Gummy Smile Treatment in Turkey

Gummy Smile Treatment in Turkey

Gummy Smile treatment in Turkey Istanbul is an expression used when the upper gums appear larger than normal for some different reasons, sometimes due to the shortness of the teeth compared to the gums, or the retraction of the upper lip more than normal and revealing a larger part of the gums. here below some quick information about gummy smile treatment in Turkey:

Anesthesia Local
Session duration30 Minutes
Session number1
Results Immediate – Lasting lifetime 
Turk Aesthetic Cost200 – 500 euro
Gummy Smile treatment in Turkey

Gummy smile causes

  • It is necessary to know the main cause of the occurrence of a gummy smile, because in the case of using an inappropriate treatment, it will not solve the problem and will reappear after several months, or it may have no effective results at all.
  • The first reason is the main reason for the emergence of this condition, the genetic factor greatly affecting, if one or both of the parents will be their children as well.
  • Abnormal eruption of the permanent teeth after the extraction of primary teeth in infancy.
  • Gum tissue is growing too much or too much, and it can be so thick that it covers a larger than normal portion of the tooth.
  • The upper jaw is asymmetric with the rest of the face or even larger than the rest of the face.
  • The protrusion of the upper jaw from the rest of the face, and this presses the lip outward and makes it appear short.
  • Excessive activity of the muscle responsible for the movement of the upper lip, and this helps to raise the lip significantly and the appearance of the gums more than usual.
  • Some medications lead to excessive gum growth, and this is known as gum hypertrophy, such as epilepsy and immunotherapy medications, as well as pressure medications.
Gummy Smile treatment in Turkey

Who needs a gummy smile treatment in Turkey?

Here we are trying to develop some solutions to address the problem of the gummy smile, but you may be surprised that there are some people whose gummy smile does not cause them a problem, on the contrary, sometimes it adds more charm to the smile for some, depending on their consistency or with the overall shape.

Therefore, doctors agree that the only case in which a gummy smile is treated is when it causes the person distress and embarrassment and affects his self-confidence and social life.

Tips before having a gummy smile treatment in Turkey

  • The first step in treatment is to visit a dentist or doctor who specializes in treating these problems.
  • Your first appointment with the doctor will tell him about your problem and if there are any health or life side effects, such as trouble eating and chewing.
  • The doctor does the examination, and sometimes he may do an x-ray to look at the location of the bones of the mouth and teeth under the gums.
  • Then he will show you all the treatment options available to you, especially if there are many options that may suit you, some of which may not suit others.
  • If you have a more profound problem, sometimes the dentist may refer you to another doctor who is more specialized in your case, which is normal and do not worry about it.
  • After determining the appropriate treatment method, the doctor will give you some advice that you must follow in preparation for it.
  • Some centers and clinics provide a computer image of your figure and the expected final results after treatment so that you have a complete picture of the results.
  • You can also modify it before you start so that you reach the results that are to your liking.

Methods of gummy smile treatment in Turkey

Botox injections for gummy smile treatment in Turkey

Among the easy treatments that can be resorted to to correct the position of the gums, is Botox injections. It is injected into the upper lip in order to freeze its muscles and thus reduce the height when you smile. These Botox injections disappear within 3 months or more, so it is necessary to do them again. It’s an effective solution if you are hesitant to change the look of your smile

Filler injections for gummy smile treatment in Turkey

Among the cosmetic steps that you can take for a treatment, filler injections.

It is a process in which the upper lip is injected with fillers to make it more full and reduce a large part of the gums if the reason is that the size of the lip is too small.

Laser for gummy smile treatment in Turkey

  • Laser treatment for a gummy smile is the most effective treatment.
  • It is based on the removal of excess tissue in the gums through light waves.
  • A larger section of the upper teeth appears and the smile becomes more attractive.
  • They are usually more expensive than Botox and Filler injections.


  • Orthodontics is one of the treatments to correct the position of the teeth and highlight their size more.
  • It is a long-term treatment that helps solve the problem of a gummy smile, if its main cause is a defect in the development of teeth.
  • As for the period of orthodontic placement, it depends on the poor condition of the teeth and ranges from one and a half to 4 years.

Corrective jaw surgery

The doctor resorts to surgery in rare and chronic cases. This operation is based on correcting the position and position of the jaw through sculpting the internal bones.

It is a rather difficult surgery, but the results are effective and completely change the shape of the mouth and gums.

Veneers for gummy smile treatment in Turkey

Veneer is one of the treatments for cosmetic dentistry. It is based on sticking a thin layer of porcelain on the outer surface of the teeth, which can be used after laser treatment.

Gummy smile treatment cost in Turkey

The most important point to consider when using a laser in treatment is the cost. It should be noted that each individual’s situation is different.

The cost depends only on the condition of his teeth and the degree of adjustment. Some of them require minor adjustment of the gums covering the front teeth and some may need adjustment of the upper dental row. The cost of gummy smile treatment ranges from 200 to 500 US dollars.

FAQ – Gummy smile treatment in Turkey

Is a gummy smile attractive?

If more than 4 millimeters of gum is visible when smiling and laughing, you have a gummy smile.
If you are less than 12 years old, this problem can be treated with orthodontics, while orthodontics and jaw surgery should be used to treat it if you are over 12 years old.

Does the gummy smile treatment have side effects on children?

A gummy smile in children may cause a child’s low level of self-confidence.
Therefore, it is best to consult an orthodontist to follow up the treatment of the gummy smile that your child suffers from in accordance with the originals.
In some cases where the level of the problem is low, it is treated automatically with growth, but if the level is high, it should be treated with orthodontics immediately.

Which is better for gummy smile treating fixed or removable orthodontics?

If you are under 12 years of age, treatment should start with removable orthodontics and if you are over 12 years old, treatment with fixed braces.

How can a gummy smile be treated without surgery?

It is best for you to consult an experienced orthodontist for the gummy smile treatment in Turkey. This deformity in children is treated without resorting to maxillofacial surgery using removable orthodontics.
Injections of gels or fillers into the lips can be a temporary treatment option without resorting to surgery.

Who is the specialist who should be referred to gummy smile treatment in Turkey?

It is preferable to consult an orthodontist to gummy smile treatment in Turkey.
The orthodontist will treat irregularities and crowding of the teeth in conjunction with the treatment of the problem of the gummy smile.

And finally, you can contact directly via the link to request information and prices from Turk Aesthetic in Istanbul Turkey.

Gummy Smile Treatment in Turkey