Body sculpting By EXILIS ELITE

Body sculpting By EXILIS ELITE

Body sculpting By EXILIS ELITE
  • Body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE is the process of tightening wrinkles and removing wrinkles by using the latest body sculpting devices. The EXILIS ELITE device is a modern, non-surgical technology that works on body sculpting and facial beautification. It is also used to break fat, tighten skin, and get rid of fine lines and cellulite.
  • EXILIS ELITE combines monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies that break down fat cells, as well as technologies to stimulate collagen production, skin tightening techniques, cellulite removal, wrinkle removal and sagging techniques.
  • Body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE in Turkey Istanbul
  • EXILIS ELITE is one of the most advanced non-surgical techniques in body sculpting and tightening sagging skin, as it shrinks fat cells, reshapes the network of supportive tissues and increases collagen production.

Body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE video

The body sculpting process is performed by EXILIS ELITE in Turkey in a safe way, whether when this process is performed inside a hospital or a reliable medical center, and the reputation of the place must be ensured and that it contains an elite group of specialized doctors, and the following is a video showing how to perform the body sculpting process by EXILIS ELITE in Istanbul Turkey:

Who can do body sculpting through EXILIS ELITE

  • Body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE is preferred for people aged between 25 to 70 years.
  • People who suffer from flabbiness in the arms, thighs and buttocks.
  • In cases of double chin and neck wrinkles.
  • Who suffers from fat accumulations on the sides.
  • Women who suffer from accumulation of fat in the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth.

Who can’t do a body sculpting procedure with EXILIS ELITE

  • The EXILIS ELITE body sculpting procedure cannot be performed for people with epilepsy or tuberculosis.
  • Pregnant women, those who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding, in order to preserve their health and the health of the fetus.
  • People with clogged blood vessels.
  • People who have impaired kidney or liver function.
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
  • People with severe infections.
  • People who have pacemakers, an artificial joint, or any other internal electronic device in the body.

Doctor who performs body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE

  • The doctor who performs body sculpting with EXILIS ELITE is a specialist doctor in a beauty center.
  • The doctor must have a sufficient degree of experience necessary to use the device.
  • No doctor from any other specialties can perform this operation.

Body sculpting surgery steps by EXILIS ELITE

  • The doctor applies the gel to the treatment area.
  • The device is placed on the desired area, in order for this area to be exposed to heat and radio waves that shrink the targeted fat cells and then separate and analyze them into water that is absorbed by the lymphatic system, and to glycerin and fatty acids that are processed by the liver and converted into energy.
  • The body then becomes sculpted because more fat cells are broken down over time.
  • Radio waves contribute to stimulating the healing process due to the breakdown of collagen, thus the body begins to produce more collagen, which restores the elasticity of the body and tightens sagging skin.
  • The specialist controls the cooling of the treated area after exposure to heat in order to protect the patient from any negative effects that may occur.

Side effects 

EXILIS ELITE is considered a safe technology, but it has few side effects such as:

  • The appearance of a pink or red color on the skin after treatment, but it often disappears after 15-30 minutes.
  • Skin sensitivity may occur, so pain relievers such as ibuprofen are taken.
  • Feeling of pain when touching the area where the treatment was done, but this sensation is slight and does not last long.
  • There are some rare side effects such as numbness at the treatment site, swelling, fluid retention, nausea, ulceration or scarring in the treated area.

The cost of body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE

  • Up to 6 areas of the body can be treated during one session, and results often appear after the first session, but the treatment may take from 3 to 6 sessions.
  • The cost of the body sculpting process by EXILIS ELITE in Turkey Istanbul is about 300 USD on average per area.

Before and after body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE in Turkey

Below we show you some pictures before and after the body sculpting process by EXILIS ELITE in Turkey, which was well accomplished at Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey Istanbul

Instructions before body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE

  • You should consult with the expert in this field before applying the EXILIS ELITE technique, to ensure the necessity of this procedure and its applicability to you.
  • You have to look for a reliable medical center that is known for its high experience and possession of international quality certificates.

Instructions after body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE

  • You must stick to a healthy diet.
  • You should not overindulge in fats and sugars.
  • It is necessary to follow up with exercise in addition to diet.
  • Drinking water should be as much as possible, for its primary role in maintaining a good metabolic rate, in addition to its importance in skin elasticity and preventing the return of flabbiness.

FAQ – Body Sculpting by EXILIS ELITE

Is there pain during body sculpting with EXILIS ELITE?

There is no pain while using this device so that the person does not need any anesthesia.

How many treatments are recommended when EXILIS ELITE body sculpting?

The specialist usually delivers a series of sessions ranging from 4 to 6 sessions, preferably one week between each, and each area takes about 15 to 30 minutes. It should be noted that the number of sessions is not fixed and varies according to the skin condition, the desired results and the age of the individual.

What areas can be treated with EXILIS ELITE?

It is possible to use this device in most areas of the body such as back fat, arms, legs, face, neck and torso.

What is the cost of body sculpting by EXILIS ELITE?

The cost of the EXILIS ELITE body sculpting procedure is about 300 USD on average per area.

Finally, you can contact the technical support team directly from the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey Istanbul to request information and price about the operation.

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