Dermapen in Turkey

Dermapen in Turkey
  • Dermapen in Turkey device is used for micro-needling, as it contains 12-48 surgical needles, the dermapen process mainly aims to rejuvenate the skin and remove scars and acne in the skin and face.
  • The Dermapen process aims mainly at making the skin regain its youthfulness and freshness, by micro-prick the skin, which stimulates its own renewal, making the skin look more fresh and youthful.

Dermapen session video in Turkey

The dermapen process in Turkey, or the so-called micro needling, is carried out by passing the dermapen device, which contains many steel surgical needles, on the upper layer of the skin, which may cause the appearance of redness that fades after two days of the procedure or the appearance of some drops of blood on the skin, which are Useful, and this is a video of how the dermapen procedure is performed in Turkey, Istanbul.

Dermapen in Turkey

Who can do Dermapen in Turkey

  • All men and women in good health can do the dermapen procedure.
  • People who take medications to treat acne, must first consult the doctor responsible for their condition before performing the procedure.
  • People with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis cannot have the procedure.
  • People who have radiotherapy sessions do not have the dermapen procedure.

Who can not do Dermapen in Turkey treatment

  • People with anemia or immunodeficiency.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • who use chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Those with viral skin disorders.
  • People with hyperactive acne.
  • If you suffer from impaired wound healing.
Can Dermapen in Turkey be performed at home? 
  • Yes, a person can perform such a procedure at home, but he has to be very careful as Dermapen devices are sold and there are some for home use.
  • Care must be taken when using the Dermapen device, as it contains surgical needles, and these needles come into contact with blood. You must be very careful when choosing the length of the needles, which are recommended not to exceed a millimeter in length.
  • Therefore, when performing such an operation, it is recommended to go to a reliable beauty center.
  • When you go to a specialized beauty center, it leads to effective results, in addition to the fact that the cosmetic doctor sterilizes the needles so that bacteria that may lead to infection are not present on them.

Dermapen in Turkey Process steps in Istanbul

Despite the ease of use of the Dermapen device, it is recommended when using it to go to a specialized beauty center or a trusted beautician who knows how to use it, and these are the steps of the process of using the Dermapen device.

  • Use a local anesthetic if the needles are more than half a millimeter long.
  • The cosmetologist moves the device perpendicular to the area to be treated.
  • The needles move quickly and in succession on the face and make punctures.
  • The pores open for a certain period of time until the serum is applied to nourish and moisturize the skin.
  • Here you can find a video of the procedure

What after the Dermapen in Turkey session?

You may want to know how to treat your skin after the dermapen procedure. After the procedure your skin is very dry and sensitive and may interact with the cosmetics and skin products you used previously.

Here are some important tips to follow after the dermapen procedure.

  • You should always moisturize your skin.
  • Do not use skin cosmetics for 12 hours after the procedure.
  • No direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid doing any activity that may lead to sweating.
  • Avoid showering with hot water.
Dermapen in Turkey side effects

Dermapen, like other operations, causes some side effects.

These symptoms are not permanent and do not appear in all cases.

  • It leads to dry skin.
  • It makes the skin inflamed.
  • lead to redness.
  • Some swelling may occur.
  • Alter skin sensitivity.
  • All these symptoms do not occur in all cases, and if they do occur, they disappear after a short period of operation.

Dermapen in Turkey benefits

There are many benefits of the dermapen process, as it activates the skin and stimulates its blood circulation again, which covers it with freshness, these are some of the benefits of the dermapen procedure.

  • It is one of the best ways to treat the skin as it does not use chemicals.
  • Stimulates the microcirculation of blood.
  • It evens out the skin tone.
  • Reduces wrinkles on the skin.
  • It boosts collagen production.
  • Purifies the pores of the skin.

Dermapen in Turkey session cost in Istanbul Turkey

  • In order to take full advantage of the dermapen process, you must know that it is divided into several sessions.
  • Usually 4-6 sessions until you get the full benefit.
  • The average dermapen procedure in Turkey is only 90 Euro.

FAQ – Dermapen in Turkey

Is Dermapen in Turkey painful?

Dermapen is the least painful, but the size of the needles and the type of area play an important role in determining the level of pain, and an anesthetic cream can be used to avoid pain.

When will the results of dermapen sessions appear?

The result of the dermapen sessions appears directly from the first session, and to obtain a better result, more than one session must be performed.

How many sessions does the patient need to fully recover?

Many doctors and estheticians recommend 4-6 sessions most of the time.

What is the period between each session and the other?

A session is done every 2-4 weeks for light treatments, and for deep treatments, a session is every 4-6 weeks.

When can cosmetics be used after the session?

Cosmetics can be used after a period of not less than 12 hours and preferably a day after the procedure.

When can the face be washed with water after the dermapen process?

It is not possible to wash the face with water until 24 hours after the session, and during this period only moisturizing creams are used

What is the cost of a dermapen procedure?

The dermapen process in Turkey takes place during more than one session, and the number of sessions and the price of one session varies from case to case, and all details are agreed upon during the first examination session.
The entire skin cleaning process in Turkey costs about 90 euros, and you can also contact us to know the exact cost.

When does the dryness of the skin due to the dermapen process go away?

After completing the dermapen sessions in a short period ranging from one week to ten days, the dryness of the skin ends permanently.

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