otoplasty in turkey


Otoplasty in Turkey Istanbul is a simple surgical procedure that aims to reshape the ears in the event of a congenital deformity or an accident that causes one or both ears to lose their natural shape, causing embarrassment and lack of self-confidence.

It is one of the most common plastic surgeries in general and in Turkey in particular. Otoplasty in Turkey does not take a long period of time, it is not complicated, its results are immediate, and it does not require a period of time to recuperate. A person can practice his life normally immediately after the operation. The table shows some necessary details of the procedure.

Anesthesia Full or Local
Procedure duration1 – 2 Hours
Results AppearanceImmediate
Continuity of resultsLifetime
ConvalescenceNo need
Turk Aesthetic Cost1500€ local anesthesia / 2000€ for general anesthesia
Special CasesIt may require correction of one ear, and the cost is higher when cartilage is needed
Otoplasty in Turkey

How is Otoplasty Performed in Turkey?

There are several cases of otoplasty, including:

  • Reducing the size while maintaining its perfect shape and appearance.
  • Adjusting the location of the ear to become next to the head, and in this case it is called the concave ear.
  • There is also a third somewhat rare case, called the bat and in this case it is half closed and facing forward.

The surgical or cosmetic work of the ear is carried out in a hidden way, where the incisions and the electrodes are all at the back.

Otoplasty in Turkey Video

Otoplasty in Turkey

Who is Eligible for otoplasty in Turkey?

It is preferable to perform plastic surgery for children at an early stage of life, after their growth is complete, from the sixth to tenth year of their age. As most children who suffer from problems in their appearance may negatively affect their social life and psychological state.

Adults who do not suffer from health problems can also do otoplasty.

In order for a person to undergo plastic surgery, he must meet the following conditions:

  • He is fully aware of what his appearance will be like after the operation, and that he is not unrealistic in his imagination.
  • People who suffer from the appearance of the ear is not acceptable.
  • They actually have an abnormal shape in their ears which forces them to have the operation.
otoplasty in turkey
otoplasty in turkey

Who is Not eligible for Otoplasty?

There are no absolute contraindications that prevent the patient from undergoing otoplasty. The doctor must be informed of the chronic conditions that the patient suffers from in general, if any, as a matter of caution and the doctor’s knowledge of the patient’s condition.

Who Performs Otoplasty in Turkey?

Otoplasty is performed by a plastic surgeon in addition to an otolaryngologist in a sterile clinical environment in the hospital. It is preferable to investigate the name of a center with high credibility so that the results are as desired by the patient.

Anesthesia Types 

The type of anesthesia is one of the most important questions that everyone who has a surgical procedure asks. In otoplasty, there are two types of anesthesia, which we will mention in detail.

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is done before the procedure without the need to stay in the hospital after the operation. It is a local analgesic that is injected into the place of the procedure in the body. After its effect, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation, including minor pain, while remaining awake.

General Anesthesia

Another option for anesthesia used in otoplasty. Before this procedure, the patient must fast 8 hours before the procedure so that he does not feel uncomfortable after the operation. The patient must also stay in the hospital after the completion of the operation in the case of full body anesthesia, unlike local anesthesia. Also, compared to local (local) anesthesia, the cost of the procedure using general anesthesia for the body is more high. After intravenous anesthesia, the patient falls asleep immediately and wakes up after the end of the procedure.

Otoplasty Types 

The cost and steps of otoplasty vary according to the type of deformity. Here are the most common types of operations:

Prominent Ear Aesthetics

The cause of the prominent ear is an excessive growth in the cartilage of the ear, which leads to its appearance larger than normal and making it farther from the head, which makes it deformed in appearance. It begins to appear after birth so that children are born with normal ears and then grow and grow in the first years.

Sometimes both ears become larger, and sometimes one ear appears more prominent than the other. Of course, there are specific criteria to call the prominent ears according to the size of the ear and its distance from the head, which calls for medical intervention to fix this defect according to the decision of both the owner of the problem and the doctor.

otoplasty in turkey
otoplasty in turkey

Bat Ear Aesthetics

The bat ear or the bat ear is called the closed ears and the pinna is circular. It is considered a complicated operation compared to the prominent ear operation. Age is an important element in the treatment of this type of deformity, based on that, medical intervention for a child before six is ​​the best due to the flexibility of cartilage and the ability to control its growth and direction.

Auricle Transplantation

The most complex types of ear deformities and it can have one ear without affecting the second ear, the ear pinna transplant is chosen in cases where there is no external pinna due to a congenital deformity or due to an accident. Often the patient is not satisfied with one operation when the ear lobe is lost, but a second reconstructive and third cosmetic operation is required so that one operation is not sufficient as in cases of prominent and closed ears.

Steps of otoplasty in Turkey

Otoplasty in Turkey goes through three basic stages (before-during-after), like other operations, which we will talk about extensively.

Total Time: 2 hours

Before the Process

otoplasty in turkey

Before the operation, smoking should be reduced as much as possible, alcohol and blood-thinning drugs. The doctor should also be informed about the medicines the patient uses, if any. It is preferable to wear comfortable clothes that open from the front and to refrain from food and drink 8 hours before the procedure in case of general anesthesia for the body.
You must come on time for the plastic surgery, follow all the instructions, and tell the medical team about anything abnormal, if any. The patient undergoes some general analyzes to ensure that there is no obstacle to the operation.

During the Process

otoplasty in turkey

After preparing the operating room, the patient is ready for anesthesia. The doctor starts the procedure, which takes 1-2 hours, according to each case.
The patient is anesthetized with either local anesthesia or general anesthesia as decided by the surgeon and sees it appropriate for the patient’s condition.
In the case of children, general anesthesia is often preferred, and in the case of the elderly, local anesthesia with sedative is preferred to keep the patient awake, but in a relaxed state, the surgery begins by making an incision completely behind the ear on the The natural fold located in the area where the ear meets the head, and then the surgeon removes the necessary amount of cartilage and skin to achieve the desired result of the surgery. in the desired position until the wound is healed, and this ensures that the ear remains in its desired place.

After the Process

otoplasty in turkey

After the procedure, in some cases, a corset is placed over the ear to ensure that it does not move and is fixed during the first day of the operation. Mild swelling may occur while wearing them. During the first week, patients should avoid touching the ear directly as much as possible. The patient can carry out daily activities in a normal way after the first week of the operation.
One of the most important things in this regard is also to pay attention as much as possible during sleep, and sleep in a way that ensures that the ear does not touch the pillow or sleep on it. The absence of side effects and the speed of recovery can be guaranteed to a large extent as long as caution is taken during the post-procedure period.

Estimated Cost: 1500 EUR

Before and After otoplasty in Turkey

Otoplasty is very simple. The results can be observed before and immediately after the procedure, as shown in the following pictures of the cases that were performed in Turk Aesthetic.

Otoplasty Post-Operative Instructions

  • Wearing a corset for the ears (in some cases) for a week and not being subjected to friction or movement.
  • Avoid the wound with water for two weeks so that it does not affect the operation and results.
  • Disinfection of the wound and attention to hygiene and sterilization on an ongoing basis.
  • Refer to the doctor when there is any bleeding or accidental discharge such as pus.
  • Adequate rest for the body during the recovery period.

Pros and Cons 

Any cosmetic operation aims to get rid of defects that affect any part of the body. In the case of otoplasty in Turkey, its most important advantage is to gain the person’s self-confidence, and when the procedure is performed for children, the ear can recover faster compared to adults due to the elasticity of their cartilage.

As for the disadvantages of otoplasty in Turkey, we can mention that the ears need more than one operation in complex cases when there is no external pinna of the ear, so the operation becomes more expensive compared to simple cases.

Side Effects of otoplasty in Turkey

Any operation is accompanied by some temporary side effects that generally go away after the recovery period is completed. The side effects associated with otoplasty are usually as follows:

  • Minor pain and numbness.
  • Itching as a result of surgery.
  • Minor bruising and swelling.
  • In some cases, irritation and inflammation of the cartilage forming the ear occurs as a result of allergies or weather factors. This case is very rare.

Otoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

Turkey is the ideal country to perform ear surgeries, as Turkish surgeons have great experience and skill in this field, and they use in beauty centers and medical clinics the latest devices, technologies and equipment available, in addition to the fact that the health sector in Turkey is characterized by effective government control that prevents many practices Non-professional and unlicensed in hospitals and cosmetic medical centers with the aim that the cosmetic surgery of the ears is the correction of ears that are protruding, ears that are very large, or strangely or affecting the appearance of the patient. Rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure and complications are not common.

Cost of otoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

As for the cost of ear surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, it is average and acceptable due to the multiplicity of specialized centers and options in this field. This reason is one of the most important attractions for performing ear plastic surgery in Istanbul, in addition to the offers and discounts offered by our “Turk Aesthetic”, which offers ear surgery prices from 1500 euros For simple and medium cases and under local anesthesia, and up to 2000 euros in cases of general anesthesia, and the cost of more than 2000 euros in complex cases.

You can contact the Turk Aesthetic team to inquire about the cost of your case.

FAQ – Otoplasty in Turkey Istanbul

Is hearing affected after otoplasty in Turkey?

Hearing remains the same because the process is in the outer part of the ear and not the inner place, so the hearing will not be affected at all.

When will the wounds disappear after otoplasty in Turkey?

The incision made behind the ear during the procedure is very small and inconspicuous, and the nature of its location behind the ear is impossible for anyone to notice that you are performing the operation.

When do the results of otoplasty appear and (is it permanent)?

Results are visible immediately and are permanent for the rest of life.

How long does Otoplasty in Turkey take?

An average otoplasty takes about 1-2 hours

How much does otoplasty cost in Turkey?

In static otoplasty, the cost of otoplasty is 1500 euros, and it may reach 2000 euros in cases of flint loss.

Finally, to get information and request prices from Turk Aesthetic you can access the link for guidance.