Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey usually varies depending on many factors, so there may be price differences in different clinics and regions. Often, factors such as the doctor’s experience, the technology used, the location of the clinics and the quality of the facilities can affect the price. One of the most important price differences is the technology used.

To find a suitable and reliable healthcare provider, it may be helpful to compare clinics, read patient reviews and speak with specialist doctors. You can also get information and quotes through health tourism companies.

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey and techniques

There are two common methods of beard transplantation. Fue and Dhi technology that we use in Turkey and in our private center: In our article we will talk about the two technologies and cost.

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey using FUE technique

FUE technique is one of the most widely used and preferred methods in beard transplantation today. The operation takes about 6 – 7 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey FUE is 1000 euros.

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey using DHI technique

DHI beard transplantation provides more comfortable Beard Transplant thanks to its special pen. Since there is no step to open the channel, the processing time is slightly shorter., beards can be grown in the desired direction in a practical way. Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey DHI technology is 1,200 euros.

Factors affecting beard transplant cost

Factors such as the quality of the clinic or hospital, the experience of the doctor, the technique used, the hotel and transportation affect the price of beard transplant. Packages that include accommodation in 3-4 and 5-star hotels, depending on the person’s request, are also factors that affect cost. You can contact our team to learn about all hotels and cost in detail and choose the package that best suits you.

Donor areas used in beard transplantation

During a hair transplant procedure, hair follicles can be removed from the back of the neck, beard and chest area. But in beard transplantation, hair follicles are taken from one area, which is the back of the head. For best results, strong, high-quality hair follicles are mostly located in the head back area.

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey in Istanbul

You can contact many different health clinics or beauty centers to get direct information aboutBeard Transplant Cost in Turkey in Istanbul. Clinics often share information on whether they can be contacted by phone, email, or through their websites. Once we contact you, you can get more information about pricing, process and other details.

You can also evaluate which clinic or doctor best suits your needs by reading other people’s experiences and recommendations in online forums or patient review sites. Remember, it is important to evaluate not only the price, but also factors such as the quality of healthcare, the doctor’s experience, and the clinic’s reputation. The average cost of beard transplant in Istanbul ranges between 1000-3000 euros. The price of beard transplantation in Istanbul at Turk Aesthetic is 1,200 euros.

The best beard transplant center in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is a global favorite in the fields of health and tourism. It is a country where conditions are available that meet all a person’s needs, such as vacationing and aesthetic treatment. Although each province has its own best centers, the best beard transplant centers in Turkey are in Istanbul. As one of them, Turk Aesthetic, we are happy to serve you with all our techniques, our expert staff in hair transplantation, our private and comfortable hospitals, our VIP cars and transportation and 4 to 5 star hotels.

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey 2024

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey varies depending on the technology that will be used in 2024. Turkey has high-quality hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technology according to European standards. The cost are very reasonable compared to other European countries. The price of beard transplantation in Europe ranges between 2000 – 3000 euros, and the price is determined for each transplant. However, the price of one follicle does not change in Turkey, as the maximum number of hair follicles of the person are removed and the beard transplant procedure is performed accordingly. This is one of the main differences regarding beard transplantation in Turkey and Europe.

Frequently asked questions – Beard transplant cost in Turkey

What is the price of beard transplantation in Turkey?

Prices vary depending on the technology used. The average price of beard transplantation in Istanbul ranges between 1000 – 1200 euros.

How long does it take to see results after a beard transplant?

Beards that grow from 7 to 10 days to 3 months are not permanent, while beards that grow from 3 months are permanent and the process continues for up to 12 months.

What is the difference between the DHI technique and the FUE technique when performing a beard transplant in Turkey?

One of the most important differences is that there is a slitting step in the FUE technique, but there is no such step in the DHI technique, so beard transplantation is more comfortable and in a shorter time. The possibility of leaving a scar is also less. In the FUE technique, the hairs taken are placed one by one in the open channels, while in the pen technique the hair placed on the tip of the pen is placed practically instantly in the open area and allows for easier guidance.

What is the most preferred technology for beard transplantation in 2024?

DHI technique is the most preferred in beard transplantation in Istanbul. In our clinic, we make decisions in line with the person’s wishes.

How long does a beard transplant take?

The beard transplant procedure takes 6 to 7 hours on average.

To whom can this be done?

It can be performed on healthy men over 20 years of age. It is not preferable at an early age because the person’s facial features and growth are not complete.

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Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey