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Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey 

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey 

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries cost in Turkey: An inner labia cosmetic surgery is one of the vaginal plastic surgeries and is also known as Labiaplasty. In this procedure, surgical intervention is performed to change or correct the appearance of women’s vaginal lips (Labia). The labia minora are the tissues that form the inner part of the outer labia outside the vagina. It is preferred both for a more aesthetic appearance and for a more comfortable sexual intercourse. The cost is decided after the specialist doctor examination.

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries (Labiaplasty) in Turkey

This surgery provides women both an aesthetic vagina appearance and increased self-confidence. First of all, an examination is performed by a gynecologist or plastic surgeon and then all necessary tests are performed after that if it is suitable for the patient, the surgery is performed. The surgery takes an average of 1 hour. It is performed under sedation or general anesthesia. In some cases, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for a night.

After the procedure, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 20-30 days. In addition to Labiaplasty surgery, and depending on the needs and wishes of the patient, extra procedures such as Clitoroplasty (Clitoris cosmetic surgery), vaginal fillers can also be added, in which case the cost of vaginal plastic surgeries in Turkey varies.

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey 

Vaginal Plastic Surgery (Labiaplasty) Stages:

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey (Labiaplasty) Stages:

Total Time: 1 hour


Before the surgical intervention, the appropriate type of anesthesia is selected for the patient. Sedation or general anesthesia is given to prevent the patient from feeling pain.

Trimming and correction – Stitches

The plastic surgeon or gynecologist makes cuts in the decided areas of the labia minora to remove excess tissue or unwanted folds. Reshaping is done as needed to correct the labia minora size and shape. Once excess tissue has been removed, stitches are made to match the new shape of the inner lips. The stitches are usually dissolvable and will dissolve on their own after a certain period of time.


After the procedure, the patient can return to normal activities within a few days, but full recovery may take several weeks. There may be swelling, sensitivity and mild pain at the surgical area. It is important to care for the surgery wound according to the doctor’s instructions.

Estimated Cost: 1500 Euro

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Types

Vaginal plastic surgeries encompasses a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed to address various aesthetic or functional concerns women have about the vaginal area. Vaginal plastic surgeries are interventions that are usually performed due to personal preferences, discomfort or functional issues. Some types of vaginal plastic surgeries include the following:


Clitorectomy or Clitoris surgery is usually a surgical intervention to reduce the size or reshape the Clitoris. Clitoris surgery cost in Turkey is 2500 Euros.

Vagina Tightening (Vaginoplasty):

As a result of postpartum expansion or hormonal changes due to age an expansion happens in the vagina. This becomes uncomfortable for the women and has many effects such as urinary incontinence, as well as decreased pleasure in sexual intercourse. Vaginal tightening surgery is performed as a solution to all these problems. Vaginal tightening (Vaginoplasty) and other vaginal plastic surgeries cost in Turkey 2500 Euros. 

Vaginal tightening can also be performed without surgery. If the patient has not had many normal births, laser vaginal tightening can be performed to get a tighter vagina. Laser vaginal tightening in Turkey is 500 euros.

Labia and G-spot fillers (Vaginal fillers):

Labia filler is an aesthetic process performed to change the volume or shape of the labia majora (labium majus). This process can be performed to correct volume loss or asymmetry in the outer lips or to achieve the desired puffiness. Labia filler costs an average of 1500 euros.

G-spot filler is a cosmetic process to increase the volume or sensitivity of the G-spot, which is associated with sexual arousal and pleasure in women. The G-spot is considered to be an area located at the top of the vaginal wall, near the urethra, and is thought to contribute to intense feelings of pleasure during sexual pleasure. G-spot filler costs an average of 1500 euros.


It is a surgical intervention to correct the perineum area located under the vagina opening. Perineoplasty can be performed to correct postpartum vaginal tears or other aesthetic concerns.

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey in Istanbul

The costs of vaginal plastic surgeries in Istanbul may vary depending on several different factors. These factors include the experience of the doctor, the technique used, choosing the right clinic or hospital, the quality of the materials used in the surgery and its complexity. cost of labiaplasty or vaginoplasty in Istanbul can generally range from 20,000 TL to 55,000 TL.

For best results, doctors and clinics should be well researched. The high price of such important surgeries ensures high standards. You can contact our team to learn about the most suitable cost and packages for you. The average price of vaginal plastic surgeries in Turkey is 20000 – 55000 and if combined with other surgeries, the cost varies. 

The Best Labiaplasty Doctor in Turkey

While vaginal plastic surgeries (Labiaplasty) costs in Turkey are important, it is also very important which doctor will perform it. This surgery should be performed by a gynecologist or plastic surgeon. You should research the doctor’s experience, references, the quality of his work and his patients’ feedback. As in every field, Turkey has developed considerably in the field of plastic surgeries in Istanbul and now surgeries are performed in a shorter time and in a more comfortable way. As Turk Aesthetic, we are happy to serve you with our specialist doctors.

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries cost in Turkey 2024

2024 Vaginal plastic surgeries costs in Turkey and other plastic surgery prices can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the experience of the clinic or doctor performing the procedure, the technique used, the choice of clinic or hospital, the procedure complexity, and local market conditions. In addition, prices may also change over time. Vaginal plastic surgeries costs in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries and include highly experienced doctors and hospitals. In 2024, the average Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey is between 1500 – 2500 Euros. If other surgeries are requested in addition to labiaplasty, the price changes.

FAQs – Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey 

What are the Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey?

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey  is between 1500 – 2500 Euros in 2024.

How many hours does Labiaplasty surgery take?

It takes an average of 1 – 2 hours. 

Is vaginal plastic surgery permanent for life?

Yes, the results of labiaplasty are permanent for life.

How many days after vagina plastic surgery can sexual intercourse be done?

Sexual intercourse can be done after 2 – 3 weeks on average.

Using which anesthesia type is vaginal plastic surgery performed in Turkey?

It is usually performed using sedation anesthesia, if it is performed together with surgeries such as vaginal tightening, it is performed with general anesthesia. 

Which surgeries can be combined with vaginal inner lip plastic surgery (Labiaplasty)?

It can also be combined with vaginal tightening, hymenoplasty, and clitoris surgeries.

Is vaginal tightening done using laser in Turkey?

Yes, it can be done using laser technique. It is more preferred for women who had less than 2 normal births. It is a painless, simple and comfortable method for vaginal tightening.

Finally, you can contact us via the link to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic in Istanbul Turkey.

Vaginal Plastic Surgeries Cost in Turkey