Dental lenses in Turkey

Dental Lenses in Turkey

Dental lenses in Turkey Istanbul are the best solutions to reach the best possible shape for our teeth; It is not hidden from us all of the importance of the aesthetic form of the teeth, as it is the first factor among the factors of attraction in a person, and his smile reflects a lot. Lenses in Turkey may be one of the best practical solutions to obtain an attractive smile like no other..

What are dental lenses?

They are slices or crusts of certain materials, used with the aim of highlighting the beauty of the teeth and treating aesthetic problems with them, and can also be used to protect the teeth..

Anesthesia Local 
Session Duration2 Hours 
Session Number2 – 3 Sessions
Results Immediate – Lasting for 10 Years
Stay In Turkey5 – 7 Days
Turk Aesthetic Cost190 Euro per tooth
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Dental lenses in Turkey Istanbul

Who can do teeth lenses in Turkey

Dental lenses in Turkey are the ideal solution to hide all dental defects, including:

  • Enamel erosion:because of drinking large amounts of tea, coffee or soft drinks, as well as due to smoking or taking some medications, these factors lead to erosion of the enamel and thus the teeth become dull in color.
  • In this case, lenses are the ideal solution to overcome enamel erosion and the disappearance of dental luster
  • Yellow teeth: In the event that teeth cannot be whitened by other methods.
  • Treatment of cases of gaps between teeth or cracks and fractures.
  • Hide the appearance of damaged teeth by using lenses.
  • Treatment of uneven teeth, instead of resorting to using braces, you may only need to hide this problem by using lenses.
  • In addition to the aesthetic appearance of the lenses, they are also used to preserve and protect the teeth from damage.

Types of dental lenses in Turkey

Dental lenses in Turkey are made from different materials, the most famous is Emax.

Sometimes the process of installing dental lenses may need to shift the tooth structure a little so that we can install the lenses.. But!

There are some types of lenses that we do not have to use to sculpt teeth at all.

The names of dental lenses vary depending on a number of factors such as size, size and type. The most popular lenses in Turkey are veneers. Lumineer lenses are also among the most popular types of lenses.

Veneers lenses

Veneer lenses are made of porcelain, which is durable and therefore lasts for long periods of time. Porcelain or ceramic material also adds an aesthetic appearance that looks exactly like the shape of natural teeth. This is because it is able to collect light on it like the enamel layer found in natural teeth, and this type is characterized by simplicity in installation and does not require the removal of the entire tooth structure!

Lumineer lenses

  • Lumineer is a brand of dental porcelain.
  • The lumineer lenses are thinner compared to regular porcelain lenses, and are therefore easier to install and use.
  • They are usually installed without the need for drilling or injections, and therefore are considered the least painful dental lenses when installing.
  • In some cases, Lumineer lenses may be installed without the need to completely remove the tooth structure.
  • Lumineers have a long life span of more than 20 years with maintenance and care.
  • Lumineers do not cause any type of tooth sensitivity.

Composite lenses

Composite lenses are known as economic lenses, and they are characterized by their low price that suits everyone, but they give excellent results in terms of shape and help in obtaining a perfect smile.. However, temporary dental lenses in Turkey are made of materials less hard than porcelain and therefore do not last for long periods like other types. In some cases, composite dental lenses may be installed without the need to completely remove the tooth structure.

Zirconium lenses

Zirconium is a type of dental crown that is more durable than ordinary porcelain, and therefore it increases the strength of the skeletal tooth structure. Zircon lenses are suitable for those who suffer from severe cavities in the teeth or those who have damaged teeth in general, because the zirconium protects the teeth from erosion. Zirconium is also used (due to its strength) in the manufacture of dental crowns and others.

Teeth lenses steps in Turkey Istanbul

Teeth lenses steps

Total Time: 5 days

Before the procedure

During the first session, after examining the patient’s dental condition in full, the specialized dentist begins to propose the best solutions available to the patient to correct his dental problems. The discussion continues until they find an appropriate solution together. In most cases, doctors prefer first solutions that do not require surgical intervention and in which the tooth structure is not removed, for example.

During the procedure

If the choice falls on dental lenses, the doctor moves to the next step.. which is choosing the appropriate lenses to give the best possible shape to the attractiveness of your smile. The design of the smile is done step by step, starting with choosing the right lens sizes, length and width, as well as the color of the teeth, etc..

After the procedure

You must tell the doctor all the details you want.. At Türk Aesthetic Istanbul, together we come to an exact copy of the smile you have chosen!

Before and After photos for dental lenses in Turkey

Below are some pictures before and after the dental lens installation process, which was completed at the Turk Aesthetic in Turkey, Istanbul.

Teeth lenses cost in Turkey Istanbul

The procedure for installing good dental lenses requires centers with modern equipment and capabilities. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a center or hospital that has the best experience, safety, and sterilization. The price of installing dental lenses in Turkey Istanbul ranges around 190 euros and varies according to the type of lenses used.

FAQ – Dental lenses in Turkey

What is the difference between Lumineer and Veneer lenses?

Lumineer and veneers are both made of porcelain, but Lumineer lenses are thinner and therefore require less tooth sculpting than veneers.

How much dental lenses cost in Turkey?

The cost of lenses varies according to the different types of lenses used, which is agreed upon during the first session.
The cost of lenses at the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey is an average of 180 euros.

How long do dental lenses last?

Dental lenses have a high shelf life due to the hardness of the porcelain material used in most types of lenses.
At a minimum, dental lenses remain in good condition for at least 10 years.
It also lasts for more than 20 years while maintaining dental hygiene and adhering to the doctor’s instructions.

Are teeth sculpted during the installation of dental lenses?

Yes, teeth are carved in some cases, but! The process of sculpting the teeth is very simple so that the doctor can comfortably install the lenses.

For more information about dental lenses in Turkey, contact Turk Aesthetic through the Contact Us page.

Dental Lenses in Turkey