Eswt Therapy in Turkey

Eswt therapy in Turkey

Eswt therapy in Turkey ESWT stands for Shock Wave Therapy, Shock Wave Therapy is used as an alternative to other types of therapy because it is painless and is used in some cases that require physical therapy. This device generates high-frequency and faster than sound waves in a short period of time. These waves are focused on the area to be treated, as these waves create high pressure on the area they are subjected to and from the effect of vibrations on this area.

Eswt therapy in Turkey Erectile dysfunction shock treatment

Treatment using Eswt therapy in Turkey technology in Turkey is considered one of the modern and painless techniques that have spread in recent times, as it does not depend on any surgical intervention and is painless. This technique is usually used as a type of physical therapy and is applied all over the body except for the areas near the head, neck and nerve cells.

Video in Turkey ESWT therapy

Eswt therapy in Turkey technology, which is known as shock wave therapy technology in Turkey, is used in a very safe way, especially when going to a medical center specialized in this type of technology, as it contains a selection of doctors in the field of cosmetics and the latest modern technologies, and here is a video showing how to use this technology In Istanbul Turkey:

Eswt Therapy in Turkey

Who can do Eswt therapy in Turkey in Istanbul

  • People who want to lose weight.
  • Most tennis and golf players relieve elbow pain.
  • This technique can also tighten the skin.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot be exposed to this technique as a precaution.
  • People suffering from cancer.
  • Young people who have not completed their bone growth.
Eswt therapy in Turkey steps
  • The painful area of ​​the body is first searched for and identified.
  • Secondly, an indication of the painful area to be treated is determined.
  • In this step, the gel is applied to the area to be treated to improve the incorporation of the shock waves from the skin tissue.
  • In the end, the device is shed directly on the area to be treated by fixing it firmly.

Body Areas to Use Eswt therapy in Turkey

  • This technique can be used almost in all areas of the body except for the neck and head, and these areas are:
  • In the abdominal area for the treatment of childbirth cracks without pain.
  • In the foot area, where it is used to treat heel spurs.
  • In the hand in the elbow area of ​​most golfers and tennis players.
  • It is also used in the face to tighten the skin and make the face look more fresh.

Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in men is considered one of the most common diseases in the advanced stages of life, which range between 40-70 years, and erectile dysfunction can only be identified if you have been in an ongoing sexual relationship for at least three consecutive months. In this case, erectile dysfunction can be treated by shock waves of low frequencies that pass through the erectile tissues, as these waves remove plaques from the tissues and stimulate new blood vessels. However, this treatment has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as this treatment is still under clinical trial and its long-term results are still unknown.

Doctor who do Eswt therapy in Turkey

You should choose a reliable medical center when performing this type of technique.

When you choose a reliable medical center, it contains a selection of doctors.

The specialist you should consult is an orthopedic doctor as well as a radiologist.

Eswt therapy in Turkey side effects

There is no treatment or technique that does not have side effects as a natural reaction of the body to the change that occurs to it.

This technique is the least of the side effects, as the only effect is temporary redness in the area of ​​​​the skin on which the device was applied, but it quickly ends and its effect quickly disappears.

FAQ – ESWT therapy (Erectile dysfunction shock treatment) in Turkey

Is shockwave therapy painful?

Shock wave therapy is painless as the device is tuned to the appropriate frequency and the patient may feel a little pain.

How long does an ESWT procedure take?

This technique does not take long, as the duration ranges between 20-30 minutes, with one session per week.

Can erectile dysfunction be treated using shock wave technique?

The use of this type of treatment has not yet been approved in the country, but it is still being studied to know its long-term results.

How many sessions are in the ESWT process?

In order to determine the number of sessions, one must first know the type of tissue, whether it is hard or soft. In the case of hard tissues, the patient undergoes two sessions with a session interval each week. In the case of soft tissues, 3-4 sessions are performed.

When will the result of this technique appear?

The results are visible immediately and the results are permanent unless there is any reason to eliminate the discomfort.

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Eswt Therapy in Turkey