Rhinoplasty After An Accident
Rhinoplasty After An Accident

Rhinoplasty After An Accident

Rhinoplasty after an accident in Turkey is a cosmetic surgery that aims to beautify the shape of the nose or repair congenital defects that may sometimes lead to shortness of breath. There are many reasons for performing plastic surgery in the nose, including cosmetic reasons, a congenital defect in the nose that hinders breathing, or a broken nose due to a specific accident or injury. Rhinoplasty in Turkey has become an easy and safe surgical procedure that can be performed in specialized medical centers and hospitals.

Rhinoplasty after accident in Istanbul

Rhinoplasty is considered one of the first-class cosmetic procedures, but sometimes it may be performed due to a broken nose as a result of an accident or for a medical purpose.

Rhinoplasty after an accident video in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is done in a very safe way, especially when it is performed in a hospital or a specialized and reliable medical center, as when you choose a reliable medical center, it contains a selection of doctors in the field of plastic surgery and also contains the latest devices used in plastic surgery, and below we show Here is a video showing how to perform rhinoplasty in Turkey, Istanbul:

Who can do Rhinoplasty after an accident

  • Men and women are in good health.
  • People with undistorted facial bones.
  • Non-smokers, because smoking has side effects and complications on this process.

Who can not do a rhinoplasty

  • Children or adolescents whose facial bones are not yet fully developed.
  • Smokers who cannot stop smoking.
  • People with deformed facial bones.
  • Pregnant and lactating women out of fear for them.

The doctor who does rhinoplasty after an accident

  • The doctor who performs rhinoplasty should be a plastic surgeon.
  • No other doctor can perform this procedure.
  • Before performing this operation, you must choose a reliable medical center, because it contains an elite group of doctors, good sterilization, and great experience.

Anesthesia used in rhinoplasty after an accident

  • The type of anesthesia used in the procedure is determined by the specialist.
  • Two types of anesthesia can be used either general anesthesia or local anesthesia.
  • Most doctors tend to use general anesthesia to avoid the patient feeling any pain.
  • Sometimes the doctor may use local anesthesia.

Rhinoplasty after accident surgery steps


  • Before the operation, the doctor must determine the classification of nasal trauma and the classification of nasal fractures.
  • The doctor performs several medical tests, such as a NARI scan or a CT scan.
  • The doctor preserves the soft tissues of the nose.
  • The doctor then cleans the incisions in the nose and removes any foreign body present in it.
  • The doctor can close the tears with fine sutures.


  • After the operation and for a period of two days, doctors advise patients to sleep straight and to have their head positioned higher than the level of the body in order to avoid bleeding and speed up the treatment of swelling.
  • You should also not make a lot of effort or not run and do aerobics.
  • You should not take a shower and use the tub while showering while the nose pads are on.
  • Doctors advise avoiding facial expressions that may move the wound site in the nose, such as smiling or laughing.
  • If you are a person with low vision and wear glasses, you should not wear them to prevent pressure on the nose until it recovers.
  • The patient should not smoke or drink alcohol during the recovery period.
  • Crowded places should be avoided to avoid catching a cold.
  • Doctors advise not to be exposed to the sun for long periods and that the person perform cold compresses.
  • You must follow your doctor’s instructions to speed up the healing process.

Side effects of rhinoplasty after an accident

There is no operation without side effects, but any side effect can be treated or go away during the recovery period, and these effects include:

  • congestion
  • bleeding occurs
  • infection
  • These effects can be treated or avoided and do not occur in all cases.

Before and after rhinoplasty after an accident in Turkey

Below are some pictures before and after the accident rhinoplasty which was performed at Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey Istanbul.

FAQ – Rhinoplasty after an accident

Will you feel pain during the procedure?

No, you will not feel pain during the procedure, because local or general anesthetic is used in the procedure.

What type of anesthesia is used during the procedure?

The type of anesthesia used depends on the patient’s condition. The type of anesthesia used depends on the doctor’s decision. Most of the time, general anesthesia is used, and in some cases, local anesthesia may be used.

What is the recovery period after rhinoplasty after an accident?

Often the patient is able to be discharged from the hospital on the same day or the next day, but the recovery period may take up to several weeks.

How long does rhinoplasty take after an accident?

Rhinoplasty takes between 1-3 hours.

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