Solarium in turkey

What is a solarium?

Solarium in turkey The solarium device is considered one of the most important cosmetic devices in the field of tanning, as it is much faster than following the traditional system of tanning the skin. But in the recent period in Turkey, it has become very easy to obtain the bronze color using the solarium device, and the matter no longer has many negatives as in the past.

How does the skin turn brown Solarium in turkey ?

When the body is exposed to a large amount of sunlight for long periods, this leads to the formation of melanin, which is responsible for the darkening of the skin, as a way to protect the skin from harmful sunlight. The body should not be exposed to the sun for long periods because it may cause burns or damage to the skin and may lead to skin cancer.

Solarium in Istanbul Turkey

The solarium device is used in Turkey in specialized beauty centers for the purpose of obtaining a brighter skin tone than before, and using the device to tan the skin is one of the most effective and quick methods.

Solarium in turkey Video in Turkey

The basic idea of ​​the solarium device depends on exposing the skin of the body to a large amount of ultraviolet rays for a certain period of time that does not exceed a few minutes so that no signs of burns appear on the skin. Explains the method of tanning the skin using the solarium device in Turkey Istanbul

Who can perform a solarium session in Turkey

  • All people who are in good health.
  • People who do not suffer from any skin diseases.
  • Those with fair skin who want to get a bronze color.

Who can not perform a solarium session

The obstacles to using the solarium device are few compared to others, and they are summarized in:

  • People with skin diseases cannot use the device, and in some cases, it can be used after consulting a specialist.
  • Before using the device, you must tell your doctor about the diseases you suffer from and the medications you take in order to maintain your safety.

Solarium in turkey session steps in Turkey

  • First, before performing the operation, you must choose a reliable medical center to perform this operation so that the skin is not exposed to burns.
  • You must first fill out a skin analysis form to determine your skin type, including determining the required period of exposure to radiation in the device, and you must tell the doctor about the medications you are using.
  • The center gives you safety goggles, which are intended to protect the eyes, as they may suffer severe damage, up to blindness.
  • Go to the locker room down to the state you like, you can also wear a swimsuit, and sometimes you can take off your clothes completely.
  • Entering the bed and pressing the button, taking into account that the timer is set for the first time to a period not exceeding 5 minutes, after that the duration of the sessions can be increased.
  • Get out of bed after the period has expired and dry the body of sweat if it is present.

Pros and cons of using a Solarium in turkey device

Solarium advantages 

People always tend to get the bronze color of the skin, but the benefits of tanning do not stop there, as it also works on:

  • Strengthening the body’s immunity.
  • Reducing the individual’s incidence of cancer.
  • It increases bone strength and protects it from fragility.
  • Maintaining the balance of mineral levels in the body.

Solarium disadvantages 

When exposing the body to a long period of radiation, it may damage it, and it can also:

It causes burns to the skin.

Frequent exposure to radiation increases the risk of skin cancer.

It can lead to dry skin.

Before and after Solarium in turkey session Istanbul

Below we show you some before and after photos of using the solarium, which were completed at Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, Istanbul.

Instructions before Solarium in turkey

You should choose a reliable medical center with extensive experience in the field of cosmetology.

discuss with your plastic surgeon all the details and expected results.

You should tell your doctor about all the medicines you are using You should.

You must remove body hair before undergoing the tanning session for it to be effective.

Instructions after Solarium in turkey

Do not shower directly to allow the melanin in your skin to absorb the tan.

Undergo regular skin cancer testing.

FAQ – Solarium in Turkey

When will the result of using the solarium appear?

They appear immediately after the session and the body continues to tan for a few hours, and it must be taken into account that it is not permanent as the body regains its natural color after a while.

How long does it take to use the solarium device?

The first session The time is usually set to no more than 5 minutes to test the skin, after which the time can be increased.

Are the results of using the solarium permanent?

No, as the skin restores its natural color after a period of time.

You can contact us if you have any query or to book an appointment for a session within the Turk Aesthetic Istanbul Beauty Center.