recovery period Varicose Veins in Turkey

You should not exercise for at least 10 days and not make any great effort.

You should take plenty of rest at home for at least 5 days.

The doctor who performs varicocele surgery

  • You must choose a reliable hospital or medical center before performing the operation
  • When you choose a reliable medical center, it contains a selection of doctors and the latest equipment
  • The doctor in charge of this operation is the surgeon.

FAQ – Varicocele operation in Turkey

What is the duration of the varicocele operation?

There are two different surgical methods in duration
The first is through laparoscopic surgery, and the duration of the operation ranges between 30-40 minutes.
The second is through microscopic surgery, and its duration is much longer than laparoscopic surgery, as the period for this operation ranges between 2-3 hours.

What is the recovery period for this operation?

After the varicocele operation, you must take a great deal of rest for several days, where the recovery period ranges between 7-10 days, and then the person can go about his normal life.

What is the price of a varicocele operation in Turkey?

The cost of the procedure ranges between 500 – 1000 Euro depending on the type of surgery.

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