Punch Excision Process (in 10 minutes) - 2023
Punch Excision Process
Punch Excision Process

Punch Excision Process

Punch Excision Process This technique is often used to treat either the scars under the skin left by acne or some scars resulting from previous surgeries such as childbirth in women or an incision.

In this article, we will show you the most important information about the scar removal process, the procedure for performing the procedure, the candidates and non-candidates for the procedure. We will also show you pictures of some of the results of previous operations and other important information.

Scar removal surgery in Turkey

It is a procedure through which scars in the skin are treated by using special needles that are injected into the skin layer and lead to the separation of the skin from the scar in it, which works to treat it. This operation is done either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia as recommended by the doctor.

Punch excision video Istanbul, Turkey

  • Turkey is characterized by the low cost of plastic surgery compared to other countries, and it also contains many centers and a group of doctors in the field of plastic surgery.
  • Before performing the operation, you must choose a reliable medical center that contains the latest equipment and technologies and is characterized by good sterilization to prevent infection, and you should choose a doctor with extensive experience, which may lead to a slightly higher cost, but it guarantees that you will obtain the desired results.
  • Here, we show you a video showing how to perform the scar removal procedure, which was performed at the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, Istanbul.

Candidates for Punch excision process

  • Those who suffer from the effects of previous surgeries that left them with scars.
  • Good health 
  • The person should not be a smoker or a drinker of alcohol.

Not candidates for Punch excision

  • Patients suffering from certain diseases such as dermatitis.
  • People who take blood thinners.
  • Patients with hemorrhagic disease.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot have the operation.

The doctor who performs Punch excision

  • The success of the operation depends on the experience of the doctor performing the operation.
  • You should choose a doctor with extensive experience in order to get the desired results.
  • In the case of choosing a doctor, you should ask him about the previous results of the operations he performed so that you have an idea of ​​the expected results of the operation.
  • The doctor who performs scar removal in Turkey is a plastic surgeon who specializes in dermatology.
  • No other doctor can perform this operation.

Punch excision process cost in Turkey

  • The price of the procedure is determined based on the experience of the doctor and the medical center where the operation is performed.
  • The patient’s condition plays an important role in determining the price of the operation in addition to the number of sessions.

Anesthesia type used in Punch excision

In this procedure, the doctor consults with the patient about the appropriate type of anesthesia.

The doctor prescribes the appropriate anesthesia for the patient, either local anesthesia or in some cases, general anesthesia.

Punch excision process steps

  • At first, the doctor uses local anesthesia, or he may not use anesthesia because it is a simple injection process.
  • After that, the doctor inserts a special needle that separates the skin layer from the scar above it.
  • A wound is left in the separating area. Blood clots in this area, preventing the skin from re-adhering to the scar again.
  • This stimulates collagen production in this area again, and new tissues are formed that raise the surface of the skin and improve its appearance or remove the scar permanently.

Before and after punch excision in Turkey

Below we show you some pictures before and after the scar removal procedure, which was performed at Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, Istanbul:

Instructions before Punch excision process

  • You must tell the doctor all the medicines you are taking and all the diseases you suffer from.
  • You must refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic substances before the operation.
  • If you are taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, you must stop them to prevent bleeding.
  • The doctor advises you about some tests that you should do, especially an allergy test.

Instructions after Punch excision process

  • You must adhere to the doctor’s instructions so that the healing process takes place quickly and does not leave any traces.
  • Doctors recommend complete rest during the recovery period and the use of anti-inflammatories on the skin.
  • Do not use cosmetics during the recovery period.

Side effects

  • No operation is performed unless there are some complications or possible side effects that the doctor works to avoid or treat if they occur, such as:
  • The possibility of scarring or swelling at the site of the operation.
  • Not obtaining the desired results from the improvement or removal of scars.
  • Feeling some pain in the injection area.
  • The blood vessels and nerves at the injection site may be damaged.
  • These complications do not occur in all operations, and if they do occur, the doctor works to treat them.

FAQ – Punch excision process Istanbul

Will you feel pain when the punch excision process is performed?

No, you will not feel any pain because the doctor uses anesthesia.

What type of anesthesia is used before the punch excision process?

The type of anesthesia is determined according to the patient’s condition and the doctor’s nomination for him, as doctors resort to using local anesthesia and in some cases using general anesthesia.

Are the results of the Punch excision process permanent?

Are the results of the Punch excision process permanent?

Are the results of the Punch excision process permanent?

Yes, if the operation is successful, the results are permanent and you do not need to repeat the operation.

What is the recovery period for the Punch excision process?

The recovery period depends on the person’s ability to recover and their state of health. The recovery period is often 2-3 weeks.

Finally, you can contact the support team directly to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic Center.

Punch Excision Process
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